Yes, Jubilee should be accountable for TJRC report, just as Raila should be for botched ODM elections

Mr. Raila Odinga used the funeral of the Late William Ole Ntimama to raise the issue of the implementation of the TJRC Report by the Jubilee government. There is nothing wrong with that. One feels that there were more apt places to raise the issue but since politicians have decided to desecrate any space including funerals, never mind. His case is that the corrupt Jubilee government has refused to implement the TJRC report. Which is true. Jubilee must be accountable to the Kenyan people. So should Raila Odinga. He must be held to the same standards he would want to hold Jubilee to. The challenge is that Mr. Odinga seems to want to play with different rules when it comes to leveling with the people of Kenya.  Sample this. Immediately after the men-in-black debacle in Kasarani, this is what Raila said:

“Investigations are on-going, we want to get to the root cause of this matter. We want to know who was responsible, and why. Because this undermines democracy in the party, and in the country. It is a very shameful act of cowardice. They may have their own reasons here and there but those reasons are themselves unfounded…I want to apologize to the members of ODM countrywide for what has happened today. That we are sorry coz we take responsibility for this. But we will ensure that this exercise takes place as soon as possible that our delegates are enabled to exercise their democratic right of electing the leaders of our party.”.

He further claimed that the culprits would be brought to book. His reaction to the issue is a typical Jubilee-like Westgate script. Promise investigations that never come. If you do them and they paint you badly, sit on the report.  True to this script,  the ODM elections which were to be redone “as soon as possible” have never been held to this day and the investigations, if they ever happened, have never been made public. No-one has ever been charged with any wrong doing. The claim that he and his party had taken responsibility was a sham and the delegates have never been “enabled to exercise their democratic right”. So much for accountability!

If Raila cannot keep his word about elections in his own party, what moral authority does he have to harass Jubilee over the tabling and implementation of the TJRC report?  Does he play by different rules from the ones he expects his competitors to play with?

While Mr. Odinga has mounted a successful onslaught against Jubilee errors of omission or commission and its legendary excesses, he wants to be ring-fenced as an untouchable. He hides behind a near fanatical following and easily demonizes whoever is foolish enough to call him out.

He would later claim that he raised the issue of the TJRC report as a matter of “conscience”.  Does his conscience only prick him when it involves government obligations and not his own?

Why does leveling with the Kenyan people on the matter of the botched ODM elections an important matter?

Several reasons.

Mr. Raila Odinga wants us to believe that he is a president in waiting and that his presidency would be different. In that case, he should be held to an even higher threshold of integrity than his competitors in government. We do not want to replace a corrupt and incompetent government with another corrupt and incompetent one. Where does the difference between him and the establishment start? We are not surprised when the current Jubilee government promises investigation that never come. But someone who wants us to believe that he will run a better administration that will level with the Kenyan people cannot be accused of the same errors of omission as the establishment.

Secondly, Raila has been accused by his close allies of all sorts of misdemeanor and impropriety. Part of the sheer amount of accusations out there can first be attributed to the rate at which he loses allies. This is itself a bad sign for a would be national leader. But even then, the accusations are damning. What happens to these accusations? Ad hominem drivel from him and his sycophants. Without addressing the accusations, or after dismissing them as “propaganda”, they mount relentless attacks, insults, innuendos, slurs, defamation, violence and smear campaigns on the personality of anyone who comes out to point out the weaknesses of Raila and the wickedness in ODM.  Their favorite is that such people lack integrity and they have been “bought”. It would therefore require an independent event within ODM that would confirm or disprove the claims of the so called “rebels” and “disgruntled” elements. The ODM elections were such an event and he missed all opportunities afforded him to disprove accusations around him.


ODM has been called undemocratic. In fact, one defector has called it the Orange Undemocratic Movement. What did the elections prove? That this is true. In Raila’s own words, the ODM debacle in Kasarani “undermines democracy in the party and in the country”.  Are the ODM defectors correct that he claims to be a champion for democracy and leads a party that is undemocratic? Tick.

Raila has been described as a disastrous negotiator, disorganized, often confused and unstructured. It is his lack of leadership skills that has been blamed on the chaos and disorganization associated with ODM. I have often said that it looks more of an “Orange Demochaotic Movement” than a Democratic Movement. He had an opportunity to demonstrate that this is not true. Based on what happened in Kasarani, are his detractors right on this one? Tick.

He has been described as a selfish, confused, hypocritical and deceptive leader. Again he had an opportunity during the elections and after the debacle to disprove his accusers on this one. We will assume that he did not know of the disruption because it is not a disprovable claim and it is easy for him to make the claim and difficult for us to prove or disprove. Let us look at what happened after the debacle. He “acted” concerned because he knew that Kenyans were scandalized by whatever happened. To pretend to address the matter he promised investigations, accountability and most importantly new elections as soon as possible. Had he delivered on this promise, the burden of proof would be on his detractors. He did not. As the hypocritical and deceptive leader his detractors have called him, he promised things that he did not intend to deliver on. To this day, has there been accountability for Kasarani? No. Has there been new elections? No. Are the detractors correct about his being a hypocritical and deceptive leader? Tick.

Selfish. If there is anything that the aftermath of Kasarani proved, it is this charge of selfishness against Raila. He not only promised investigations and accountability that never came, what he did instead of his promise to hold new elections is a shocker. He never called any. He actually sat in a boardroom and distributed the seats of ODM’s top organs himself. This was to ensure that the new officials owed allegiance to him personally and not to the membership of the party. He ensured that the mess that was Kasarani was turned around to serve his selfish interests. In this one act, it can be concluded that the single biggest beneficiary of the men-in-black debacle was Raila Odinga himself.

Was this by default or by design?

Why did he find it easier to turn it into a selfish opportunity to entrench his personal rule as opposed to an opportunity to demonstrate accountability, rule of law and democracy? It takes an unconscionably conniving leader to take personal advantage of a monumental crisis like the botched ODM elections. It is therefore even more hypocritical of him to claim that he is calling on Jubilee to act on the TJRC report as a matter of “conscience”. Where is his conscience when he rides a top a party with handpicked officials after lying to the party membership and to Kenyans that they would conduct new elections “as soon as possible”? Is there a more sinister demonstration of connivance and selfishness in the history of Kenyan politics? No.  Again, are his detractors right about his being a hypocritical and selfish leader? Tick.

Unlike his detractors who learn the hard way when they are conned, back-stabbed, demonized and vilified, my contention has always been that Mr. Odinga has become part of the status quo. Read:

He has nothing new to offer apart from the same old KANU politics in terms of form and substance. He can run around saying that Jubilee has refused to embrace accountability by not implementing the TJRC report. That is true. But so has he. He has not only refused to level with Kenyans regarding the most shameful act of cowardice (his words), thuggery and disgrace in Kenya’s recent political history, but he selfishly turned it into an opportunity to entrench selfish interests in party leadership. How can he then offer himself as an alternative to Jubilee? The answer is simple. He can’t.

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    • The issue is not whether or not they are comparable. The issue is that the call for accountability must go both sides. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. It does not matter whether the houses or the stones are comparable. When called to account, Raila and ODM should account. Not start comparative gymnastics. Better still, if they do not want to be called to account, they should not abrogate upon themselves the role of calling anyone much less jubilee to account.

    • Ive been following proffs blogs n when he writes he always likes heating both sides of political divide equally in order to balance the equation but this time its a flop..tjrc is a national issue not a party issue besides the ODM issue u r raising was later on solved amicably n all the aggrieved parties were happy (Raila will always seek to get to a solution whatever the situation thats qst matters) tjrc report was thrown away in its entirety

    • A sincere Prof. would start by enlightening the public on the omissions of the historical injustices of poverty and violence, initiated by Jeramogi and perfected by Rao himself. First things first Prof. Scrutinize and expose it’s contents before pushing it for implementation.

    • Exactly, Kibagendi. That’s where comparrisons should begin, incorporating the 1969 careless Jeramogi public tuntrums at the lake that incited people to unnecessary violence and loss of lives. If that’s not in the report, them what is it reconcilling?

    • Anthony Kibagendi Do not tell me where to start. In any case if you have read my other articles you would know where I stand. The fact of the decade and a half of terrible leadership by Jomo does not sanitize impunity from ODM and Raila. You should respond to the lies and duplicity I have pointed out.

    • Owuato Pundo You are wrong. My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee and therefore when I write I balance nothing. These are all former Moi-men mired in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. The only problem is that one is in overeating meat, and the other is out salivating and overshouting.

  1. You started with very objective analysis of the political situation in Kenya. But lately you have been been less objective in your discussion of issues. The failure to implement the TJRC report is such a grave failure to meet the expectations of Kenyans that you cannot objectively use the botched ODM elections to justify this very great omission on the part of the Jubilee administration. One can easily see that the focus of your discussion is attacking Raila for the failed ODM national party elections, that he had publicly apologized for to all members of ODM, and to absolve the Jubilee administration. I am saying this because the discussion together with the picture caption is loudly attacking Raila for the botched elections but is profoundly silent on the gravity of failure to implement the TRJC report. What one is left with after going through your piece is the failed Odm national party elections and nothing on TRJC or Jubilee failure to implement it. Perhaps this was the impression you were consciously trying to create in the mind of your readers.

    • The one asking for the implementation of TJRC report is also highly involved in the violation of citizens justice. Its funny for him to bhave a saint when we know otherwise with hìs hypocritical apologies. He was just trying a foolishly failed campaign to endear himself to the maa community who actually laughed at his fóolishness

    • The good professor was not creating saints and villains. He gave us critical appraisals that were objective, well reasoned and critical of both sides of the political divide. It was a big departure from the illogical and uncalled for attacks that emanate from the diehards on both sides of the political divide. It was refreshing reading balanced and unbiased opinions. But lately a tilt and bias can be observed and that was all I was trying to say.

    • There is nothing more grave than the 25 ODM governors failing to implement the so called social democracy they promised. Now they have put us on an election mode to waste another 6 years on the fake promise.

    • Jacob Nyamila Muga Please reread the article. I will pick directly from it to let you know that your claim that I have not stated a stand on TJRC is incorrect.

      1. “Mr. Raila Odinga used the funeral of the Late William Ole Ntimama to raise the issue of the implementation of the TJRC Report by the Jubilee government. There is nothing wrong with that”.

      2. “His case is that the corrupt Jubilee government has refused to implement the TJRC report. Which is true. Jubilee must be accountable to the Kenyan people”.

      3. He can run around saying that Jubilee has refused to embrace accountability by not implementing the TJRC report. That is true. But so has he.

      How can I be more clearer in the need of Jubilee to be held accountable on the matter of TJRC? Try and be fair to me before accusing me.

  2. Your posts used to be neutral,but of late you have lost it…and i wonder why this sudden change!!may be you have resorted to your tribal outfit which is very shameful to a professor like you

    • Jack, my posts HAVE NEVER been neutral. I have said time and time again that I am not neutral. My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. I have said there is no difference between the two. Of course if your world is divided into CORD and Jubilee, you will divide my posts into those that hit or support either. You will loose all meaning and call me biased. To understand my posts, you must first understand my world.

      I have said that my posts have NEVER been neutral. That is true. I am not neutral. I am vehemently opposed to the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity by both CORD and Jubilee. I have called for a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire a new generation of actors and ideas in politics grounded on patriotism, accountability and productivity. Such a new narrative can NEVER come from either CORD or Jubilee.

    • If you read all my articles, you would know that you are not correct. Jubilee sycophants accuse me that everything I write is about Uhuru and Jubilee and that I do not see anything good in him. This is what happens to you whose world is divided between ODM/CORD and Jubilee. Mine is not.

      In any case why should I not write about Raila? He wants to be President and he has made kila kitu about him. I have not written about you because you have not sought to be president. The day you do, I will. Trust me. It is my responsibility as a Kenyan citizen to analyse those who want to lead me. A duty.

  3. Prof can give independent opinion with linking the two besides mentioning the opposition leader whenever he compairs. Thank God the likes of opposition leader, Kenneth matiba ,anyone fought for freedom of expression ,association etc that many apeople are enjoying to day .

  4. Prof Wainaina I am always neutral but the two scenarios are not comparable, not even by a long shot! Any party can have their own election rules and they have no state resources compelling them to be accountable to tax payers on this matter. Jubilee is the government to which we pay taxes. Out money went in the activities in the TJRC for which we may choose to demand accountability. I don’t like Mr Odinga but you can’t take me in with this argument.

    • Shem you have used misleading information to defend the indefensible. ODM gets tax-payers money from the political parties fund. You bet it is my business what they use it to do. And paying men-in-black to disrupt their own elections is not acceptable. It is our money. You are wrong Sir. Two, I am not neutral and I have never claimed to be neutral. I am vehemently opposed to the current political class in jubilee and CORD and their politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi which is very well reflected in the botched ODM elections. I am a crusader for a new non-ethnic political narrative based on patriotism, accountability and productivity. None of the tribal warlords in CORD and Jubilee is capable of this new narrative and they should all go home. I am not neutral. Three, the matter of accountability is not a matter of money. It is first a matter of integrity, a matter of character. Knowing that I can trust someone once they get to the money. When you lie on national television after botching your own elections, you should by all means be held accountable. The last issue Shem, is the issue of moral authority to criticize others. If you cannot hold yourself accountable in a party that you own, where do you get the moral authority to hold others accountable. This is the duplicity that I am spotlighting in the article.

    • But where do you get the wisdom to compare TJRC with nominations of a political party? One is a historical injustice while the other is a political party exercise. Sir not every matter must be viewed under bipolar lense! Sometimes when you fail to find a corresponding situation on the other side go ahead without juxtaposition.

    • Cde Shem Sam I do not think you get the point still. The article is about accountability. Those who claim to hold others to account must themselves be accountable. Again be reminded that ODM is given tax payers money. It is my and your duty to call them out and be accountable.

    • Mùreithi Mùnene Both. Please read the article my friend. Unless Raila and ODM are cheating us, they claim to have a “national” party. How can you then say that what happens there does not affect every Kenyan? Further they are funded by tax-payers money. That means they are accountable to every taxpayer. But most importantly, when did we start classifying issues by the number of Kenyans they affect? Are you telling me that murderers should go free because they have killed only one Kenyan? Or rapists go free because the have raped one woman? What affects a single Kenyan affects all Kenyans. What kind of argument are you trying to build my brother??

  5. ODM is just a part but TJRC report touches widely on the oppressed kenyans which government has failed to implement because its touching on some people in the same government…. the self proclaimed proffesor, i think you are a disgrace to the family of PhD holders according to your reasoning and conscience, this university should call back this degree you claim to be in possesion of, av never seen liberal minded elites embracing such pathetic reasoning

    • Men-in-black is a real issue that affected Kenyans. Kunitusi will not make it go away. Chinua Achebe says that an old woman is always uneasy when dry bones are mentioned in a tale. ODM is always uneasy when men-in-black and botched elections are mentioned. They want us to forget. We will not.

  6. To add to that ,when raila was the prime minister ,the famous maize scandal happened under his watch. He tasked the then Efficiency Monitoring Unit (EMU) still under his office then to conduct the investigations.they completed and handed the report to raila for further actions. To date no one knows where the report is apart from him. As we pressure jubilee to implement TJRC report raila should too tell kenyans about EMU report.

  7. Dear Professor,I really sympathise with however confered the PHD to you.ODM elections was a a party matter while the TJRC was a national comission that addressed national historical injustices. How can you compare the two?Your view and reasoning is so narrow that I can only compare you to the likes of Kariuki Chotara and Mulu Mutisya.

    • Hehehehehehe….The article was not a comparison between the two. It is a call to accountability by those who want us to believe that they can lead this country better than Jubilee. I have always argued that all these people are the same. They are equally steeped in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity. I will also remind you that ODM is funded by tax-payers money. I expect them to be held to the same level of accountability like we do to all institutions that are funded by our money.

  8. Woote wahuni..cha muhimu wajipange venye wataiba kura wakuiba wakuibiwa aanze mapema kulia coz kenya ni ile ile ..wakuibiwa aaajiri kk guard mapema..sitaki kuskia ooh ooh oooh nimeibiwa…this time iba pia baba

  9. Men in black did ODM great favor , jubilee sponsored Ababu and you know what the situation would have been. Maybe ODM could have joined jubilee as every document related to the party could have been with SG.

  10. A case of nyani haoni kundule,odm members r as kenyans as those who faced historical injustices hence it was not a party affair.If a leader is a rapist,wife batter or he has neglected his family,would we term these family affairs n allow him to lecture us on virtues of a respectable family?charity begins at home,Raila should b the change he wants to see on others.

  11. Nonesence, y don’t u highlight that TNA, URP or any other Kikuyu parties that were desolved have never gone or even tried to do grassroot election, so as to the newly formed ” kukula nyama party”?

  12. Prof,likening ODM elections with what is contained in the TJRC report is laughable and way too shallow for you. I have see a kind of pattern whenever jubilee is caught in a mess you must drag RAO .Reminds of children fights where it is always a case of “o nawe”

  13. Prof. Don’t be intimidated or swayed by a few people who are either self centred, tribalist or ignorant. Continue with your work of educating Kenyans an u’ll b blessed. However, it’s important for U to be neutral due to your status. This one shot, doesn’t correspond.

    • Kamau, I will not be intimidated. However, I am not neutral. I have said that a million and one times and I will not tire from saying it. I am against the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity of both CORD and jubilee. If you read the article you will find that it is a call to accountability on those who claim to hold others to account. It more than corresponds.

  14. How are the two related?
    Surely, ka hii ndio kuwa professor we must ask ourselves what is wrong with our education system.
    A whole professor giving a national issue a skewed approach!
    My grandma can do better than you

    • I find these comments interesting. The article is about accountability and the moral standing of those who claim to hold others to account. It is easy to say that the article is comparing the two incidents especially if you have not read. I am willing to actually even go to the matter of comparison if we must. Raila was calling on accountability from Uhuru as the head of the jubilee government. he must also be accountable as head of ODM.

  15. Even if we decide to hold them to same standard as you are saying it,the fact remains that TJRC and ODM elections can not be compared or in other words do not affect the common kenyan in Same depth.TJRC report is always bigger than the General elections let alone party elections.

  16. TJRC is going to take this country into an economic spin never before seen and a debt unheard of – land which other people occupy from Nairobi to Kitale – monetary compensation , round and round it goes

  17. Hapa Prof. umetufanya mboga kabisa. TJRC is such a sensitive, emotional, time consuming, cash exhausting, international issue that cannot at all be compared to party politics. Raila is yes a 2 face individual who has his flaws. The only part Raila has failed in matters implementation is development in ODM/CORD counties. Yes we get it that Raila promised his ODM supporters on that issue of Kasarani. But how on earth does it concern a Jubilee supporter or the people who were affected by the happenings of those dark days?? Professor !!!! Umeniangusha sana.

  18. Professor……, in what? Ur arguments can match even a quark one’s? Mixing national issues with political party affairs is like comparing a live dog with a dead one. Raila is playing his role as an opposition leader without fear, while, the “president” has become the warchman of thieves in his government, protecting and defending them in public at the expense of poor taxpayers’ grief, heeel

  19. What Raila raised during the burial of hon. Ntimama were pertinent issues which the late Ntimama championed!!! What was wrong in Raila raising the same during this particular funeral? Are there laid down rules on how pple shld behave at funerals? Funerals are informal meetings.

  20. Wainaina, your Phd is very very useless if you can’t reason. When was the TJRC report handed to Uhuru? In June 2013. What has forced Uhuru not to release it until now? How much money was spent to produce it? You people are very serious jokers! Your PhD means nothing if you can’t use it to correct injustices meted on Kenyans by Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Arap Moi, Mwai KIbaki and now Uhuru. My foot, keep your so called PhD to yourself, family members and cronies.

  21. Am disgusted with Prof. One because of the pedestrian way he analysed the issue of TJRC report vis avi ODM burgled election hiding on accountability. Two, the timing seem to be suspect. The government has the responsibility to implement this report. Raila does not control delegates recruited by party pointment in different regions. Am not a supporter of the delegates method as the process of choosing delegates is ever flawed ab initio. So drawing parallel between Jubilee and cord in every other issue is too simplistic and myopic to say the least

    • The timing of my article is in response to events of last week when the TJRC report was revived by Raila. ODM election debacle are about accountability the same was TJRC is. If he cannot release a simple investigation. why does he think he has the right to put others on the spot?

  22. One, Suzzane Bacchus wrote this: My pain is so deep when I read this and how few others lied to me and castigated me for speaking the truth- One Paul Mwangi and Francis Gichuki are silent and yet they keep lying through their teeth

  23. If all Profs were reasoning this way, I’d become a drop out…

    You compare TJRC report to ODM elections??

    Some wave is missing

    If any thing which party has ever had an election in Kenya if not ODM alone??

    You are not stupid…I dont know if you are also not ignorant.

  24. Hallo prof.TJRC is an acronym for truth justice and reconciliation commission that was formed to investigate and corect historical injustices im kenya.It was a national duty bestowed upon kenyans of great integrity

  25. I see the supporters of ODM and Raila are very annoyed. The same ones who celebrate when I call jubilee to account. This is to be expected. The article is not about comparisons. It is about accountability. Those who claim to call others out on accountability must be ready to be called out. If one cannot give us a report that he promised and hold elections that he promised, he has no moral authority to ask for reports from others. Raila should table the men-in-black report then start asking for others. For so long as he has not done so, I will call him out. He is the one who started on the TJRC thing, it is not me. DO we want reports tabled and the truth told. Yes. From Ndungu report, to TJRC to Akiwumi to the non-existent and Men-in-black report Raila promised the nation. Insult me but table the report. After all he claims to ba a national leader who heads a “national” party financed by tax payes money. IKO WAPI INVESTIGATION REPORT YA MEN-in-BLACK? Insulting me will not make the issue go away.

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