Yes, Jubilee is a clueless tribal duopoly, but NASA is equally a power-thirsty tribal trilogy

I have explained here in the past that there is nothing wrong with tribe. It is a cultural fact and a human socio-cultural phenomenon. Our problem in this country is not tribe. It is tribal-ism. I have defined tribal-ism as the use of the cultural fact of tribe for inclusion and/or exclusion. NASA has continuously accused Jubilee of exclusivist politics based on ethnic discrimination. They claim that, unlike Jubilee, they are going to form an “all-inclusive” government. One would therefore expect that inclusion to start at the very formation of NASA. Instead, they have gone ahead and signed an MOU between three tribal kingpins and a wannabe. Whatever they want us to believe, the fact is that the MOU is a power-sharing agreement.

What this means is that power in NASA has already been shared among three tribes. This would be the basis of their government, and while they claim that “others are welcome” it is an invitation that rings hollow because only a fool will join a party where all the food has already been dished out and the gifts distributed. The call is reminiscent of a married man who has no intention of leaving his wife,  but goes ahead to woe a “mpango wa kando” with promises of marrying her. All she can expect to be is a “kept” woman, at best a second wife. The NASA marriage has been consummated between three tribal kingpins and a wannabe. Whoever wants to join can come in as a concubine or a second wife!

NASA is officially a tribal trilogy. Consequently, anybody trying to get into NASA post-MOU will receive the ominous warning, “NASA ina wenyewe”. While NASA is shouting about ethnic inclusivity, it has gone ahead to simply do what Jubilee did. Jubilee created a tribal duopoly and seized power and predictably formed an exclusivist government. NASA has started off by signing an MOU that equally makes it a tribal trilogy, to the exclusion of others. They have accused Jubilee of lacking “the face of Kenya”. Yet when you look at those who have entered a power-sharing agreement in NASA, you do not see “the face of Kenya” either, you see a tribal trilogy. They should have waited until they had build a consensus for a coalition that represents the face of Kenya. But the tribal kingpins in NASA are not interested in the face of Kenya, they are interested in the face of power.

I have consistently argued that the bitterness of NASA tribal kingpins with Jubilee has nothing to do with the people. I will remind you that they were all in the blood-soaked coalition government. They considered it “inclusive” because they, the tribal kingpins, were in it. They wanted you to believe that because they were in government, their tribes were in government.

This is manifest nonsense.

Government jobs in the Coalition Government were given to their relatives, cronies and nominees of their financiers, not to the hoi polloi who voted for them. The voters were as wretched during the “inclusive” blood-soaked coalition government as they are now with the “exclusive” Jubilee government. Now that the NASA tribal kingpins have been outside the nyama eating spree for four years, they are shouting about “inclusivity”. Unfortunately, their idea of inclusivity is replacing the Jubilee tribal duopoly with their own tribal trilogy.

Why is the use of tribal-ism so important to the political class in Jubilee and NASA?

Because it is the easiest way to mobilize for a political class without the intellectual sophistication to imagine higher non-ethnic, unitive political courses and narratives. These guys know nothing else. For you to mobilize politically, you need a political narrative that resonates with the people and that mobilizes a big enough constituency for you to win elections. Some narratives are more sophisticated than others. It takes political wit and strategy to imagine non-identity based political narratives.  The more sophisticated and intelligent a politician, the more complicated the political narrative they are able to articulate and sell to the people successfully. The less sophisticate and less intelligent a politician, the more simplistic and identity based the political narrative that they push to the people.

The Kenyan politicians are of the latter type. Unsophisticated, intellectually challenged and morally depraved. In this category, also lies clownish dictators and even warlords. Statesmen and great politicians are of the former type. That is why Obama was able to mobilize Americans successfully yet he was coming from a minority race. He had the sophistication of intellect and skills that it takes to do that and to mobilize a large constituency without resorting to identity based politics. His is a testament that with political imagination and skill even people from minority groups can successful access state power.

The more debased, degenerate and intellectually challenged a politician is, the cruder the political narrative that they use to mobilize people. The crudest of these narratives are identity based narratives because they do not require any intellectual abilities or special skills to push. All you need is to remind people who they are in terms of color, ethnicity or religion and tell them that their problem is those people who do not look like them, come from the same village, share a language or pray like them. You do not need to be very intelligent to do that. In fact the more intellectually dour, morally depraved and  spiritually empty a politician is, the easier they find it to resort to identity based politics.

This is why intellectually empty politicians like we have in Kenya, having nothing inspiring to tell the people, fall back on such simplistic approaches like ethnic politics of identity.  They will use these to mobilize the people against each other provided the end result is power for themselves. This is the problem in Kenya. The Jubilee and NASA honchos are rather unsophisticated politicians who cannot conceptualize a viable non-ethnic political narrative to mobilize the people. They do not have the intellectual ability to do so. But most importantly they have no motivation to do so. The ethnic narrative is easy to sell and does not require a lot of thinking. Unfortunately, it is inherently  based on exclusion. By using tribe to exclude or to include they make the innocent fact of tribe a problem to Kenyans. This is why the only response that NASA can muster in relation to the Jubilee ethnic duopoly, is an ethnic trilogy of their own.

I have argued that the ethnic tribal political narrative of both NASA and Jubilee has brought us as far as it can. They have nothing new and nothing more to offer. One side needs the ethnic narrative to keep power to benefit themselves and their cronies, and the other side needs the ethnic narrative to grab power for the same reasons. Both see ethnic mobilization as the only instrument to achieve these ends. They have therefore made it the only political narrative that hogs all the space in the political arena in Kenya. Left up to them, we are doomed to ethnic politics for ever.

I hold a different position.

Most of my readers would know why and what that position is. I have argued persistently that the response to political narratives must be new alternative narratives. That we are stuck with the ethnic narrative is not a “a fact of life” the “reality” as some people have argued. It is “a” reality created by the tribal kingpins in NASA and Jubilee and it has an antidote – A new different “reality” which will emanate from a new non-ethnic political narrative.

It is urgent.

We must imagine a new non-ethnic political narrative to mobilize the people differently since as you can see, those who claim they want to “save Kenya” from Jubilee have no new way of imagining our political engagement outside ethnicity. They want us to believe that the answer to the Jubilee tribal duopoly, is a NASA tribal trilogy. It is not!

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  1. Prof, I like your piece. The logic is right. I only wish to remind you of another side to this argument. Remember Mr. Mwaura formerly of ODM. He said for him to go to Parliament as an elected Mp from central he had to ditch his party for Jubilee which is the dominant party in Central Kenya. Same applies to most areas zoned out by our partys.. Now my point is that even as we disparage the current leaders of NASA and Jubilee, the politicians have done a though job of brainwashing the citizenry with tribalistic poison to an extent that it will take ages and a new generation for our people to be able to define, grasp and articulate issues that unite them at the expense of tribalism. To this extent Sir the politician have fertile play grounds. Blame them but at the same time remember the audience.

    • In the grip of degenerate politicians, the people can do anything. This is why it is important for an alternative leadership to rise. Politicians will cause people o fight and then blame each other. We are in a serious situation and please please never blame the people.

    • The alternative leadership that ought rise must come from the youth and the rising middle class. The unfortunate thing is the mindset of this segment of our citizenry. They post and espouse the poisonous and degenerate things about their perceived enemies from other tribes yet it is this group that we have expended lots of resources as a nation. The are too confortable, too inverted and strangers to serious thought. How will we get them to be the drivers of non trbalised change?

    • Thanks. Look around. This group, some who are highly educated are more at home with none issues, most times waiting for things to unravel by themselves. Are not the tenderpronuers part of this group? Who will deny themselves and lead us to positive change? Who!

  2. I want to believe the three tribes you are referring here are Luo, Luhya and Kamba..but if I keenly look at the support that NASA is attracting is beyond these ethnic communities. I see ODM much supported in coast Kenya..where we have mijikenda, pokomo and other communities. WIPER is in TANA RIVER where we have the Somalis….in garissa ..they are also getting significant support..Amani has already roots in lamu…ODM is being acceptable to people in Meru.. .. For sure NASA does not comprise the three tribes….All the communities cannot be included in an MOU..otherwise we will 43 signatories in the document. My concern is..we should not just read politics in every move/effort to mend differences which have happened in the country. It’s very hard to take power from a government with impunity like we have. You have to approach it hard.. ( a good example is in Ghana) …. The effort to transform Kenya has to start somewhere.. NASA is trying to show this. The country is politically divided because of a government of exclusivity, to counter this you have to come up with leaders who can compromise and include all in the running of the country affairs. To achieve this ..the opposition had to come together to give the country an alternative government. You will bear me witness for sure ..we can’t have this government go for other 5 years. Uhuru has been unable to tame the greed and corruption in the country. He seems to oversee the vice. He seems to have a don’t care attitude to the plight of the Kenya’s. One thing is for sure….NASA may not be the solution to these vices, but where is another force worth consideration? What we need to do is have checks to the government as the Parliament has no good will to do it’s oversight role…

    • I don not know what you are talking about. You are arguing that the solution to ethnic exclusivity is ethnic exclusisvity. All the argument you have made in defense of NASA’s tribal trilogy can be made in defense of Jubilees tribal duopoly. I have made the argument before that what makes you a tribalist is not the number of communities that support you. It is the fact of using tribal to seek political support. You are saying that NASA tribalism is better than Jubilee tribalism. You say the Opposition has come together. it is your way of sanitizing the union. The opposition did not come together. Three tribal kingpin and a wannabe came together.

    • I am not against this article… It is largely what is happening in the political arena we have in the country
      However, My concern is limiting the NASA coalition to the three tribes associated to its leaders. If I check well NASA has support almost in each part in this country.. If a miracle happen and they win the election and put what they produced as their manifesto into action..we will have a government of inclusivity where all the ethnic communities will feel part and parcel of the government.

    • Fergie Van Wazz Mbise What are you talking about?? I have not reduced NASA to anything.Three tribal kingpins and a wannabe signed that MOU. That is a fact. You shock me. what they signed was a power sharing deal. It is about power for themselves in the name of their tribes. And you say they will form an inclusive government??? How? Are you serious? They cannot form an inclusive coalition and you are expecting an inclusive government???

    • Kenn Mwenda I do agree with prof..but we should welcome efforts meant to solve this ethnicity polarising our country. Comparing NASA and Jubilee…NASA has far much better intentions to cure the problem. My reservation is their political good will to implement their manifesto.

    • Fergie,you are really obtuse, you are saying this old demagogues of post indepedence power players who have gotten power by riding on the coat tails of their ethnical regions ,and have failed every time to unite the country , have a change of heart and have something new to offer Kenyans. Don’t be fooled again….

  3. Lots of words that mean nothing. Just belabouring the same point over and over again with clueless insight. Just collect all the articles in one book and you discovered disgraced tiring repetition

    • Stop reading. There is nothing called clueless insight. I will repeat the message over and over and over again. That we cannot replace a tribal duopoly with a tribal trilogy. You do not like it because you hope that one tribal group will win. it does not matter which wins. When you replace tribalists with tribalists you change nothing.

    • I read to form an opinion and be entertained with your sweet nothing. Yes you have told us about tribal jubilee and cord vis avi all the devil in them. Yes you have said we need a new narrative. We have heard all that. Now say something new. Otherwise saying the same thing over and over again thinking it is new to me is intellectual bigotry

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD getting really disappointed with your continued empty rhetoric. I read through your long article hoping that you have finally started to unpack your ever elusive non tribal narrative for your readers to consider as an alternative but to no avail. So vociferous about the current political establishment and protagonists without any tangible solution to carry home. I don’t expect you to stop writing what you want. Only hope that you will see some light out of the usual same script and mannerless rantings . Instead be part of change that has eluded us in this country for a long time

  4. Proffers Wainaina initially when I read your write ups I thought you were a different creed with a neutral and balanced vision. After going through several of of documents I have concluded that you you are no different from a typical Mount Kenya loyalist. The only difference is that because of your education you try to gloss your deliveries with lots of sophisticated English but essentially you are just that. A Mount Kenya loyalist. Let me explain this. The Jubilee set-up is a two tribal grouping. This is demonstrated by the dishing out of jobs and resources. Kenya is a large country with 42 tribes. These tribes work and immensely contribute to the country’s economy in many ways. How does it feel when you see the resulting fruits shared between two groups or tribes? Is that realistic and acceptable? As a Professor we would expect an honest view and analysis of the sloppy management of the government by Jubilee. Instead you too have jumped on the band wagon to condemn the yet to be NASA. Reason? NASA poses a major threat to Jubilee. And being a home boy you see the danger of losing power. Nasa have categorically stated that they intend to form an all inclusive government. Do we have that now ? No. Even the Moi KANU government strived to maintain an all inclusive government. Have we seen that with Jubilee? No. Stop trivialising Nasa. Stop this undercover justification of this inept Jubilee government management.

    • Professor is a learned fellow who knows how he can have his cake and eat it all at the same time. I also followed his blogs for a while and later discerned that behind the facade he throws at his audience (that makes him appear to be neutral and objective), the guy is a true jubilee (read Kikuyu) apologist who will take every opportunity to tear at NASA and at the same time throw feeble barbs at jubilee while at it to appear objective. Ask yourself why he’s never come up with any practical solutions as a better alternative to the two sides. His articles have started stinking and it’s time he went back to doing what he knows best – teaching, or better still, campaigning for jubilee.

    • I write what I write and you read what you want. I do not write “undercover” or using a “facade”. cannot stop you from projecting your own prejudices, suspicions and fears onto my articles and giving them a warped interpretation. Remember we do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are. One can tell who you are by the way you interpret an obvious article. Sina makosa.

  5. Tribe is a sociopolitical construct that rises from its ashes every five years prior to election. The narrative of some tribes being more endowed than others is what Julius Nyerere of Tanzania foresaw as the Great Evil to nationhood. Neither Jubilee nor NASA has the ideals of a a Kenyan nation. I have given up in a Kenyan nation, as many would also attest, as a viable project with the likes of Uhuru, Ruto, Odinga, Wetangula, Kalonzo and the like. So what do we do? We can diagnose the cancer in midst but what’s the mass voter prognosis?

  6. I used to love your articles,untill i realised you hide in jubilee to throw tantrums at NASA,while hailing praise to jubilee in the backdoor.
    Your article is irrational & full of already formed opinions.
    None can buy & incline to this…..get something serious to post.

  7. nisha jua hawatujali
    wasting my time et nachaguana
    cjawai n stawai
    I think we should be colonized
    Britain come back I wl support u 100% with military manpower for free
    kenya .eti ithot nasa was good kumbe is worse than jubilee
    one day only revolution will come

  8. I can’t say it has much to do with tribalism… If Kamba can fight their cousins Kikuyu ,The Pokot fight their cousins Marakwet,
    then there’s a problem more than tribalism here. Back here at County level ,supporters of different also fight each other.
    May be we should treat something more than tribalism and negative ethnicity.

  9. These politicians are captives of history. This country has been tribal for far too long. This was a seed planted by colonialists, the first African government perfected it while successive governments has followed those “nyayo”. It will take one different leader to inspire people in a different way. We shall have to spread this message from many people across Kenya on social media because our mainstream media is the tool our politicians use to entrench tribal political mobilization. There’s hope proff. Personally I’m spreading the message everywhere to everyone i can engage.

  10. Proff reading the comments here NASA supporters apparently want you to praise their tribalism while criticizing Jubilee tribalism. They have a myopic thinking that they will benefit from NASA tribalism. They continually attack you with your tribe and region and instead of being objective, they have been brainwashed to believe kikuyus are the problem. Kikuyus have never benefited from any presidency in Kenya that’s a fact and am warning other tribalists commenting here that they won’t benefit from NASA tribal grouping. Same monkeys different forests.

  11. Professor Michael allow me to remind you of two serious things,
    1. The MOU in NASA was signed between the big political parties and not individuals as you insinuates.

    2. The political parties involved are comprised of individuals from the various tribes in Kenya, at least they show the face of Kenya.

    When NASA takes power come August, the available vacancies shall be filled based on the political parties however, no one is perfect, it will be imperative to criticize these outfits with an alternative in mind.

    What we are apparently looking at is a government that is of a lesser devil, which is NASA ,

    • Collins, allow me to remind you of:
      1. The MOU was signed to ensure power for the tribal kingpins who signed it.
      2. The political parties that signed the MOU are tribal briefcases belonging to the tribal kingpins who signed the MOU.
      3. I do not agree with the lesser evil concept. Jubilee think that theirs is the lesser evil. When all you have is a choice between the lesser of two evils, what you will get is the evil of two lessers.

    • Your 3rd point is just hilarious..

      ODM_for example, this is a national party, not unless I have forgotten the real meaning of nationality.. Bwana professor how do you see that?? Of course even abunch of fools must have a leader and same applies to the elite group, however much you could be intelligent, ones you are in a company of your fellows, you MUST have a leader,

      Professor Michael Wainaina, if it happens that you are the one chosen to lead this group, does it mean that it is now atribal cocoon?? A conglomerate of Kikuyu tribe simply because you as their leader is from that particular tribe??

      My friend let us reason soberly with intention of deliberating Kenya,

      By fact or default, we need leadership post 8/8/2017, whatsoever so let us not confuse the old wanjiku in the village with tantrums that all the current leadership including the aspiring are unfit to hold office, if so ok , what next?? Are you in other way agitating for voter apathy brother??

  12. A big headed wasted professor you are. Jubilee tribalists have existed now four yrs and due to their greedy to stay in power have come out clearly to unite for good killing other parties to back them. Does that make the face of KENYA? Absolutely no. Thy make the face of Kenyatta.
    NASA has campaigned all the way inviting other parties, once cord after the rise of Musalia they have formed NASA. KANU through hypocritic Salat attended saying KANU tuko ndaaaaaani ndaaaani ndaaaaaani kabisa. Where is KANU now? Has it not gone to its tribe jubilee. CCM is left hinging behind but obviously it will go the KANU way.
    NASA has the face of KENYA whether you paste it tribal or not.
    Your motive is to hail behind the party that your name too hails from. We know you.

    August isn’t far.

  13. Your post is not neutral. ….your fighting NASA too much i therefore declare this post as an Uthamaki narrative. …take your skewed/biased political analysis to your village you tribal/Jubilee professor.

    • I have always said that I am neutral. I am vehemently opposed to the siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi of both NASA and Jubilee. I have been a strong advocate of a new non-ethnic political narrative. And it cannot come from the tribal kingpins in NASA and Jubilee.

  14. U talk more of NASA than Jubilee, u discredit NASA more than Jubilee, well. We know NASA brigade aren’t Angeles but we trust the little good in them to better Kenya that the Big “good” in Jubilee. We’ve seen n experienced Jubilee n no sane Kenyan will stand to repeat the big mistake n calamity that it is as we wait for that day when that non tribal n perfect Leader will emerge. For now, many Kenyans, myself included will bet on NASA n Pray for GOD to use them to build a Greater better Kenya

  15. whether nasa or jubilee all should go home….we need a revolution…break tribal cocoons,corruption,unemployment….empower youth…grow the economy by double digits…but until then…darkness shall prevaill…this mindset in us can end…..break the bondage

  16. When you start being realistic the we will take you seriously…. In the mean time you are free to express your personal opinions which I doubt have any influence on anyone as at now.,…. We have two leading teams, only one of those is going to win. So pretending to dissuade people from both is silently supporting the status cuo

    • I do not do anything silently.I say what I mean and mean what I say. You do not have to tell me that I am free to express my own opinion. I know that and I do not need permission from you to do so. I maintain that my world is not divided into NASA and Jubilee like yours is. For you there is no other option. For me there are millions of options limited only by the imagination. When you reduce your imagination to NASA and Jubilee it is practically impossible for you to see anything else.You do not see options not because they do not exist, but because you have closed your mind to them.

    • I like the fact that you used the word imagination… Because that is all that what you tell us are… When you decide to be a little more realistic then we shall take your imaginations seriously.,… Tell me 3 other real options if they do exist, and tell me how better they are than NASA or Jubilee

    • Dennis Pranks You fail to understand that “realistic” and “imagination” are two different things. You belong to the “realistic community” who foolishly believe that their own limitations are the proper measure of limitations. The problem of reality based communities is that they believe that solutions emerge from judicious study of discernible reality! They are wrong.

  17. Politics is about power and the more thirsty a politician is the better a politician he is. In fact, we have been complaining that Raila is NOT thirsty enough. Not as thirsty as Kenyatta and Moi who were assassinating in the name of politics. Not as thirsty as Kibaki who had to cling to power even when he lost the election. Not as thirsty as Uhuru who had to steal an election to be in power. Raila needs to be aggressively thirsty for power this time around.

  18. Professor, I think you are right somehow. Ruto and Jubilee looting is unprecedented! I don’t see your approach gaining currency anytime soon. I don’t want Ruto to have access to my tax anymore even for a second and it’s the reason I will vote NASA.

  19. i can say i used to hate your articles which i disregarded as lacking objectivity but shame on me now in that Professor you are always seeking to instill some sense in the way we view politics in this country.Am enlightened now but unfortunately there’s nowhere to run to.I salute you

  20. Truest analogy.But I don’t n innocently so,that that kind of fellow or fellows are;do I say not yet born or are very far from visibility at least from the common citizens.ama wako?

  21. As a professor, you need to first understand the type of audience you are talking to, there are simple histories that people inherit from their political tribesmen that need change from only that tribe, for example there is one tribe in this country that believes that Kenya, and by extension the presidency belongs to them. From your article, all you’ve said are facts and I concur with you completely but you seem to be adding fuel to the already burning fire, because as you’ve put your argument, I feel you are now discouraging the would be voters from voting. I myself after reading this article got the feeling that it’s needless to vote for either Jubilee or NASA. Reading this article, I get more convinced that you could be part of the tribal inclined type we are fighting in this country. From the onset after independence we had the first president of the Republic of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, this was the person to set Kenya on a united path, look at what Julies did in Tanzania, but he failed terribly by making sure Odinga was viewed as a non patriotic Kenyan while he continued looting kenyans of money and land, then came in Moi, Moi wanted to make a difference on the system and found out it couldn’t work so he came with the fuata nyayo philosophy to accommodate the Kenyatta’ tribal system he got in place while at the same time bringing his tribe on board to the eating table. The third president, Mwai Kibaki, is also another person who got the opportunity of killing this tribal dragon that you are here talking about but you find that after he was elected beyond tribal lines, he went to state house and brought in to play the exact tribal system of the Kenyatta era! Now we have Uhuru Kenyatta at the helm after the Hague debacle which almost teared this country apart, and you can see the tribal cards at play, I mean two tribes claiming they have the tyrany of numbers hence selecting only from their tribesmen for government appointments. What am begging from you is, please stop hiding some cards under the carpet and start calling a spade a spade and let’s start changing our attitude, the people who stand accused for not killing this tribal dragon are: 1. Jomo Kenyatta 2. Mwai Kibaki 3. Uhuru Kenyatta, period. With three attempts from central Kenya, you should be out asking kenyans to try and get a leader from other regions, not discouraging people from voting, soon you’ll say like all men are the same as women normally say after failing their spouses, men are not the same!

    • History is a good place to visit, it is not a good place to stay. We need a new non-ethnic political narrative that introduces the Kenyan people to their future. None of the tribal kingpins in NASA and Jubilee can take us to the future. They are stuck in the past. They live there.

    • They are not stuck, other tribes, apart from one, are raring to go, but are brought down by the successful regimes, who believe they own Kenya.
      And mark you, anything has a starting point and at this point the starting point is NASA, vote NASA we start it from there my good professor.

    • For us to get the right leaders, we must first understand what government is. I’ve discovered that more than 95% of Kenyans have no idea what government is, how it works, and definitely do not understand why we go to the polls to elect our representatives in govt. That’s why you hear of idiotic statements like, “protect uthamaki,” “it’s our turn to eat,” they are eating too much,” “Jubilee government,” “the opposition” etc.. it’s irritating and sad!

    • My good professor Michael wainaina, the issue of calling everybody tribalists is not a formula we should apply now since it has gotten into our nerves like as if it is part of us, there need to be a starting point in everything. There are some leaders in this country who are more tribalistic than others, let’s try them! And if your intention is to elect super clean leaders then you have to wait a bit, maybe after 2067, but for now, even if we elect you, you will still practice the opposite of what you are preaching here. If we don’t vote either of the tribalists, we’ll have a constitutional crisis after 8/8/17. Better someone who does it in a low level than he who puts it at the highest level.

  22. I am still waiting the day those from North Eastern province will put Duale into office on the bases of development track record, but not how loud he can bark. Personally I won’t elect anyone in the next general election. I will just stay at home and relax…. why should vote for thieves. All of them are same.

  23. Just continue trying to be relevant,pole sana professor,no one in kenya is that clean,the only difference is the %ge.And thats what’s there between JP and NASA.Who steals more than the other.

  24. Disguised tribalism…if jubilee n nasa arent good for kenya why dont u kikuyus including prof wainaina support mwalimu dida or any other aspirant…hearing a theory being peddled by mt kenya pple that 2 looters are better than four!this sounds silly is uhuru ruto waiguru kafura alakhe duale,murkomen etc equal to two??tribalism has finished this country

  25. I have said here before and i will continue to say that professor has nothing new to tell us. We know that this is a two horse race btw those who want to continue looting every resource in this country and those who want to do things differently. Goodnight professor.

  26. I like Mike’s argument but I somehow differ a little with his narrative. Granted, the two sides are two faces of the same coin .NASA however, is un tasted territory, for over fifty years Kenya has known leadership from two communities and any woes in this country is traced to their mismanagement or lack of overall interest in the country. Let someone else be in charge and see the difference.

  27. Personally, I think the problem we have and have always had is NOT tribalism. Tribalism, just like Corruption, Poverty, Collapsing healthcare system, etc, is just a symptom of the problem. The problem we have and have always had is (lack of) LEADERSHIP. We’ve NOT had a leader in Kenya since 1963. That’s my 2 cents.

  28. We can have a Kale, a kiuk, kao, luo or whatever, I personally don’t care but when I see friends lose their family members due to lack of proper hospital care, I blame the government. Let us forget about tribe and hold those chosen to be accountable for the welfare of Kenyans.

  29. It’s a two sided coin, both with the devil’s face on each side. MP’s are increasing their pay again. Instead of lining up for protests people are lining up to sell their votes to Satan, to make Kenya Hell. No matter how many times you expose the #divideandconquer reality, foolish Kenyans flock to Rock Star Criminals

  30. I largely agree with you. It is much of mobilising members of certain ethnic groups and filling in with some minorities here and there to secure power for self. It is bad. A few professional issues with your article sir. In the academia we are avoiding the use of the term tribe and related derives. This is an eurocentric term used by colonialists to show the lesser evolution of Africans. For similar groupings in Europe they used the term ethnicity. So today we are encouraged by anthropologists to use the term negative ethnicity in the place of tribalism. Read Koigi wa Wamwere. Secondly my understanding of “-logy” is study of”. So i am not sure you manipulated the language well to talk about trilogy so many times. Don’t complicate things just to sound deep my friend…and nemesis at times. Will be happy to watch your Tv show. When and where?

  31. Prof what you need to tell kenyans now its a solution to these mess created by tribalism…the duopoly has looted the country while the trigoly has kept the duopoly on toes….kenyans will make a good choice.

  32. Looking at the status of nation we cannot wish away tribal feelings or ideals. What Jubilee is doing is exemplary. They brought together the warring tribes in order to bring national unity. The process will be tough and needs patience and dependence. To remove the spirit of tribalism and corruption is in the Jubilee manifesto. Truth requires a firm foundation which may appear tribalistic but thats the best starting point. God created man but man failed Him. He used His own Son to come as a man to save His Tribalists will be used to end tribalism

    • What kind of an argument is this. Some times i get dumbfounded my brother. How can a doctor tell you that the cure to your disease is to increase the infection? How can you use the term “jubilee” in the same sentence with “national unity” and “truth”. Boss you live in an alternative reality.

  33. this must be a fake proff.most tribal pple in kenya a kikuyu.the so call proff is busy give out NASA negativity but no positivity.tell us something else cause i daught our papers.ur simply a tribolist

    • Michael Olouasa My brother, I am sorry that you are speaking utter nonsense. Obama would never have seen the white house had he depended on the black vote. Please check out your facts. By saying that “No politician can ever succeed without a support base” you are supporting your tribal kingpin for mobilizing a tribal base and thus agreeing with my article.

      Your response is also very hypocritical typical of responses of those who support tribal kingpins and their tribal parties You cannot justify a tribal support base for NASA and then turn around and day that Jubilee is tribal. They will simply throw your flawed argument back at you – No politician can ever succeed without a support base

      A politician needs a support base. The problem with Kenyan politics is that we are ruled by tribal kingpins who rely predominantly on a tribal support base.

  34. Tribalism is a plague in this country but Jubilee are doing it at its best, i guess even if uhuru reach the point of selling this country, Kikuyu will still vote him in to defend Uthamaki, its high time we wake up and vote this vipers out.

    • Tribalism is not a kikuyu affair. It is the narrative of the tribal kingpins in NASA and Jubilee. The kikuyu are vilified because the narrative succeeded in having their tribal kingpin elected. The others also voted largely for their tribal kingpins. it is not a kikuyu thing.

  35. Too long to get thru. Anyway just to enlighten your hard improvised and tribally installed brains, keep in mind that you’re way close to your Gatundu residential appartments or so. You must have been too iddle to seat down and pen down such a long useless post. Our friends also awaits our comments on the other end.

  36. Jubilee ,Nasa ,Ccm,Maendeleo chap chap etc are just names.Their leaders are of the same pedigree:Tribal ,selfish ,arrogant,ignorant ,rude,corrupt,greedy etc.Whether we as their supporters try to make them saints,these are wolves in sheep skin only using the poor with their insecurities to continue having good times for their families and friends

  37. Jubilee is in power….Nasa is not .let them (jubilee )sort out this quagmire that they have put us in…do not try to justify proven and obvious jubilee failings by dragging in Nasas name through the muck of mismanagement created by the reigning kleptocrats…am sick and tired of your consistent attempt in justifying the plethora of incidences where jubilees incompetent management styles have caused the (for example) the deaths of hundreds of sick Kenyans suffering through the health sectors strike , simply because arrogance and pride is their overiding mantra …common sense has refused to prevail in your seemingly intellectual macenery crusade…tribe or No tribe we need an alternative ..a change is as good as a rest ,but not jubilee NO NEVER…Let us try NASA…whatever happens we shall discuss that after we cross the bridge….period..

  38. Archimedes said give me a long bar and aplace to stand and iwill lift the whole world eventually wainaina there was no such a place stand nor long bar. Even if you are a Russian weight lifter you cannot Lift yourself ukiwa ndani ya kikapu kwa hivo wewe you are part of the problem

  39. professor you might be right to some extend…but let me differ with on this ground….you are either a jubilee sycophant or someones mtu wa mkono.a jua kali has one agendum…to bring back the kenyas lost glory and to give room for every tribe.kikuyus are the ones seeing that from your perspective.please dont start cultivating tribal ideologies into peoples minds.we are clean on our agenda.we want to give you the exact things jubilee has not given with regards to their so called manifestos.

  40. Go and live in Uganda if u can’t even see what is written clearly on the wall.Kenyans are very tired of Jubilee and need change
    .People are dying of hunger, Doctors strike, lectures name them,high cost of living,

  41. Take a scenario whereby a presidential decree is passesed lendering a 1k note illegall and citizens have only three days to visit KCB bank and change. Wow ! Would the que only belong to two tribes?????????

  42. Inherited politics.that is why kenyans politics will never change bcoz of recycled leadership whom will never transform kenyans lifes.jublee and nasa are the travellers using dferend vehicles to the same destiny careless abaut the one left behind .

  43. A long message but only to find you talking about one thing I.e NASA. Hopefully NASA represents the face of Kenyans cause coast,nyanza,eastern,Western,north eastern,partially mt Kenya I.e meru and almost r.valley more maa community…. They are locked With NASA unlike jubilee whom they got tremendous support n central and n.rifty only

  44. ProfMichael Wainaina, you ruffled the feathers again. The tribal myopic key board warriors are mad as hell because they can’t see what you are saying. However, even when Martin Luther said he has a dream in 1958, I am sure the white supremacist and the KKK supporters scoffed and thought he was mad. Fast forward, 2008 and most of them thought: whoa that man wasn’t mad at all. We will get there prof

  45. Mimi sitaongea hii lakini tu nauliza Raila alisema Uhuru anaedelea na campaign ya kuchukuwa kura na watu wanakufa njaa,saa yeye anafanya nini na msichana wake ako hosipitali akingonjea upasuaji wa kichwa je hana roho ya mzazi dani yake?kweli nyani haoni kudule

  46. Your hypocrisy is too evident. You appear to criticize both Jubilee and Nasa, then you lose yourself into long and lame lamentations about Nasa. This is beneath a person of high learning. You have a lot of residual tribalism in you.

  47. U have taken on the perspective of projecting the evils of one side on to the other..a tactic the jubilee propaganda machinery is gud at..wen u challenge thm 2 fight corruption they claim even CORD counties are wonders whether uhuru is a national president or jubilee kingpin..if the govt is accused of an ill say tribalism it wld do good 2 address it rather than try n squeeze in a smear campaign on the opposition..

  48. Waow..Intellectually challanged ethnic duopoly and trilogy politicians… This article is a masterpiece. We can reclaim our Country if we reject ethnic based politics and interrogate closely all those who aspire to lead us.

  49. professor you play will our minds as much as you want using your title ,butt to basic thinkers who understand that legal tender is a govt issue not based on effort but currently based on scandals and land you’re no better than those mobilizing political power on ethnic parameters.

  50. So we rather mantain jubilee or whats your point. You are either here or there, and in our current situation pretending to b neutral is not of any value because at the end of the day kenyans have to chose between these two hyenas. You’ve only managed to show us both are bad but u and i know even if a third party joins the race it will always be nasa vs jubilee plus the spoiler coz kenyans are still along way to vote on basis of anything else but tribe. So what does your proffesor mind tell u is the better hyena btween nasa and jap

  51. You sound to be neutral but that’s not the case.You are using plethora of sentences with one agenda.Yours is create a similarity between jubilee and NASA but whoever you are working for and how you are tuned to do it is known.Personally I consider you as a mad man but a pray that you do not intoxicate our minds as voters. May be to remind you NASA is a coalition and not a political party and therefore anybody can still join. Any claim that whoever joins it after signing an MoU comes as a second wife is not only ignorant but also a fool in that order you can confirm that from the registrar of political parties. I know jubilee has deployed people to work in all possible manner for its reelection and I know you are one and the only thing you are out to do is to confuse NASA and jubilee so that we can start from a fair ground. Jubilee has failed this country and how I pray that God can help Kenyans including you to see this. You will disagree but the fact is NASA has managed to convince all Kenyans and as far as leadership is concerned even Gideon Moi was to join NASA but you what Uhuru and his mother did.Isaac Ruto has not come clear but I would not be surprised if he follows him because he is a lone now.You people from kikuyu do not appreciate including you yourself, if you can remember what Oginga did to Kenyatta upon attainment of independent again Raila did the same to Kibaki 2002 and 2007 you could have learned to say thank you even just but stop the insults you always post in social media.It is time Kenyans must say enough is enough.As young people we are ready to liberate the country personally am ready to carry a gun if that is what will save my country. You do your part but let me tell you that we have tested and tasted jubilee in power we know their capabilities and any claim that NASA is the same is an hypothetical unless you convince me.Continue with your work but after 8/8/2017 we will speak a different language.

    • Those are just your creation but this time Kenyans must know the truth. As much as you want smear NASA with blood yet it is Jubilee enjoying the meet, our young people must come out and defend.You are not even ashamed of comparing the two after massive failure by the current regime.Looting ,adultery ,corruption ,arrogance etc you can name them as well. To proof your statement can you site similar account in NASA?

  52. Your name betrays you mr “fake professor”.do you think kenyans are fools?we need change and its only NASA that can save us from corruption and tribalism and for your information we are kenyans and not luos,kikuyus,kalengins and others as you think.

  53. Ur jigger infested mind will not allow u to realise that all top government positions are njuguna,mugai,njoroge,mungai, kinyanjui so it is not exclusiveness it is political stupidity that has reached the pick. Blutant theft,money carried in sacks by political girlfriends. Dont waste ur time lecturing us on nonsense,it is kikuyu leaders who are destroying kenya and we kenyans are out to save common kikuyus. NASA hawa

  54. Well said prof. But unless you are pitching for one Abduba Diba, it is a fact that three is better than two, considering we are about 42 tribes. Or would you rather we continue taxing 42 tribes to overfeed only two?

  55. The third Person is the Worst. The Voter. Myself & Anyone Else who Lies to themselves that the Leaders are out Looking for our Interests. RAILA should share Molasses profits with OMONDI, Uhuru should Settle the Landless Kiambu Squatters since 1890’s into their Massive Lands,,Weta should give Wanyonyi abit of the Japan Embassy Loot, Musalia should share some CEMETRY loot with Wafula, Not Forgetting Kalonzo to Settle the Kalembe Ndiles in the Yatta grabbed Land. Ruto has the YK92 Loot plus More to Share with Kiprotich. You see these GUYS are all FISI’s but who votes them to POWER? We have the Choice to Pick Clean, untainted Leaders but we go for FROTH DAT has Wallowed in the Mirk & Mire of Corruption. Fruits Never Fall Far from their Trees. Let the INNOCENT CAST the first STONE.

  56. unless my brains fails me and are playing tricks with me,I don’t see any saviour in the trio,,What drives them is not about nationhood but revenge, bitterness and hate,,they had highest offices, they never contributed their brains,, Joseph was just a house boy,but his brain saved Egypt,,, wacha kujifanya eti lazima mwe prezoz ndio mfikirie poa, u r short of ideas,

  57. Kenyans are civilised. Nothing like triology, duology or singleology. Kenyans needs change. Kenyans needs delivery services. We are tired of lame promises. Remember the entire 42 tribes are inclusive of Nasa. Let u not use ur simple english to divert from the truth.

  58. Only an education dwarf and tribal blinded can not understand this message because it’s the reality. This country need change but its definitely not NASA. If as going people we want to save this country we should reason together and dream beyond 2017 and 2022.

    • so who is judging them on tribe bwana Njuguna. Uhuruto are failures period and it doesn’t take a professor’s thesis to advice us otherwise. Iam Kalenjin but I stand with the rest of Kenya in NASA na naringa.

    • You only belong to minority whose stand will be swept by tribal wave. If at all nasa wins your contribution will not be recognized if majority of your tribe will have voted for jubilee. In short you are not part of mou.

  59. My personal opinion! !!! Your are a stupid prof., while your fellow prof are busy eradicating stupidity u adding more to the citizens! Can u find out where your fellow prof are if u happen to be one other than telling us nonsense! !!! Where is power hungry here comes from??? This country need liberation, am very sad when I see people dying of hunger, ,health, insecurity and u dnt see solution! !!’ You those kind of people who has corrupted the Mind of kikuyu and kalenjin that all this people are the same or rather no reason to vote for other group JP are better off!!!! Give us a break, NO MORE LIES we are tired, even if JP happens to Rigg and Win one day this cry of other tribes will not come to pass!!! All we want is inclusiveness, service delivery not assumption yet hunger and health issues are killing Kenyans! !! My friends usually tell me Uthamaki right from birth u will nvr see anything good in leadership from other tribes! !!! Tell me one singe person uthamaki supported since independence ?????? No more lies, a day is coming

  60. Politics is about power. There is NO way you will take the interest of the people without the same people donating and entrusting you with their power to lead. You can never lead the people without power. In Kenya where there are so many tribes, how power is shared between these tribes and how all these tribes feel represented and included in the running of the country reflects the face of the Country. This so called professor understands very clearly that Jubilee has completely excluded others from the running of this Country and more importantly he knows that Jubilee has completely failed but to be on the safe side, he wants to clump together Jubilee and NASA so that NASA can be watched from the same lenses with Jubilee. It is a way of dismissing NASA. What is wrong with Kenyans sharing power???? What is wrong with converging all tribes together?? Is this what we want???

  61. Kindly spare us your ‘ educated’ analysis of events. All this rot in Kenya was brought about by your tribesmen. It is better 4 every province to go it’s own way so that power hungry central Kenya can rule themselves only and nobody else.

    • Said, if central Kenya people remain in central and rule themselves as you’re saying, then within few years they will be billionaires will come and colonize you and rule you with iron fist. Think twice before advocating on that. These people are workaholic and work minded that’s why they own Kenya take them anywhere they will still manoeuvre to the top

    • Pole sana mwiti. People of central Kenya are not the only ones who know how to work. We all know. The difference being they are favoured more. If the field was level, you would be surprised at how the other Kenyans are much better than those thieving central Kenya people. We prefer to go it alone.

  62. All what we need is change, telling us about trio or two is just nonesense,we are tired of this leadership,you always say without making a conclusion,unataka tufanye Nini,? Analysis is based on one’s mind doesn’t mean is a fact or meant to count.

    • How have you seen, our problems but you can’t see the problem the Country is facing,the writer always raises /sees people’s weakness as a person ,so nobody is blind and deaf and if you think you are good what have you done to this country, what we need is change,not stories

  63. Next time try to be brief and to the point. Meanwhile thanks for having no solution to the many problems facing kenyans.
    If really power was a crime or sin why are uhuruto there?

  64. Propose a better arrangement or go ahead and form your own nontribal outfit. Anybody that forms a party must come from a tribe. Else we should invite wazungu to form a nontribal party. To my mind nontribal is a practice as opposed to appearance

  65. U have spoken mr but am not going to sing with jubilee. Am in Nasa to stay jubilee is arotten goverment that only the benefitiuries sees the gud things in it. The common mwanainchi anaumia mzee. Wewe endelea tu kusikia utamu hii ndio wakati wako hata sisi yetu inakuja, kilicho na mwanzo kina mwisho. Your Goverment began with Kenyata and it will ends with Kenyata nd that is the bitter truth

  66. anyone claiming that the opposition is not an alternative is just campaigning for the status quo. FACT. If you cannot put your finger on the Kenyatta-Moi family nexus of political power that is the true stumbling block to equitable resource distribution then you haven’t been in this country long enough.

  67. Those are your thoughts as an individual NASA has got face of kenya dont look at the principals alone Joho ako nasa, Nanok from Turkana ako nasa, Kisii wako nasa, coastal leaders wako nasa, maasai wako nasa and many other communities with you your name betrays you first advice your people waache ukabila na kufikiria kenya ni yao we are tired of being the subjects period.

  68. Thanks prof. For the revelation. My knowledge differs with your idea. The trilogy sounds better than the duopoly as sharing the national cake based on 3 tribes as you arque is better than the inequality among 2 tribes. Kenya is bigger than either jubilee or NASA . The question is which is the way to salvation. As a youth we are vulnerable to unemployment, retrenchment among other vices. My good Kenya has been turned to a ‘man eat society’. God be with Kenyans as we head to the polls day.

  69. Spare a moment for this:unlike Jubilee who had to go back to their kinsmen to seek sympathy in the pretext one of their own is being sacrificed at the altars of the ICC there is no ethnic mobilization with Nasa

  70. All the comments are valid bt truth must be said we have a failed government……only the streets of central kenya are well built,power in ministries almost all p.s are the kikuyus……meaning one tribe ruling kenya and another(kalenjins) used as stepping stones……major developments were cited around central kenya……kenya is big……lets wake up hata the kks wenyewe you need change let go off uthamaki………

  71. You’re a proff but never gives solutions to our problems, the Kikuyu in you can’t allow you for once….Jubilee has failed, kindly admit this first…don’t confuse us to vote Jubilee once again….none of us is perfect, at any given time, we are left to chose the best option from the available alternatives

  72. just for the record….am kikuyu a proud kikuyu,,i never choose to be ,i found myself being, av no apologies,,am hated by most Kenyans ,not me the individual,, am a great guy,,but they hate my name,,,am fluent in kimeru and kikamba,,,when i speak in kikamba or kimeru nobody hates on me,,i have a great herd of frds,,when i have kikuyu frds around my other frds are surprised that am kikuyu,,,,what am i saying….. its not the tribe that’s a problem.. its the leadership up there..they’ve made kenya believe that when Uhuru is president all his evils and success belongs to kikuyus,,,when raila is in opposition all his evils noises and success belong to kenya,,,yes kenya,,thats because what uhuruto says n all the govt corruption is given to kikuyus n kalenjin,,,all the stones thrown by opposition is done for kenya….these are dangerous trends av never met Uhuru ,av no intrest i don’t like them ,i dont like raila n brigade,,their controversies n unity belong to them not to their tribe….unfortunately Kenya’s are not intelligent enough and “the class” has brainwashed us…..until we bite into each other some day we will forever remain the slaves of the elite n they know that….hope I’ll live to see that day.

    • Ephantus; you are very right. We need to reach that equilibrium one day; unfortunately it will only happen when we have smashed one another to the point of Rwanda for us to realise that all that Jubilee and NASA are saying can only be ratified by us the people of Kenya.

    • until we fight,,,lemmi rephrase… until we ondoa kwekwe (read kikuyu) kenya will never move,,,when that time comes because it will definitely…. the kikuyus will be white washed,,then other tribes will be left fighting on who fought best,,they’ll re attack each other n leave all hurt,,,thats when they’ll realise it was all a big mistake,,the west will cheer us as they did with a bad constitution

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  74. On this analsisi you are very wrong. The sharing of power in NASA is based on affiliate parties and not tribe. But for jubilee it is purely on tribe. Raila has never been tribal at no one point in my entirely life have seen Rao going back to his tribal base to whip emotions in order to get support. He has always been a national figure. Re do your analysis well.

  75. You write compositions here full.of tribal undertones instead of saying you are a,jubilee diehard you try to paint yourself neutral go to hell!! You are a Kikuyu and all Kikuyu’s are jubilee sympathisers!! So stop poking your nose in NASA affairs coz they have their advicers and strategists! People well versed with political matters than you!!

  76. Every politician is after power and that is their aim. You say jubilee represents two tribes while NASA represents Three as per your perception..i think three is better than two in terms of power sharing..if you say NASA principals have been in not forget these two being in various pisitions before there actual stage…where will you get the new one to lead??? And if your Jubillians are not power hungry why do they aspire for another term?? Let them not even think about 2022 if they are not power hungry. Your anlysis is not complete.

  77. What makes me sick is not tribal arrangements bt this pretentious show of awakening by old pple who i found in previous govts, failed miserably trading lies country wide with nothing to show frm thea past bt shifts frm scandals to scandals.its high time Kenyans regardless of tribes joins hands to tell them straight to thea faces that they are old,inactive with no past to be proud of,n we don’t want them to infect the young generation with the permanent failure in them..tuwache kudanganya hawa watu,let’s tell them the truth!!!!they want to come in to steal more n more…

    • Who was not in past govt? Uhuru was picked by repressive kanu govt, nominated after gatundu south ppl rejected him, mark toos political life murdered, made minister, made project, beaten thoroughly, failed as opposition chief, sponsored mungiki to sloughter luos in naivasha n nakuru, became deputy prime minister n minister for finance……. And now he claims that others have been in previous govt n did nothing, bangi kumbe sio mrenda

  78. Someone who still Kent see where we are heading to as a nation is
    ….a Kikuyu who will always support there’s whether ni bure kabisa
    ….kalenjin who has been used as a bridge so that the Kikuyu tumbocrats can reach the destination
    Others ni wale wamepewa bahasha otherwise if u are normal, u Kent support this chupilii tumbocrats

  79. Now that is my real academic professor speaking the true language of Kenyans countrywide and the frustrations we experience on a daily basis in our political system and structures. They are purely driven by hunger to sip our blood dry for their own selfish interest as political families and their cronies. None is better than the other,only difference is,one is in government,the others are outside govenrment.politics of bitterness hate and jealousness towards those presumed to be eating ”meat” and those outside government salivating for ”meat” . We are losers as Kenyans if this falsehood narrative goes unchallenged. Congrats prof….today you’re stop on !.

    • Jubilee party is the lesser evil than Nasa alliance ,are more evil,which even they don’t hide !.Nasa simply are after raw power !,they have no agenda for Kenya….other than,it will be there time to eat ”meat” too as Jubilee party has done for 5 years !. Greed is what is driving Nasa not delivery of services to Kenyans ever !.

    • The resources these pple have used to do thea campaigns,court battles etc recovery will be thea first priority and there comes grand corruption again n poor Kenyans hawaoni this.

  80. Mr you can write a whole page but no point.Basically, every politician is power hungry but do we say… Know it today if you hadn’t before, that our NASA’s is to save this country from the bad governance witnessed. You see some people have narrowed thinking not to see this thing.

  81. You’re always on point prof. Both the incumbent and the opposition are equally guilty of the sin of tribalism and corruption. Non of them has an alternative to tribal mobilization. Now let every Kenyan decide which is the lesser evil amongst the two and vote for it.

  82. NASA is all inclusive to alll tribes in kenya.. they will prove once they form govt. All 42 tribes will have equal opportunities in NASA even Kikuyus and Kale’s. Sowe NASA don’t care much about who leads NASA at the top.bcos we bliv the govt will be for the people by the people.