Yes, we are dreamers searching for a heaven, since going to hell to convert the devil is not a smarter option

My position has consistently been that NASA and Jubilee are, to quote a former British politician,  “two cheeks of the same arse”.  I have maintained that both are equally tribal, equally corrupt and equally mediocre. Many of my readers accept the observation and have taken either of two positions.

The first is that they know both are evil but based on their ethnicity they are willing to select the “lesser evil”. Based on some of the responses I have seen, I also call this the “devil I know” option. Ethnicity largely determines the “devil” and the “knowing”.

My reply to this group has always been that if your only choice is between the lesser of two evils, all you will get is the evil of two lessers.  They should expect the evil of the two lessers – NASA and Jubilee – in August. Citing the massive corruption and national debt under Jubilee, this is a favorite argument of some NASA enthusiasts who say that theirs will be the “lesser evil” but an evil all the same. These folks call to mind the Polish poet writing after the defeat of the polish resistance army in Warsaw in the Fall of 1944. When the equally evil Russian Red army entered Poland to “rescue” the Polish from the equally evil Nazi army, he wrote: “we await you red plague, to deliver us from the black death”. NASA supporters who subscribe to this philosophy are waiting for the red plague – NASA tribal kingpins and their sycophant cronies – to deliver them from the black death – Jubilee tribal kingpins, and their sycophant cronies. I have adamantly, consistently and unwaveringly said our choice cannot and is not between the two.

The other group knows both to be vision-less even evil. Their challenge is “who else”? My answer to this group has always been “we the people”. We are the change that we have been waiting for. We urgently need a new non-ethnic alternative political narrative to mobilize and inspire the country differently. I have consistently warned that without it, the tribalists in NASA or Jubilee will win, the evil continues.

Then comes in the third group who are the topic of this article. My answer to the second group grates them. They are incapable of imagining a world which is not divided into NASA and Jubilee and they call my commitment to a new non-ethnic political narrative naive and insincere. They are closet tribalists. My contention is that you cannot claim to be looking for change, and in the same breath try to convince anyone that change will come from the degenerate and predatory political class in NASA and/or Jubilee. Their formula is even much more ridiculous. They ask those who seek for change not to think outside the NASA/Jubilee spurious duality. That while agreeing that these are not the best solutions for Kenya because they are equally tribal, corrupt and mediocre, they claim that imagining of an alternative outside these two is refusing to face “reality”.

They belong to what is called the “reality based community” which believes that solutions emerge from the judicious study of observable reality. They go as far as saying that I, and those who seek an alternative non-ethnic political narrative are dreamers or worse still closet tribalists (notice the mirroring here) who are supporters of Jubilee and the status quo. They claim that an alternative reality from Jubilee and NASA is illusory, idealist, utopian and worst of all insincere. Their pathetic advice is, “join either of the degenerates in Jubilee and NASA and change from within”. They claim that the change that we seek from outside these two deplorables is impossible.

I disagree. Completely.

For avoidance of doubt, I consider the label “dreamer” a compliment and not an insult. Where would this world be without dreamers? The very fact that I am able to communicate with you now is because someone dreamt. Someone dreamt of a computer, another dreamt of how to make it widely available, another one dreamt of MS WORD, WordPress and Internet and I am therefore able to write and reach you. And of course another one dreamt of Facebook! All progress in the world is made by dreamers. When I am called one, I humbly accept the honor.

What these detractors are telling us is that since in their experience the dream of heaven is “impossible” to grasp, we should all seek to go to hell and convert the devil.


The devil is not evil because he does not know there is heaven. The devil is evil because that is his nature. He simply cannot be anything else and therefore the effort to convert him is misguided even silly. Our political class in NASA and Jubilee is not accidentally or unknowingly tribal, corrupt and mediocre. They are deliberately, decidedly and committedly tribal, corrupt and mediocre. They can’t and will not be changed because that is their nature.

The political class in Kenya is headed by tribal kingpins, by design. They come with all the makings of warlords. With strongholds, briefcase tribal parties and coalitions that they open and shut down at will, men-in-black, private militia, sycophants, court poets, looted billions and locked in tribal constituencies that they use to outdo each other in the political market place where, to be admitted, you have to prove your worth as a tribal kingpin. Whoever joins them MUST engage on this basis and no other. If you do not believe me, try running in Luo Nyanza on a PNU ticket or run in Kiambu on an ODM ticket! Or better still talk to Isaac Mwaura.

The ethnic kingship is itself a ticket to impunity. The tribal kingpins do and say anything in the name of “my people” and get away with it.  They subscribe to no other law than the law of untouchable tribal tingods, entitled to all forms of lies, conniving, debauchery, extortion, hate speech, theft, bribery and cronyism without any fear of retribution. With impunity assured by ethnicity, they have turned to plunder the Country. In the The Physiology of plunder we are told:

“When plunder becomes a way of life for men living together, they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it, and a moral code that glorifies it”.

In Kenya you are guilty until proven rich. The tribal kingpins have created a society that glorifies thieves. They have lined them up to run for office in August.

It is this political class that we are being told to abandon our search for an alternative to join and change from inside.


Either somebody is being too naive about this whole thing or taking us for fools. We have examples of those who tried to join them, and instead of changing them they were changed unrecognizably. If you listen to some of those intellectuals who joined the “devil” in the last 25 years or so, you cannot believe they were ever sane people. If you do not believe me, go to YouTube and look for footage of the current Senator for Elgeyo Marakwet before he “joined them” and then look for some of his recent videos. That is what “joining them” does to a rather sane brain.  Like I have said elsewhere, the Kenyan political graveyard is littered with the bones of well-meaning intellectuals. You do not change “hell”, it swallows you and claims you for its own!

It is important as we prosecute this argument to ask ourselves, how do societies change?

Societies do not change because the purveyors and beneficiaries of the old order suddenly or gradually see the light and the need to change, out of their own magnanimity or out of convincing by good people who “join them”.  In fact, the opposite is always true. The more regimes persist, the worse they become, not better. Frank Herbert warned us that:

Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends more and more to act exclusively in the interests of the ruling class — whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, or entrenched bureaucracy.

After 54 years, leadership in Kenya has become exactly what Fran Herbert warned, a spurious NASA and Jubilee duality, a hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires and entrenched bureaucracies. They have absolutely no capacity to change or to be changed.

Societies change because a new generation that sees things in a different way pushes the old ideas and worldviews out and institutes a new dispensation based on new modern ideas and new ways of doing things. This is why the join-them-to-change-them purveyors are wrong. You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change things, you must build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. If you do not believe me, ask your 10 year old child what a “landline” is. A new reality made the old one obsolete! Or ask a 30 year old South African what the experience of apartheid is.  They don’t know, it is obsolete. This is a simple Fullerian philosophy that rings true for our situation.

I can understand when a regular moderately educated or uneducated Kenyan feels harangued and boxed in by the tribal political class to the extent that he/she sees no option outside the nonsensical and spurious NASA/Jubilee duality. I can even understand if they told me to “join them” in order to change them. I have always said that when the country is in the grip of a single political narrative, it leaves the people feeling trapped. Understandably.

I am however concerned when the “you-are-either-in-NASA-or-Jubilee-and-no-other-alternative-exists” argument is made by fairly educated and exposed fellows, even in “respected” newspapers columns in the mainstream media. They hide behind their education and sophistication to tell us that there are no options. When they respond to my writing in particular, theirs is thinly veiled tribal jingoism. They cannot deal with the fact that a Kikuyu can oppose both NASA and Jubilee. For them, when a Kikuyu says he does not support either NASA or Jubilee, their tribal minds read that he is a closet supporter of Jubilee. My response to this has always been that we do not see the world as it is. We see it as we are. The problem with this argument is with the observer and not with me and therefore I have nothing to defend.

The second problem with these closet tribalist columnists is subtler and more dangerous. When some “educated fellows” make this argument, there is the danger of “dignifying” it with some intellectual premium. It shouldn’t. This is because these fellows believe that their own intellectual and imaginative limitations are the measure of all limitations. They believe that we should not be able to think things they cannot think of or to imagine things they cannot imagine of because they consider themselves to be the ultimate measure of intellectual imagination. This is the extent of the intellectual vanity and arrogance of some of these closeted educated tribalist folks and columnists.

It is naive and vain for anyone to imagine that their own limitations, intellectual or otherwise is the measure of all limitations. The fact that they see only a NASA/ Jubilee duality is not because these are the only options that exist in fact. They have chosen to limit themselves to these two and imagine that all of us should. They are wrong. I have argued that the extent of the choices that we have is not limited to or by the tribalists in NASA and Jubilee. It is only limited by our own imagination. I agree with Marc Gafni when he says:

The greatest crisis of our lives is neither economic, intellectual nor even what we call religious. Its a crisis of imagination. We get stuck on our paths because we are unable to reimagine our lives differently from what they are right now. We hold on desperately to the status quo, afraid that if we let go, we will be swept away by the torrential undercurrents of our emptiness.

Do not listen to  these “educated” columnists telling us that we are limited to anything, much less to the useless and totally bankrupt NASA/Jubilee duality. Worse still, let them not tell us that their own intellectual and imaginative  myopia that limits them to the duality should be ours. Theirs is a problem of imagination, and they want us to believe that as imaginatively and intellectually challenged as they are, their limitations are the measure of all limitations.

They are not!

Is an alternative leadership dispensation based on a new non-ethnic political narrative in Kenya possible?

Yes it is.

This is true regardless of what even I think. It would be true even if I believed it to be impossible. My advice to the (educated) columnists who have limited themselves for fundamentally tribal reasons to the NASA/Jubilee duality is that things do not become possible because they believe them to be possible. Things are possible independent of what they think. All Kenyans are seeking a different Country where all citizens will have equal opportunities, where our youth will dream big dreams and a dignified life will be within grasp for all. We may not currently know where this “heaven” is going to come from. But, almost all of us are agreed that it will not come from the degenerate and predatory political class in both NASA and Jubilee.

And therefore, I stick to the argument that I have made in this blog all along. NASA and Jubilee are not and can never be the answers to the challenges that face this Country. We the people must claim our Country back from them and give it a new vision. This will start with imagining a new non-ethnic political narrative that will inspire the Country differently. You can call me a lone-ranger, and my argument, ignorant, pretentious, arm-chair, hollow, defeatist, naive, fence -sitting, idealist, Utopian, unrealistic, confusing, hypocritical, or worse still “Jubillated”. The truth of the matter is that a new non-ethnic political narrative is the only option we have outside the NASA/Jubilee spurious duality to change this country. And yes, THIS IS MY FINAL ANSWER!

And to be sure, I will NEVER “join them” because, yes, we are dreamers searching for a heaven, since going to hell to convert the devil is not a smarter option.

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  1. If KENYA really must be saved by you then there’s no KENYA at all. Indeed you are a dreamer without vision. This makes you misionless. Never ever will one wait for your counsel coz your foundation is a tribal project. If you mean change then declare NASA then outline its failures.

    • You’ve summed up whatever wisdom there’s to his writing. Talking of ‘we the people ‘ without picking on which alternative you want these people to take makes you sound eccentric and petty. Thanks bro, you’ve spoken my mind.

      • Adams Kimoni

        Prof I agree with you but truth is,it’s is easier said than done.Recently I attended a local political rally in my constituency,apart from the usual political bravado from the local MP(there is a reason I call him local) he promised the crowd something little for their stomachs.And guess who were the first people in the line,women and some respected folks in the community pushing and shoving each other for a mere 200 shillings.Most of the people were not poor folks otherwise, how had they been feeding their families since the last time they saw the said MP in 2013, I mean how was 200 gonna change their lives. A large group of the crowd was youth as expected (they can be forgiven for being desperate) but there was a section of the crowd who knew better.My point Prof is,a new political non-tribal narrative will not come in silver platter but a vigorous campaign that would involve a lot of sacrifices.I would also like to remind I’m waiting for a feedback on the mentor application.

  2. And we’ve been saying this: your demonising NASA “also” is meant to tell us since there’s no difference between the two let’s just retain jubilee. When chiluba supported Levi Mwanawasa’s presidential candidature he that he (Levi) was like him. Levi Surprised all Zambian. You think you know NASA. Try them. They are the real deal.

  3. Very very very true,,,, peter Kenneth has disappointed me, abduba diba argues ridiculously, Philip murgor is non-assertive, who else mmmmh this other senator from kisii mong’are hehe,,, who now????

  4. This is very true prof …..but very few people can see things from your point of view I personally agree with you 100% revolution takes time..with time I believe we the people will be a wave ready to wipe this people

  5. You are right pro but there is a mountain to climb. Majority of Kenyans belong to this jubilee nasa duality and I have almost given up trying to convince my friends that there is political life beyond NASA and jubilee.

  6. how can we do it prof am tired of the current political chest thumbing from the two leading coalitions ,our bloggers who could be of utmost importance in changing the narrative are now online goons for hire by the highest bidder that is the political class… how can we change the mindset if other Kenyan cause those who think uprightly we are a few thousand cause majority are illiterate and poverty stricken making them culpable of being bribed …please give us a formula

    • that’s true sir the more we get pissed off with their undoing we get closer to a point of no return am hoping their are others disillusioned as i am in need of an Arab style revolutiin for the better good

  7. Prof, the devide and rule method and Saul Alynsky’s Rules for the radicals system is what the political class has institutionalised.To make the matters worse they have poisoned the future by preaching the gospel of ethnic vulcanisation to more than younger generation.The phenomena of Peter Kenneth clearly illustrates volumes.

  8. Martin Luther was a dreamer and look what he achieved. Not only did racial segregation end but America elected a black man as their president. Not once but twice. This non tribal narrative, which I am an ardent supporter will one day become reality and your words will make sense even to the tribal keyboards

  9. kudos Prof,we need a new non-ethnic,visionary,project oriented,not corrupt….leaders.But the status quo of politics of our kenya is not easy to shave it….Illiteracy,poverty,ethnicity,majority,fear…and other factors as long as it exist,time is needed for touched on Murkomen forgetting on moi’s ‘nyayoism’.Instate of him change Jomo’s bureaucracy and aristocracy;he followed footstep….same ways.

  10. Prof,for a long time iv thought that you are a jubilee apologist and today iv confirmed so! If all political figures are corrupt as you insinuate,shouldn’t we require one of them to be at least accountable?
    Yours in all the articles has been better the jubilee demon than NASA devil. You have always majored in equalization political analysis. This is aimed at diverting attention of the populase from the ills of jubilee. You say that the fact that jubilee is a diatribe conglomerate, NASA is a multitribe one and you think its convincing. You say that opposition has only one agenda,tribalism. Do you know that jubilee has myriad of ills that the opposite is an agenda enough.In your life,even during Nyayo era,did you ever see a regime that teargas people who have come to a rally?or their leaders being teargassed when in a chopper?a president who borrows hundreds of billions through a bond and ends up in private accounts? Or President who uses the pev as a campaign stage knowing very well what he did in the same.
    Be open minded and realise that your analysis attracts many because of the prefix in your name but the suffix is justified by the content of your writings.

  11. NASA is lesser devil than jubilee. Of late jubilee has shown a lot of dictatorial tendency. They have shown a lot of intolerance. Breaking Joho rally in Kwale is a good example. Ordering Kenyans to accept the outcome of the August elections without question shows the highest level of dictatorship. Jubilee is drank with power. Their pronouncements shows that they have no respect for the rule of law and the constitution. They have also scored poorly on the fight against corruption. The office of the auditor general is fought viciously by jubilee foot soldiers for exposing corruption. Judges who protect the rule of law are also intimidated for for doing their work according to the law. There is lack of respect for other elected leaders like governors. They are a bused at will. Civil servants, Doctors ,teachers and lecturers have also been treated badly by this regime. All patriotic Kenyans should all stand firm and say a big NO to Jubilee on August 2017.Giving jubilee another five years will be suicidal to Kenyans.

  12. Its vanity to expect any address to our challenges from political parties such as NASA or Jubilee coz these are institutions meant to enhance democratic procedures by acting as sponsor institutions for individual aspirants and efficiency in mobilizing electorate support.
    That’s the error in pinning our expectations and passing judgement in respect to political parties in our democratic processes instead of evaluating individual merits and eligibility to serve our priorities as the factors affecting our final democratic decisions. That’s the misconception that misleads us to adopt the biasness dispensed by our ever mutating political parties in making long term decisions that should be evaluated against individual aspirant’s ability and reliability to deliver on our collective priorities.
    Its ridiculous how we generalize regions as this party or that party strongholds whereas we ignore the specific priorities of Kenyans in the perceived strongholds.
    If we change our perspectives from this party biasness, then we can be sure that we will always adopt representative and reliable leaders. To make this change in our democratic perceptions is as easy as giving our collective priorities prominence against tribalism, party affiliations and negative propaganda in our democratic debates

  13. “…….a new non-ethnic political narrative is the only option we have outside NASA/JUBILEE spurious duality to change this country…”.. Good words,,the truth even,,,but unfortunately ‘it” is not found in Facebook,,, you need to go out there and preach this “saving water” to counteract these “devils” you hate too much,,,FB will not just do,,,,,and kindly manage/change your tone,,it is full of hate

    • Mwitwari PK Mwitwari Yes. It is deliberate. We have to push back against these tribalist degenerates hard. Very hard. The survival of the country depends on it. They have formed a blood-soaked government before. They will form another one if we do not push back. HARD!

    • I just wish we do it–in action– not only words,,,,,Prof the tragedy is that the ” clean”” don’t want to get dirty,,,,I always say politics is too important to be left entirely in the hands of “politicians”,,, but the “clean” have decided to just watch and even cheer on,,,, choosing between the two evils you talked about….zimwi likujualo halikuli likakwisha…. Better be eaten by that irimu that knows you….

  14. Your argument,though it seems neutral and partial but the wise eye can see that it silently leans in support of Jubilee.That you cannot compare NASA and Jubilee because Jubilee is already a running government four years and has miserably failed.That it openly declares tribal segregation based on percieved is the duty of the government to ensure equal distribution of resources yet an elected leader can declare openly that national funds will be used to develop percieved strongholds and areas of support.No Jubillee and Nasa are like Night and day.we dont know about Nasa but we surely know about JUBILEE AND ITS EVILS

    • Every political dictum is subjective to certain feelings,youre article depicts that you sense some possible victory from NASA,And thereby attempt to explain a heavenly and impossible happening to kenyans.All kenyans know that for now,politics in kenya is either about NASA OR JUBILEE. any neutral statement is a hoodwink!! IT has come a time that all kenyans must take sides.

  15. This nigga always support Jubillee, uthamaki syndrome has blinded you. So we should not vote either right. Then can you stand and run for a political office we elect you Bwana PHD

    • Yes I have ….tired of corruption and bad governance . a A government full of tribalism and nepotism. Yes this is the problem I have. If you think you can bring change then stand I will vite you in. Prof here doesn’t want to give alternative. Let me him stand and we vote. I have been following his blogs, he has severally in his criticism suggestively pointed to which side he is aligned to. I hate hypocrites and he is one of them.

    • If you have been reading his blogs as u claim,your comment could be different from what you have written.he has been giving solutions unless you want him to point to you this is the solution.ama his name is the,not all kikuyis are pro jubilee.I included.and not all Luis are pro get facts first.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD: Eti “…It is harder to understand the article.” Wow! You say so in discourse with your reader while posturing to communicate and change/influence people’s perceptions?! Nice try Professor PhD – please write some more of this similar stuff!

  16. This is an unfair comparison. You should ask a few questions before trying to convince people who may not know how all these ‘tribalism’ started.
    1. Who started to segregated people on tribal basis in Kenya?
    2. Who is perpetrating it right now making sure that important jobs in kenya including the military belong to two Tribes.
    3. Which political party covers from coast to the lake north to south of kenya?
    4. Do you expect the other communities after having been sidelined by the two leaders, to just watch and do nothing about it.?
    If by getting together to map a way forward for the future of our country is what you now want to misguide the younger generation that both sides are tribal so be it. But your lies can’t get far because even this generation is not foolish

  17. Let me ask you professor,who really started this thing of Tribalism,we have to close that hole, everything will come easy.injusties hurting us up to date, that whole has to be zipped up and those who are there have to die there so that rest can breathe easily

  18. I totally agree with you professor NASA and jubilee is an elitist club whose members live in leafy suburbs while majority the voters stay in slums.the poor continues to pay taxes to be squandered by this club . They fight during the day but wine and dine together at night . They are not tribalistic but use tribal cards to rule Kenya.

  19. U are ajubilee mole don fool us…u seem to lean on the jubilee side ..20% corrupt is better than 100% corrupt is only 4 months to elections how does ur idea of a new non-ethnic political narrative help us…talk of what we have now ..

  20. When jubilee has been roling back the gains of the past 27 yrs you can not compare the two,a president who said that he regrets working under the new constitution can not uphold it,jubilee has been doing everything to undermine the current constitution,does it surprise me?no,coz the president was a water melon during the constitutional referandum,while the DP was opposed to it.

  21. From that well illustrations it is clearly that I belong to the lesser evil which is Jubilee but I surely believe that you are heading to somewhere. You have raised important points only ignorant person would ignore

  22. You can save our people from these lesser evils or greater evils as you may put it but you cant save them from themselves.
    Its not the politicians, it has never been. Its the people, for the politicians swim in the middle of the current. What they say and do is a reflection of what we are. We are or behave differently because we’ve no chance to participate in the evils.
    Let it feed on itself till nothing is left of it. I know we’ve no time to teach propaganda to our children concerning other ethnicities, i say it’s a good sign that one day it will bear fruit.


  24. Seriously thought through, eloquently put in print… In totality, excellent except for one of not more missing parts… Who is spearheading the dreamers front? Where and by what means? Am in for it ,to dream the same and work that we realize the dream… Hey, somebody?

  25. Thats not true. The fact remains that Jubelee is tribal en corrupt. Comparing the evil in Jubelee governmnt and so called evil, as u call it, in NASA, is trying 2 compare death and a nightmare. Dont blackmail Kenyans plz…

  26. What matters some Jubilee sent home,…in politics it’s always about the lesser evil…NASA is definitely a lesser evil with a captain with a track record and probably the only person in Kenya’s current political platform that can transform Kenya,let’s spare ourselves too much literature

    • And your solution is?…politics isn’t religion where you expect holliness…..I insist,ONLY Raila can save this country,hate him or love him,he has the muscles and sizeable goodwill from Kenyans to do that,he has no point to prove to anyone hence can get straight to the work expected of him……and yes,it’s always about the lesser evil,if not then tell me where it’s been otherwise

  27. I Love this proff… It makes too much sense it shakes the NASA tribalists to the core. Their only dream is to see their corrupt tribal kings replace Jubilee looting tribal kings.

  28. Governments are voted out to PUNISH AND SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE TO FUTURE GVTS, not because the alternative is good. The truth is the current regime is by far the most corrupt and incompetent Kenya has ever had. Foq the sake of future generations, they ought to go home!

  29. Prof,I take time to read you and honestly,u are well intentioned. However,you seem to perceive our problem as mainly tribal,and that is where I disagree with u. You are a well read person but wonder whether you ever see the problem in class terms. You obviously know class system is an off shoot of capitalism. If you were arguing that Jubilee and NASA groups are capitalistic,I would agree with you and possibly could partner in seeking a cure. Unfortunately,you only see the problem in tribal ‘ non- ethnic narratives’ which is a rather shallow way of understanding the problem we are in. Kenya has woven many non-ethnic narratives from the days of Jaramogi Odinga including what drove the second liberation. So as not to rubble too much,can you define your social a political and economic ideology so that your readers can quantify you and your contributions. So far,you are best known as a demagogue who sits atop a fence. From that position,your contribution to the change we seek is not measurable and will only cloud the search.

    • I agree with Prof, tribal divisions is our greatest evil and problem, if we were able to solve this, then the class war would already be won 80% since we will for the first time have a platform of engagement across the country with no prejudice.

    • And they do that cause they wrongly think that resources are shared on the basis of proximity to tribe supposedly in power. The underlined word is sharing of the resources. Tribalism is just a cloak ,a smokescreen that hides the reality and therefore the excuse rather the reason of our woes.

  30. A big narrative but missing direction. We know all that prof.We have Abdul Dida and Ekuro Aukot you can’t find anything to say about them ,for us to see new thinking. Each and everyone of us have an indipedent minds and,the guys like you educated with a huge following and a newspaper column you just let’s down complaining instead of giving direction.

  31. You Prof could be writing something about politics in Kenya but where do you want us to belong? Even if another political outfit comes around, you will still disagree with it. Wewe basi form your political coalition and we shall follow.

  32. l concur with you fully Prof, but I firmly believe that these tyranny of thugs would not let go of power because they have tasted command and as they normally say they would rather die!

  33. Point of correction ma country men…Kenya is nt lead by tribe BT few family WO uses their tribe as semi family…. Luos have lead by ogingas family show mi any others Luos WO raised to level odingas family, n wea I come from, show any politician WO have more followers then those prince WO wa left behind, by wamalwa’s family, en mudavadi’s family beside anything this two family hv bin influencng luhya politics in mulembe nation, moi family are I war with unknown little Ruto, because is nothing yy n mtoto wanani, en that y ruto is unable to control kalenjin nation soon moi family will tek wat is ryt belong to them. Central Kenya is worse show mi any family that can influence central politic without mention g Kenyatta family… The list is long.. Kenya we lead by influence family… I call them royal family… That y nitasema utakuwa ngumu for a son of common to lead this country unless through revolution Mr profesa

    • No in central we have had Kibaki he did it and outdid Kenyatta’s so in central its possible and when Kenyatta’s 10yrs reign ends believe you me we shall still have someone else take that to the bank and watch as interest grow

    • I think Mr profesa, we nid fast to do away with this kinyattasm,Ogingasm, mudavadism, moism en more those royal familly that zimeteka Kenya nyara, ndo tutakuwa karbu kuliberate the country….if this royal family still strong then forget abt it….

    • Muyale how did Kenyatta family influenced kibakis election and yet Kenyatta was in opposition seeking the same office kibaki was seeking they were in two opposing side and kibaki carried the day so in central is not abt the family but what is ideal for us regardless of what family he comes from I think we are above that petty politics

    • 2002, the family that decided kibaki to be president then was ogingas family en wamalwas family after they said tosha…BT rmmbr kibaki never got fully support from Kikuyu land, many voted for Uhuru, u cn get result en see, 2007, is moi en kinyattas family WO rescue kibaki from defeat..u see…kibaki lyk any outside show mi any of son WO cn have that influence…..

  34. We umekazana tu eti kila side ni mediocre sijui wot…why cant you giv out the solution….remember we hve to hve a government at long last…give out solutions instead of pointing out problems and leaving kenyans hanging

  35. King Solomon, the wisest man said, “In the multitude of words, there lacketh not iniquity……..”
    People who ask for a third way are revolutionaries, and they promise heaven but deliver hell.

  36. Have always said your just like mutahi Ngunyi a gun for hire.Those Kikuyu’s who don’t like Raila always say that he is as corrupt as Uhuru and therefore they don’t see any need of changing. Raila is not a devil and will never be one.This country will only have drastic change in the hands of Raila.

  37. I totally agree with you that if Jubilee cannot inspire us citizens to greater heights, NASA also has nothing new to offer, infact as somebody put it some years ago, they are same monkeys but in different forests who know there are some maize in a particular shamba to pillage. What is alternative?

  38. We need Matiangi to verify your academic certificates because you only reason as a normal citizen. We respect you but you always critisize, we need the way forward. Imagine if Raila was your fellow tribemen may be you could have been too silent. I dont know what Raila did to you. Ask yourself kindly if you people knows God. Why do you hate somebody because of his manifestoes to ailing and wounded kenyans. Let us give him chance the way we gave uhuruto so that complains may follow.

  39. So we’re is yours that we can Join ???’I can a sure you hear ,that all you are trying to build is a political name, sooner all later you will join your tribal polical roots,all Martha Karuas,wambugus ,mwauras,.and the rest started with same tone’its only Raila Odinga as aperson in the history of Kenya who has not change his tone in fighting for democray ,you can talk loud to today because you have not gotten an opportunity to eat the same meat in your tribal cycles,the day you will given opportunity to sit next to kenyatta ,you will change tune very quikly,we have history in our hand,you stand for nothing and you need to aprieciate leaders like Raila Odinga in whom you can have the right to to speak loud they have fought for it ,they pay the price for you to enjoy the freedom .when theft and looting is going on in the Goverment you go silence!and never comment in your blog,you have never condemned any corruption orchestrated by your tribal kings when ochumi is looted ,kenya airways ,Nys..Heath ministry you go mom in your blog those are things you should concentrate on commenting and fight for abetter kenya in the
    Must accept in your blogging that there is Avery big difference between Raila Odinda and Uhuru Kenyatta toward fighting for change and democray in Kenya,you can’t level them together and you can’t .And advice anybody in Kenyans politics if you have never even won a seat as MCA level or lead any polical party its like mosquito trying to teach Dolphine how to swim in the ocean.
    Just because you have media attention does not mean you know anything about Kenyan politics .please can you give solution now that the two political party’s are wrong ones.

  40. Who is a lesser devil. Your scholarly article should prescribe a curative therapy for the people of kenya. Otherwise your narrattive seems to be causing panic to maintain the status quo.

  41. The opening remarks of this loooong presentation nullify what you want to intoxicate many who esteem you as a learned person. Simply, the devil is not in hell as you purport and I wonder how you can be indifferent to the Word of God that is basis for all wisdom.

  42. true bro very true they have their only selfish intrest in their heart not wanjiko both partys hakuna mwenye huruma na imani na cc wananchi maskini na wazalendo warongo hypocreates they take as for granted surellly

  43. Need for change is always understood in the abstract as Everet Rodgers puts it.The only way to make the concept of change ideal is to unbreak the habits that stand in its way.

  44. Prof., does the constitution provide for a minimum number, not percentage, which a candidate must garner before they are declared winner of a presidential race? I shall elucidate after your answer.

  45. Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD for once I had to agree with you and I end by concluding that #two_thieves_are_better than #four so ‘Jubilee tuko pamoja’ not that they are better but they are the only option basing on ethnic number as #Mutahi says ‘tyranny of numbers’

    • What this guys are doing is raping this country,infact they are defiling it,give them four more years and Kenya becomes a failed state.Don’t buy into what this guy is saying,these guys are not only stealing but they are also weakening institutions,militarizing the country,eroding civil liberties,encouraging impunity,the list is endless.

  46. Prof, I pity you, people get the leaders that they deserve. The picture you are painting is of NASA and jubilee, no, it the reflection of Kenyans themselves. Look at our leader UHURU, His father grabbed all the land that the maumau were fighting and told maumau to go to hell yet he is our demi God. When you turn left, you find RAILA he is fearless and he indeed suffered for this country but when he got a chance to rule with kibaki what did you see? his office presided over theft of youth fund not to mention the maize scandal that his progeny were involved. They all can’t fight corruption coz they are sustained by corrupt sponsors. Tel Raila to let luo nyanza elect the leaders they want coz during nomination, those who part with big cash for Raila gets the nod. They are all the same.

  47. These People have been there for long yet the poor feel the heat…..the poor suffer hard yet ghetto people struggling still.
    Its time people realize these politrikians are “blood suckers”
    This man n that man are one and the same

  48. Prof…please make this non-ethnic narrative real to us. Make this idea tangible, something that people can identify with either as a movement or a political party that people can coalesce around.

    When Mutua used to speak about Maendeleo chap chap we would hear him but did not know how to propagate his vision until he came up with a party that people would join and be members of. Today if the people joining him are genuine then we have a group that are foot soldiers in fighting for the chap chap thing. IT has structures, an office etc. There is a physical embodiment of the idea.

    Please make this non ethnic narrative something people can identify with. Otherwise, it will just be talk like we have with NASA and Jubilee.

  49. Hehee. You are right. Its only a dead fish that always swims downstream. Upstream swimmers must be ready to face storms and wild currents but they must keep going. Today i was in a seminar and an old unlearned mzee said this:

    ” you cant fight an idea using pangas, guns, money or economic might: an idea is defeated by by another more superior idea”.

    This is true. I can now believe your narrative.

  50. I like your way of thinking more so when i watched you on tv you know when to ask questions.when the late jm was asking the then govt to be responsible to the people was he not a it that a kikuyu cannot oppose a govt headed by one of them.who were mungiki?were they not used by kikuyu govt and later annihilated by the same.for me the most patriotic kenyan of modern times.kudos.keep telling us.time will tell.

  51. Prof has overlooked the starvation,the bullying of opposition leaders and the large scale looting from public coffers.He is instead talking about God and the Devil!Hhhhhhh.
    Our good ‘profesa’ does not even give credit to The government tentacles and how much willing to give to the men of the clothe they have been recently.I mean,how does he call people who connect electricity unto those that dwell in mangers …And supply laptops to the shoeless….evil???
    It’s the opposition that is evil.It has called out every looting in government.It has made it impossible for the Mafias to clear the stores.

    This ‘ profesa’ is a hypocrite.His hut was infested with lice,he decided to burn it up,and lit also his neighbors.This is the hypocrisy I talk of.No matter how hidden,their whiskers betray their cat nature.

    This believe that it’s either ours or none is what has formed their faces and hearts.The hypocrites.

    ‘Profesa’ is a Wolfe in a sheepskin trying to bleat.Only opportunity makes them start warping and shedding of skin,to fit in.And they begin like ‘profesa’…by loudly declaring that they follow no side.

    Uhuruto and their sympathisers have no business being in power.They are going unprecedentedly low and petty.Their faces are just diabolically disgusting.Now I’m sure not interested in pursuing PhD…if it leaves you with this mental slavery.

  52. Prof you’re becoming too much of empty debe, even on tv, there is only one non ethnic narrative, economics which happens to be politics we need politics of production not of deal cutting, next time you appear on tv i might puke.

  53. Prof is telling us an imaginary world which exist only in theories.. change do not come in a single day.. part of your arguement is right but do you know that even if you now form a political party devoid of ethnic alignment to climb to power, still will not attain what you have described?..for now, lets think within the confines of NASA and Jubilee.. you are either a jubilee or NASA… thats a reality

  54. Proff that’s imaginary we are in Kenya and preferably the world so the best u can do is go out look for votes and bring these theoretical ideas which are indeed pleasant

  55. Prof. Please write to educate not to confuse. Kenyans(including you) have two options, it is either NASA or Jubilee. When you tell them to choose at their own peril, are you therefore advising us not to vote and forego our constitutional right?

    • Kituyi true but where will he come from? Can you convince my mum at nyeri not to vote for kamwana for unknown turkana new comer or onyangos dad back at migori for the same? They are the majority and the only people who can reach them is our tribal kings….yani yakubali siku Moja uhuru Na raila hawatoshi and they endorse a very neutral tried and proved performer wote wawili…until then, the struggle continues

    • Kituyi,the third force you are talking about will be a tribal formation.There is nothing wrong with that-we are born in a certain tribe not by choice but by God’s will. I belong to a certain tribe and have no apologies. However I respect other tribes.

  56. Something is wrong with your reasoning…You claim you are emancipated but the inconsistency of your narrative proves you a myopic and lone-ranger..You need rebirth to atleast understand the world and sanity of reality..You may dream all night but what count is the reality in the morning..Someone should atleast explain the word dreamers to you.. Probably in your mother tongue for avoidance of any doubt.. However, your spirit can trigger a revolution. Search for freedom from yokes of death..Real death..In Hades and start from cemetery near you. Charity begins at home..

  57. Must you use the professor title even when writing such gibberish? “Equally corrupt,equally tribal,equally,,,,” sincerely Prof? You know very well Raila is a whole new world from uhuru. Are you afraid of condemning your own kin alone? Wait till Raila becomes the CEO of the republic of Kenya then provide us with the facts. If you are thinking of telling me he was once a prime minister, you just save your breath. We were all around and saw and knew ” nani alikua kusema” with raila still providing checks and balances in a government he was supposed to be steering, making it even more effective! I AM NOT A PROFESSOR,or anywhere near it!

    • @ Robby : the issue under discussion here doesn’t require technocratic skills to analyse brother. What is needed is an open mind,objectivity and a genuine consultation with ones conscience. The most basic way of knowing another person’s thinking ability is fairly looking for any substance in their arguments. Average and below average minds resort to insults when they can’t conceive a high concept or beat logic with logic.

    • @ Peter Mugo: I am a scholar and I respect scholars. But then no scholar has the right of presenting an opinion as a fact just because they have some skewed statistics to paste here and there in their write-ups. Professor Wainaina and Ngunyi among many others have just fallen short of this glory!

  58. Professor Wainaina, as I go through your post , I can’t help but sense a feeling of helplessnes even though you try very hard to hide it. However, I fail to understand why you shy away from mentioning other leaders whom you consider suitable outside of Jubilee & NASA.

    At times I doubt your honesty when you don’t have anything good to talk about Dr Matiang’i who although working for this government has been exemplary.

    Talking about NASA & Jubilee leaders being birds of the same feathers or rather one being a lesser evil than the other, don’t you know that non of them is satan? Its true however that no one can go to hell expecting to convert the devil but even the devil was at one time one of God’s subjects. Satan trembles at the mere mention of Jesus’ name & God has power to reposses anything he has stolen. By the devil manipulating human beings,it doesn’t mean that God can’t use the same humans to achieve his goal.

    Now that you’ve talked about Heaven & hell comparing it to our current political status, I must teach you something that can’t be obtained by your big academic achievement.
    I have to assume that you have come accross the story of Moses in the Bible.
    Although he wasn’t a good or perfect leader, God used him to get his people out of Egypt. Let me tell you why God decided to use this imperfect person for a great project. God prepares people before using them & for Moses, Pharaoh’s palace was his training ground as he was brought up as one of Pharaoh’s family members.
    He therefore had enough knowledge on his enemy because he learned from him. Secondly, Moses had great courage & conviction of the heart for justice to the oppressed.

    Our present situation of enthical differences resulting into political uprising is a creation of Jomo Kenyatta, his tribesmates & allies. The politics of ethnical succession was drafted by two tribes who have inflicted ethnicity & hate against other tribes since independence.
    I could compare this to the Israelites story in exile(Egypt).

    I also think that a Moses could be found in the NASA team of Mudavadi, Raila, Kalonzo & Wetangula. These 4 have been in the passed regimes that drafted this ethnic virus but since they were within Pharaoh’s government,feeding, sleeping & sharing his treasures,they didn’t have a reason to sense danger till the truth about who they really are was revealed to them.

    Do you know that in most cases God uses the lesser evil guy to destroy the bigger evil one? Remember again in the Story of King Saul? Although David was set up by God to be his successor,he wasn’t the one who killed him even though he got several chances to do it?
    On the other hand although Moses was chosen to get Israelites out of Egypt, he wasn’t the one to get them to the promised land. His duty ended at fighting & defeating Pharaoh & setting up God’s law in people which Haron couldn’t do.

    When we observe the 4 NASA co principals, don’t you see that there could be a Moses within them. Do we have a fearless,courageous but convicted fellow who can face Uhuru & all his godfathers?

    I have so much Biblical examples to prove my theory but let me not quote too much which might confuse people.
    Apart from Jesus, God uses the wrong people for the right purpose because thats why he sent Jesus to eartb. Therefore stop dreaming & believe in God & you shall see him raise that leader you are yarning for. That leader is whithin those parties that you despise, only that your brain can’t comprehent that.

    Aslo remember that God understands how his people feel & wouldn’t want to tempt them by replasing, a King Saul with his son or a Jacob with Essau. Therefore do not assume that your ethnical backround or Ruto’s wouldn’t matter as long as your narrative is different from your fathers’. When God annoints your father to rule & your father disgraces God in the end, God destroys him together with his generation all together.

  59. until when will we kenyans keep on dreaming of getting a man sanctified by jesus christ to lead the country.this will never be.we need to make public service less desirable for people with ill motives to join.our government is to big and bloated allowing for corruption to thrive.we should be talking about limited government .

  60. This guy constantly attacks NASA n jubilee without pointing out the alternative so what are u doing about all this if we all agree that they are bad mind you it’s not ithiopians that are members of this parties n vote for them they are Kenyans.any political party formed will get leaders n members from don’t form any alternative parties or even name one that pple should now vote for bad are against the ones that exist so pple should not vote ama political parties are not tribal individuals are tribal just like guns don’t kill pple pple use guns to kill pple

  61. Professor u 1 in 42 million and a thing somebody same where thing it’s hard but don’t fear go on and 1day 1time ur fruits wil eaten by Kenyan.I remember in 1990 I was still young but Mr Kibaki tell opposition who were demanding multipart eti mnajaribu kukata mbuyu na kijembe akimaanisha in kenya wil not have more part than Kanu ya baba .but the same Kibaki have been president in this multipart system

  62. A clever person is Boniface Mwangi he is an activist he decided to form a political party to champion his beliefs he has started somewhere not just talking n discouraging pple without presenting an alternative ama watu wote waunde chama Kenya not evry one is a politician

    • Suleiman am saying I admire his courage at least he if giving out ana alternative unlike this guy hapa he has complained about tribalism in NASA n Jap kuanzia nione posts zake pple get it by now u have changed their mind now what shd they’d do not vote ama he gives no solution just pointing out problems

  63. The original purpose of God’s Universe and need for Government have been hijacked by Money and it’s dirty properties. Mankind’s collective Mission on earth has been corrupted by Profiteering and desire for self-gain. All the world’s biggest problems and conflicts have their roots in the purpose of 13 families controlling the New World Order, her Wealth, her Military and her Science. They have created a mysterious Global Financial Plague. The shocking revelation is:
    Wars are Profitable
    Politics is profitable
    Diseases are profitable
    Earth’s plundering is profitable
    Human slavery is profitable
    Bad education is profitable
    Inhumane working conditions are profitable
    Narcotics are Profitable
    Religion is profitable
    The world is controlled and enslaved by only 1% of it’s population and another 1% of elite from those 13 families domiciled in Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago,The Vatican, London, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow and Dubai.

  64. You think you are a saint. You writing this as a hyena waiting for his turn. Given chance you will be the worst. This article is a pre-april fools day and hoax. You are using your English to fraud Kenyans by hiding through this article full forest of words with a desert of ideas.

  65. Ezekiel Ole lankas

    Very inspirational. Prof. you aren’t alone now.We can be very many .please lead us fourth.This country belongs to all of us.We all claim an equal share.Thumb up Prof

  66. I Fear Prof has been swallowed.. Like himself unfortunately..when given an option of two can only pick one..I wouldnt praise a Ugandan athletes victory and abandon a Kenyan.. That’s Kenyan politics..we are diverse..why would we change it..

  67. I have come not to trust anyone in Kenya nowadays, rumor has if that the political class are scared of the anger the citizens have and may be using such professionals to discourage pple from voting by seeing no hope…..rem low turn out is still status quo. I keep saying this prof guy should come out openly and give us his stand or an alternative. He keeps discouraging us from this political class but not giving an alternative.

    • So mr. Prof are you suggesting IEBC you use force to condemning politicians or what measure did you mean….you are so much obsessed with the opposition. You say nothing or don’t give so much emphasis if the government is in the wrong but come out strongly even give solutions on how to deal with opposition. One thing you should remember Raila has a constituency ready to do anything just as Uhuru has and ready to do anything so when making comments try to remember to be neutral for viewers to be convinced you are not another sympathiser taking advantage of the so called analyst to be noticed to get a job from the Ruling party.

  68. You always try to equate a failed government with NASA so that readers of your articles can think are critisizing both sides.In the actual sense you want to indirectly defend a failed government.Read his articles carefully you will note it

  69. Now that we ave two devils who are frontrunners to state house according to you prof, one has been in power for the last five years and his performance is below average let us give the other one a chance then we compare the scorecard.

  70. Have been following Profs articles and on analysis have discovered political schemes their in , intended to detach the people from their leaders in the NASA camp. This , hopefully, will lead to voter apathy in opposition turfs and eventually, low voter turnout thus gifting Jubilee another term. Will the scheme(s) succeed?!!!

  71. Prof is debt bad as cited by so many people? I thought government is limited to tax and borrowing. There is a while topic in undergraduate public finance on why borrow and not tax.

  72. Pro i more like the 2nd part of your post but not the first. Searching for heaven where God dwells is not a dream but the REALITY. The underlying cynicism betrays atheistic tendencies.

  73. The post is like a fresh breath of air in a crowded room. The comments is proof that education has done very little to decolonize the Kenyan mind, to cure ignorance and encourage creativity, independent thought and innovation. A sad paradox.

  74. ”And while the pythons of sickness

    Swallow the children

    And the buffaloes of poverty knock the people down,

    And ignorance stands there like an elephant,…»

    Politics has destroyed the unity of home and brought misery member of it” – Song of Lawino.

  75. You know the problem in kenya is only Kikuyus,and if asked they will come with a solution that a non ethnic leader,non corrupt leader should also come from their tribe,they will give you an option A and B,this should be githongo and koigi.

  76. Do you have an alternative mr professor?Corruption is a social economic problem and a cancer in all kenyans .NASA is the better option if not the best.Stop your cheap devisive political narrative that doesn’t offer any tangible solution.We must admit that Kenyans are corrupt but do we go to heaven to look for leaders?

  77. Utapiga kelele ivo for political attention baadae u’ll identify ur tribal outfit and join politics which might seem to be more lucrative than ur analysis alafu uanze kusema ‘I want to change things from inside ‘ we’ve seen that happen before

  78. either way you are right the challenging in this country is when Kenyans able to fund their candidature, as per the new constitution. The perception that politics is a dirty game is self denial aimed at scaring the willing. Those in religious gathering have maintained a lesser cause in politics yet they hold electors cards. What an hypocrisy! The billionaires prefer funding politicians, joining their inner circles of advisory, rather than funding themselves as private candidates address the challenges facing the country which honestly may reduce gross domestic debts and corruption because in their lineups would be well to do individuals whose corporate roles are respectable in the society. The country will deplete such politicians if they compete with private ones! No need to fund corrupt parties or individuals as though there are no alternatives.

  79. Dr. Myles Munroe, in his book, “The Principles and Power of Vision”, says, “(Vision is given) to an individual who shares his vision with the group and transfers it to them. The members of the group then run with the vision because they find it a place for their own personal visions to be fulfilled.” I concur with the professor on this; it all must start with an imagination…its the starting point to every greatness. Speak on, sir!

  80. To say there’s is no difference between Jubilee and NASA is just not truthful. A big difference is there for any discerning eye to see.From since independence and the little kenyan history i know i can identify perpetrators of impunity in this country and i can also identify the proponents of change such as the ones who engineered multi party democracy and the recent new constitutional dispensation… It is so clear to see.

  81. To say there’s is no difference between Jubilee and NASA is just not truthful. A big difference is there for any discerning eye to see.From since independence and the little kenyan history i know i can identify perpetrators of impunity in this country and i can also identify the proponents of change such as the ones who engineered multi party democracy and the recent new constitutional dispensation… It is so clear to see.

  82. Truth will always be bitter to many. Sure enough Fisi hawa wawili NASA na Jubilii tofauti ni madoadoa. Nabii hatukuzwi kwao. I have always believed just like you. Tribal kingpins will take us no where except to hell not heaven. Keep on hoping you are not alone.

  83. I couldn’t agree more!! ‘The world is a reality that exists outside and independent of our will’.. The present political system is not going to solve our problems. We need to build a new one. It is coming sooner than you think. You are not alone prof!!


  85. To add to your harangue, it all depends on whether your father was a founder thief in this country.The children inherit the loot and protect it by nook or crook. Any upcoming politician whose father was not in the looting spree joins with all zeal and zest looting what is left and joins the hyenas in the political arena.To salvage Kenya from these overzealous hyenas,a revolution is paramount.

  86. I don’t know why learned pple r always fighting their govt.we kenyans r not fully civilized in fact we r only 50yrs old in governance and so in other African countries.we have a long way to go.buh we shud understand ourself and appreciate who we r.if u compare kenyatta,moi,kibaki and uhuru’s govt u will see that each govt has moved kenya a step change is a gradual process don’t b in a kenya wid other African countries & u wil see there is no diff.ask urself:other than talking wat have u done to change ur country in the position u hold rather than being a govt critic.i know jubilee will move kenya to great heights so i am not a dreamer as u say

  87. the problem with kenya currently is those forcing kenyans to adapt to a very bad constitution passed by the same politician who wanted kenyans to believe their problems will be solved by it.

  88. Prof.. Ua sentiments n thoughts r th e truth n reality.. U see things through seeing eyes.. U refuse to think like them.. Bt Kenyans r a queer breed of people… U will tell them ukweli n they all know it to be so,bt their comments expose their tribal,brainwashed, n vain way of thinking… Good day good Prof.

  89. Very right prof…….but remember you are a PROFESSOR, a CHRISTIAN and a GIKUYU, from you title and names……G is natural, P and C are acquired, so are our brothers and sisters in the said evils

  90. I wonder if people really read through what you wrote, because from what I can see in the comments, a lot didn’t.

    Therein lies the problem, you are coming from a very objective perspective and I applaud you for that. Heaven knows this country needs a change in leadership that is bereft of the same old nonsense we’ve grown accustomed to. But are people listening? It’s obvious that come August, the elections will come down to either Jubilee or NASA and no other way. We are stuck with the two devils.

  91. Even the IEBC has limited our choices. Haven’t they put a condition that the presidential aspirant should register with a huge amount of money closing the doors for those who would have wished to be candidates with the sole aim of furthering specific causes?. Any political party that will implement UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME during this hard economic times will surely win the hearts of Kenyans forever. But perhaps we voters are the problem.We tend to focus on personalities not the issues. Our democracy is saturated with idiots. That’s why I refer our system Democratic idiocy as opposed to Democratic geniocracy.

  92. utopia society remains a dream but on my side I think conflict is inevitable in today’s social life……people should know that intellectuals are not against the government because if this open conflict between the elites and “evil tribalist….call them”,,,,,doesn’t exist then its a show of exploitation………support you prof”””””””***

    • People are arguing about qualifications. Martha Karua was most qualified to implement the constitution yet women didn’t even vote for her. #PhilipMurgor not only has experience as an advocate, he also was at anti corruption when it had no teeth

  93. Hakuna cha NASA wala jubilee wote hakuna kupewa kura utakuwapote time afadali hiyo day ushike jembe uende shamba ukalime course check watu wavyo site kupata kazi alafu waseme kura yako haki yako huo ni oungo na pia price ya vyakula iko juu xna

  94. Speak much on the alternative to give us a way out.enlighten us more about them because I tend to think that they are also the same.only that they have not been brought to the limelight .there character, which could be the same to the counterparts is hidden

  95. This guy is a jubilee supporter. He appears bi partisan but I watch him on ktn daily and he is 100% jubilee.

    He gives no option and criticises both option. Remember, not voting at all is voting in jubilee

  96. And jesus said “let those with ears hear”its like the devil added his own things “let those with ears hear but not understand”then the devil came for practicals here in our beloved kenya.

  97. Adams Kimoni

    Prof I agree with you but truth is,it’s is easier said than done.Recently I attended a local political rally in my constituency,apart from the usual political bravado from the local MP(there is a reason I call him local) he promised the crowd something little for their stomachs.And guess who were the first people in the line,women and some respected folks in the community pushing and shoving each other for a mere 200 shillings.Most of the people were not poor folks otherwise, how had they been feeding their families since the last time they saw the said MP in 2013, I mean how was 200 gonna change their lives. A large group of the crowd was youth as expected (they can be forgiven for being desperate) but there was a section of the crowd who knew better.My point Prof is,a new political non-tribal narrative will not come in silver platter but a vigorous campaign that would involve a lot of sacrifices.I would also like to remind I’m waiting for a feedback on the mentor application

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      Hi Adams…I agree with you. Change comes from the fridges. It will start with the 30% who did not rush to take the money and most of who had not even attended the rally. I can assure you that most of those attendees are “professional” rally attendees. When the MP’s opponent will come, they are the ones who will go to cheer him. I will respond to your mentor application.

  98. We Kenyans me & you make our Country’s image. No blaming each other. Just a matter of working responsibly.
    The Learned have failed the Nation, so should stop criticizing and shamelessly take their responsibility in Community & Government progress.
    Much education have you invested together with the other learned Professors like you to your brains.
    A Nation with True Professors is no tribal, no hunger.
    Utilize your Education not only for own benefits but for THE Better Of THE Nation too.
    Why should our intelligent Professors complain while we thought they are the Living examples of Education as a basic,
    Use your Education to harmonize Kenyans and proof Wise and the nation will stand.
    Stop being selfish with your Degrees.

  99. For we, The People, the choices are limited to those who come out and offer themselves to lead. It could be two devils. Until the 3rd, non-tribal outfit emerges, what choices do we have?

  100. After reading your long and winding blog, I thought you have a solution or alternative to the two evils. But alas you are as confused as the rest of as if not more. Good luck

  101. This prof takes people for fools,he calls both jubilee and NASA as evils, but cleverly advocates for a lesser evil which according to him is jubilee.Remember NASA has not ruled this country directly so we can’t judge them 100%lijecwe can jubilee.

  102. Then Now Kenyans who used to buy unga at 45/= in 2012 are buying it at 160/= in 2017 sugar was 50/= but now 120 /= among others .
    What should we do to come out of this in bearable conditions where the big fish loots and swallow the small fish. Kenyans need direction now.

  103. So who is the better devil because to you they’re all devils and Kenyans have a weakness of recycling leaders? if you don’t have a history and tribe behind you ,you re not electable ! Now Kenyans have only one choice out of two it’s either Jubilee or nasa who’s the better devil ? the devil you know or the one you don’t know? Msitu ni yule tu Kenya na nyani ni wale wale tu ! changing leadership in Kenya is like changing either side of the same coin ! So give us your solution you’re a professor and you’re supposed to offer solutions to problems like this and don’t tell us to boycott the elections we know the repercussions of doing that!!?

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