Yes Mr. Mudavadi, the tribal kingpins in Jubilee are clueless Moi-men, so are you, only a Prince without a Kingdom.

The rantings of the Moi political orphans: Series Part 3 of 5:

 (The Moi political orphans: DP William Ruto (presumably representing his boss), Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, Raila Odinga and Moses Wetangula ran separate commentaries in The Standard of Wednesday 10th August 2016, in a feature on the Countdown to 2017. In this “The rantings of the Moi political orphans” five part series, I respond to the commentaries. In the responses, I am demonstrating that as Moi political orphans, their engagement in politics is simply based on ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. They all have absolutely nothing new to offer to Kenyans as we Countdown to 2017. We must get a new non-ethnic political narrative to animate our politics and it cannot come from these Moi political orphans. In this Part 3 of 5, I respond to Mudavadi’s article “Trust me to do what Jubilee has not done”)

Part 3 of 5: Yes Mr. Mudavadi, the tribal kingpins in Jubilee are clueless Moi-men, so are you, only a Prince without a Kingdom.

 In your article “Trust me to do what Jubilee has not done” at:

you uncharacteristically have no good words for the clueless Jubilee government. You start by warning Kenyans that the country is being held hostage by “political gangsters”. The political class that’s holding this country at ransom is made up of Moi-political-orphans. You further accuse Jubilee of “nostalgia for single party dictatorship”. You further claim that by choosing ANC:

Kenyans would have removed trademark incompetence and deceit that is the Jubilee hallmark in running State affairs. They would have said no to the creeping culture of promises for the sake of promises but which tells our youth lying is an alternative to truth. Kenyans would have done away with reincarnation of a dangerous system of ethnic hegemony of dynastic caste succession.

If anyone is nostalgic about the Moi-days, it is you Sir. In fact, none of the Moi-orphans have struggled like you have to redefine yourself politically post-Moi. Ever since Moi your political god-father exited the political stage and the spectacular failure of the 2002-Uhuru-Mudavadi-Ruto project at the hands of Kenyans who wanted change, you seem to be stuck in the proverbial wilderness. Ever since then, you have hopelessly oscillated between advocating for Luhya nationhood and Kenyan nationhood as if those two are synonyms. Unlike your KANU siblings in jubilee, you have not been able to consolidate a tribal base, and this is not due to lack of trying. The Luhya have proved to be irritatingly democratic and you have remained a Prince without a Kingdom.

You want Jubilee to be ejected because of “incompetence and deceit”.

I agree.

But it is equally deceitful for you to claim that by electing ANC, “Kenyans would have done away with reincarnation of a dangerous system of ethnic hegemony of dynastic case succession”.

LoL! Look who’s talking!!

Did you just accuse Jubilee of “ethnic hegemony” and “dynastic case succession”? If you are really concerned about ethnic hegemony and dynastic case succession, before you accuse Jubilee, look in the mirror!

For anyone who does not know who you are, the article is pretty convincing. In fact even for those who know you, we cannot help but agree with you on certain issues. The first one being what you call “CORD and jubilee mockery”. I have consistently maintained that there is no difference between CORD and Jubilee.  And you, who would know your KANU siblings better than I ever could,  concurs. It is when you offer yourself as the alternative that the whole matter becomes laughable. I may also grant it to you when you describe yourself as “sober”. I wonder whether this is in absolute teetotaler terms, or if you would be contrasting yourself with anyone in particular. Wink! Wink!  After all, we have seen enough displays of drunken stupors and decisions made in drunken stupors in the last four years for our liking.

But the self-description that I find more apt is when you describe yourself as “predictable”.

I agree. Totally predictable.

In fact as predictable as a Moi-political-orphan, KANU-nostalgic, clueless beneficiary of “dynastic case succession” can be. You are so predictable that if you want to know what the problem with leadership in this country is, you should not look towards the Jubilee Moi-orphans, clueless beneficiaries of the “dynastic case succession”  in statehouse, you should look in the mirror.



Your article is rather honest. In fact, you have a confession to make to Kenyans. You say,

Implementation of Chapter Six on leadership and Integrity was sabotaged by parliament giving us a lame leadership ethics act. The act allows crooked characters to infiltrate and sabotage the country’s political and economic systems. That’s why the youth role models are the corrupt”.

How honest!

Only that you forget to tell us that when the so called “lame leadership ethics act” was passed, you were the Deputy Prime Minister and an MP in the blood-soaked coalition government. What did you do to shape discourse around this issue?

You now claim quite predictably that:

I will amend the act to conform to the letter of Article Six and weed out the undesirables to set the pace for integrity throughout the country.

In other words, you watched as Parliament passed an act that was against the Letter of the constitution. It was not just any act. It was an act that allowed “crooked characters to infiltrate and sabotage the country’s political and economic systems”. You did nothing then. And now, you are offering yourself to fix it. How charitable!

As far as honesty goes, this is the showstopper. I have to admit that as you wrote the article, you seem to have been in such a confessional mood that would totally bliss out the Pope! You go on to say:

A Kenyan leader professing a particular ideology is a liar.

Now Mr. Mudavadi, don’t break my heart!

You mean all these Moi-orphan tribal kingpins gallivanting around the whole country forcing people to join their single-party projects and tribal coalitions have no ideology? You mean all the time you and they have been jumping from one party to the other and forming your own there was no ideology? You mean we have been dealing with liars all this time?

Now, Mr. Mudavadi, I think you are way too honest about the emptiness and the duplicity of your Moi-political-orphan colleagues in CORD and Jubilee. They say hell hath no fury like a women scorned. It is turning out that hell hath no fury like a Moi-political-orphan scorned. I think your KANU siblings should have found a way to accommodate you after your deal to contest for the Presidency with your younger KANU brother fell through. It is Lyndon B Johnson who said this about disgruntled politicians:

It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.

As fate would have it, you are outside the CORD and Jubilee tent pissing in. And it is quite a piss.  Thanks to the piss, we now know that all these Moi-political-orphans in CORD and Jubilee angling for the presidency belong “to a dangerous system of ethnic hegemony of dynastic case succession”,  we now know that the country is being held hostage by “political gangsters” in CORD and Jubilee,  that they are “liars”, that they adulterated the constitution and gave us a “lame leadership ethics act”. Had your KANU siblings in CORD and Jubilee known better, they should have listened to L. B Johnson.

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  1. Don compare raila with others.he is among one of the best africans leaders.look whn theres aproblem in kenya its onely raila who speaks.dida,peter keneth,raila,farah maalim,midiyo an joho ….are great leaders.they don rule but they ask how shal we rule.raila is lk prezo of tanzania…john.GOD BLSS AFRICA

  2. Anybody who measures performance through empty rhetoric is both naïve and myopic. Leadership in the mind like that of Mudavadi or Peter Kenneth is utopic and a fantasy. Raila, Kalonzo and Wetangula have already shown their radical type of leadership. Am however, yet to hear anything intelligent enough listing the gains and failures of the current regime. If Jubilee government has failed in total, then we must declare that governance is practically not possible in this world. If they have scored even 30%, then we surely can expect a 60% in their final term. Such evaluation would be rational and humane in our imperfect world. Wainaina, if you are not an angel or a devil for that matter, then give credit where it is due and recommend areas for improvement. That is adult thinking, otherwise we shall forever doubt your maturity and sanity.

    • Go ahead and doubt my maturity and sanity. It seems to you that you are the only one capable of maturity and sanity. Let jubilee sing their own praises. I am not their PR person. Neither do I buy their “development” narrative. The problem in this country is not development. The problem is politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa za ukabila, ukora na upuzi. And Jubilee are the masters. You, in your maturity are forgetting that Kibaki delivered development like Kenyans have never seen and five years into his regime, the country was in civil war. The country is asking for a political dispensation of patriotism, inclusion, accountability and productivity and clueless jubilee are still singing “development”. I don’t buy it. If you think that is immature, so be it.

  3. u are talking like any other ordinary drunkard kikuyu will talk bt remember tat even th israelites never stayed egypt 4ever,th tribes eating th meat while th other 40 are salivating,one time they will feel how salivating tastes

  4. I read ur posts and believe that you must be one of the bloggers paid to mess with our Uhuru is not Moi political orpan..from beggining you name betrayed U..Why dont you discuss tribalism in parastatals, NYS, EUROBOD and how Ruto maybe frustrated come 2022..your just naive on petty up so called prof. of doom.

  5. Rigga

    Interesting prof. Apart from politics of ukabila ukora na upuzi, there is also politics of kabila yetu, sycophancy and primitive loyality Which is giving the tribal wakora energy to manipulate more. . . ?

  6. Stick to class work , you cannot talk nonsense about mudavadi who has been in politics since 1989 and blackmail him with hogwash assunmptions. Talk about graft in jubilee government like corruption,impunity,tribalism,nys,eurobond, unemployment among youth. Ive contested once for MP POST for your information such analysis if they were from opposition side they can lead to arrest, this is total blackmail,character assasination and defarmation of character

  7. Professor, I agree with you that all our politicians are the same. They subscribe to the same ideologies and their only difference is that some are in government and others in the opposition. Mudavadi was too happy when Jubilee leaders wanted to endorse him but when they backtracted they became bad. Now he says that CORD is good just because he has been duped that he might be their compromise candidate. The only thing I differ with you is when you demonise anyone who worked with/under Moi. Moi just like any leader had his strong points and his weak points too. Post 2002 and 2013 has taught us that our politicians just want to be in power for prestige and not necessarily to make any meaningful changes.

  8. Brian

    NIce article but some lies in the Moi orphans category. I don’t understand when and how Raila became a Moi orphan? Did he ever seek an elective position with KANU? The truth of the matter was that his party, NDP formed a merger with KANU in 1997. I woukld like to seek more clarification on how you arrived to such a conclusion.

  9. The question remains, ‘is uhuru not a Moi political orphan?’

    Why didn’t you mention him among the political orphans yet he is the only one moi fought for to the greatest length?

    U had a point, but it is really meaningless if you decide to ‘fight’ tribalism yet at the same time favoring your tribe by leaving uhuru out of that count.

  10. MOI is not the problem. He urged us to support project Uhuru in 2002 but we refused to listen. A vital transition was lost and now we are stuck with the same Uhuru. How I wish we had listened to the old Wise man!!!..remember in 2002 Uhuru was a villain to his tribesmen but now he is their hero. It is all a matter of tribal bigotry. As you count the orphans don’t leave Uhuru and ruto in the mix. Mdvd can also make it to the top just like Uhuru did, nothing special. Every time you mention Mzee Moi remember we had Kenyatta before him. He kept the nation united for a whole 24 years, a feat few can achieve. Stop retarding the nation, for it is a family of 42 children who have to exist harmoniously.

  11. tribalism in Kenya will never end, unless God himself come instead of sending Jesus again, I’ve walked and interacted with the Kenyan “kings men” all they said is to watch how they will maneuver and match into the gvt offices as a group coz they’ll always vote their own, they have instilled tribalistic backgrounds to their people. they check on the sir Names

    • Daniel, I do not know that there is a Kenyan dream. I do not think the leadership has articulated one fro the last 50 years. To get the nation going and to make it great, we need a new non-ethnic political narrative based on patriotism, accountability and productivity. The current one of CORD and Jubilee is based on ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity and it is taking us nowhere.

  12. In the meantime KANU culture had also found space in ODM house.
    Party Leader PM Raila Odinga has today at Orange House received high profile Jubilee Politicians from Marsabit and Isiolo who defected to the winning CORD coalition.

    In a press statement read by their chairman, the leaders vowed to do everything in their power to ensure Raila win come 2017!

    On the question of who should be the CORD flag bearer, the CORD Leader said we shall cross that bridge when it’s time comes.


  13. Wen u loose direction u cant even know wat is happening to u. The case of Mudavadi is a big lesson in any political arena. Dont eva be a fence seater. Only one fence seater succeeded, en that was Kibaki.

  14. Mudavadi is a big joke..what makes him think that he is exceptional from jubilee yet he is also a typical moi political orphan..Kenya needs a new face in politics if we want to see real change..its time we mount up a protest vote and get rid of all these murky politicians.

  15. Prof.Michael Wainaina: Who do you fire here and to whom do you spare? Why can’t you direction if did have any know how about present Kenyan leadership? You seem you are also confused and as well luck direction!

  16. Nothing to worry about in this great nation of ours when raira removed jj kamotho from s general of kanu he told mwai kibaki charity ngiru hakuna opposition. Warudi kanu tujenge taifa its the likes of james orego koigi wamwere njeru kathangu etc who lead the fire of reberation least u forget

  17. …same old shit just a different day,we changed the constitution but forgot to change the politicians. …we should have thrown the whole thieving and corrupt political class in the dustbin of history……as long as we remain stuck with the same leaders this country will never change……na nimeenda

    • …hehehe I’m back,the revolution started by the former president Hon Mwai kibaki will come to fruitation very soon…unknowingly when kibaki started free primary education and later subsidized secondary education,and increased public universities he started a revolution. …the political class have remained in power by using the ignorant people…a time will come when every dick,Tom and Harry will be educated and jobless….I’m quoting the late Bob Marley “u can fool some people sometimes but u can’t fool all the people all the time…while its easy to give hand outs and fool an uneducated villager to vote for you…its very hard to fool an educated hungry and angry man…when that time comes #good people it won’t matter whether you are a kikuyu,luo,kamba or any of the 50 or so tribes masquerading as a nation….that day it will be a battle between two distinct tribes the #haves and the #havenots … hungry man is an angry man….u can take that to the nearest #familybank near you….

    • We don’t need to change the politicians, we need to first change ourselves. The possibility of coming up with a clean non tribal person who abhors corruption when you dip your hand in the basket called Kenya is nearly impossible. Its not that those we elect are rotten,its that WE are rotten. And Prof,what is so horrible with being a Moi orphan?

    • Kimunyi Kaniaru I totally disagree with the argument that all of us are rotten. The only person who benefits from this argument is the current rotten political class. Drop it. 24 years of Moi rule yielded nothing. His students have nothing better to offer.

    • Prof, the pedestal you are on is the same one many other so called saviours sat on as they judged and vilified truly rotten readers. Orengo,Kiraitu, Ringera, Maina Kiai, etc. Look at how they performed when given a chance. They proved to be cut from the same cloth. Sycophants,tribalist,corrupt , name it. You may disagree with my opinion and that’s okay, but prof,but if in your daily undertakings you denied that student who stood up to you in the lecture hall the benefit of doubt in your award of marks and gave the benefit to that who sits at the front row and nods at your every word you say, you are no different from the leaders who okay development financing only in politically correct zones. Given half a chance you will do the same. Professor, what I meant is that all sectors of this country matter. If am a businessman, let me do it right if a teacher, police officer, chief etc, let each of us work on our part and then we will have a moral right to point fingers. About Moi orphans,it helps no one to condemn a whole generation. Moi happened period. Let’s deal with it and move on. They are our brothers and sisters.

    • Kimunyi Kaniaru This is a well framed response. I however so not understand what your point is. Are you saying that we accept the status quo because in the past, people who were entrusted with change did not deliver? What kind of an argument is this? Every generation seeks to learn from its predecessors in order to improve their lot. That the predecessors failed is not reason enough for a new generation to abdicate its responsibilities and to expect better of themselves.

    • Prof. Get me right. Things are not right nor should they be let to remain as they are. What I mean is that all of us have a part to play not just being fault finders. Find fault yes but start with yourself. If all of us did that or at least many of us,wed’d created a critical mass to cause real change.

    • This is a page for intellectuals. Very good conversations go on here and I am satisfied. We have to endure the doomsayers, it is a free country after all. If you are looking for a page for the doomsayers, you who might be in the wrong place. Check again.

  18. Your wrong to equate cord n jubilee for jubilee has taken this country to a new level of stealing (the likes of NYS saga) corruption (jst luk at traffic cops allover taking money without even trying to hide their actions) & lying (just listen to Uhuru n ruto wen they talk) yes cord is no better but our biggest enemies should b jubilee coz they r the sitting stealing gorvnment so don’t thnk we don’t see where ur loyalties lie wen u attack mudavadi who is not even close to beconing president just coz he says the truth about jubilee. You kyuks r the problem with this country coz you support people who r looting n killing this country just coz they r your tribe!!!

  19. Wainaina you are tribal you can’t mention uhuru somewhere coz you are the same tribe sometimes i wonder some one like you when you take muratina then you have nothing to do you came and start writing about tribal here. Can i ask you something my learned friend how many provinces do we have in Kenya ‘to me i know they are eight but one belong to one family can you answer that’ wacha pangaga zako mzee na ulale

  20. Kenyans can i ask you something ‘what is this wainaina guy is telling us’ kenyatta United all kenyan together wainaina are you ok ‘you know something about you’ you don’t know anything about fKenya ‘you one tribe grabbed Kenya a

  21. Sorry i was telling wainaina they grabbed Kenya after independence now what is left leftovers now if Jesus can return you can sell him walking stop talking about politics because you people loves your self so much that if you are given chance you can stay in state house 4 million years i have more to tell you but answer that

  22. Prof.your blistering criticism of our leaders is just bluffling and disingenuous to say the least.Yes,i agree with you that most of our leaders are jaundiced and gluttonous.However,they mirror our feculent society.Your sardonic comments does not offer any solutions to the kenyan problems.

    • It is an insult to Kenyans to say that the jaundiced and gluttonous leaders mirror them. They don’t. This is the same as a thief stealing from you and saying he is stealing from you because everyone is a thief. This kind of argument only serves the interests of the tribal and corrupt political class. Stop it.

    • Prof.kenyans wants to hear solutions at the tail end of your lectures.For example ,its widely said that our president isn’t corrupt, however scandals abound in his government. Another recently conducte research shows the majority of our youths glorify these leaders with their illgotten wealth.It clearly shows that only opportunity lacks otherwise majority of us are likely to follow their footsteps.

  23. Madvd tell them.they r clueless.nawewe u r being held hostage by one kabatesi.he is ua archilles hill.u r a good leader.i admire ua demeanour bt get out of maragoli politics.spent more time away they way rao does.i know u r heading somewea this time.dont b like weta eti anattack rao.bure kabisa.

  24. U r calling uaself a proffesr wth such post ua proffesnlty is way back xpring…..unite kenyans dnt give a tribopolitical division with such stupid comparison….we dont need such political opinions..we kikuyus..luos..kalenjin..kambas..luhyas.etc…we are all kenyans and voting is a personal decision….DONT GIVE US AN HEREDITERY ELECTION IDEA WE ARE TIRED OF POLITICAL NONSENCE AS KENYANS HE WHO WINS RULES KENYA REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL BACKGROUND…TUKO PAMOJA NA TUNAENDELEA NA UZALENDO NA KUHUDUMISHA AMANI HUKU KWETU

  25. You are paid to write but i can’t blame you coz you believe this country belongs to you only but let me tell you you that we are 42 tribes and still there is a another kasmall tribe in kisii land so maybe we are more than what we thought we are my friend i pity on you because you are the richest tribe for grabbing and poorest to Street chokora just answer that then we go on

  26. All of us kenyans r moi orphans.24 yrs of nyayo philosophy being imperted into us.i agree with all you talk to us but now u shud tell us your option. I think Abduba Dida is a class above all 2013 presidential aspirants.But can he win it this tyme round? No i dont think he can.The kenyan voter is too complicated yet so simple and predictable. Kenya will have a president above tribal shenenigans maybe after 100years latest!

    • Josh this is a very pessimistic view of our future. It comes from the power of a single narrative. It looks so powerful that people would easily give up. Our problem is not tribalism. It is the inability to imagine an alternative to it. The high priests of tribalism in CORD and Jubilee seem unassailable and they actually think they are. They are not.

  27. Now that you have the nerve of all major tribes,where are those who insult you as tribal,antgvt,etc,The truth hurts prof so let those who are blinded by tribal foolness say whatever they want to say but i salute you bro and tel you many are those who support you,Truth hurts but we must face this tribal dragon heads on and expose these pretenders of democracy so that one day we may be free from this political slavery,kudos prof

    • Karega njoroge, it is Kenyans like you and Peter Maina Njoroge who makes my blogging worthwhile. Brave Kenyans willing the confront what ails us and ask the tough questions. It gives me hope that the possibilities of a new non-ethnic political narrative is not as remote as the naysayers may think.

    • Thanks prof,keep on exposing these propagandists and their kins so that people may know who they are,Anybidy who has been in the political system for the last thirty years has nothing to offer for the progess of this nation,Infact majority of them should be behind bars by now,can they truly state where they got all the money they are using to move around the country telling all sorts of lies while common mwananchi is struggling to put food on the table,Dont tire prof to tell them off

  28. My prof you seem to fantasize of a utopian society that does not exist among mankind. You episode is biase, unbalanced therefore exposing your weak side of ethnicmania. We all know that nature as leadership hates vacuum. Therefore at any given time humanity must be underleadershil. Allow us kenyans to make reasoned decisions on leadership. Sincerely Prof, how can you ramb ruto, kalonzo, mudavadi together with Raila.

    • I did not say there are angels. I did not say we need angels. Do not tell me that the only choice we have is between corrupt tribalists and angels. In between are a million options. Ours is not a problem of lack of honest people, it is a problem of imagination.

  29. This is neither informative nor educative. Its neither rational nor objective. It looks like a piece crafted and authored by someone crying for attention. People should just stop writing for the sake of writing.

  30. martin gichuru

    what u should know is Kenya is a democracy in books,this is an aristocracy of Kenyatta and odinga family.its only them who can get u to power.Kenyatta endorsed moi,Uhuru has endorsed ruto,Kenyans have never excersised sovereign power except in 2002.

  31. James karubu don’t try me with that your simple minded little brains of yours you know when you have been told the truth you start to act like a pigs why are you abusing me ‘if you are good on abusing go on every body will be shocked burukege wewe am ready you have to be told the truth if you are thives you are sipendi ujinga

  32. Profesor i totally disagree with you.Raila is not moi political orphan..Raila is self made.The fact that NDP and KANU merged did not make Raila to think .follow and behave Nyayoism.when NDP and KANU were merging i was there and witnessed everything.So professor do your research well

  33. The prof speaks the truth. Who among those running( seriously) isn’t a KANU orphan. Who has never held a senior position in KANU? Is it Uhuru( former chairman) , Ruto( sec- Gen), Raila( sec-gen), kalonzo( organising- sec), mudavadi( v- chair)…

    • I wish all kenyans could view it from this angle.
      the problem is,we see where the problem is but despise the”knowing the problem is the first step to solving it” cliché.

      we get blinded by these guys…we gotta be up

    • Cyprian Nyamwamu Politics is about narratives. Narratives are effective, not cognitive. So while we “know” these things our emotions are aroused by the very powerful ethnic political narrative and we are willing to put aside what we “know”. The solution is a compelling and well articulated alternative non-ethnic political narrative which will make us “feel”.

  34. Tribal kings are not bad at all infact every president should ensure that he appoints a leader from every tribe .Appointing from every tribe was an idea God gave to Moses read Numbers 1: and Moses lead the israelites without any tribal divisions . We need to adopt that in kenya the elected president need to work from leaders who are princes from every tribe.

    • Prof i thought you would run for presidency you know….. walking the talk so to speak. You can’t just write that long very negative litrerature and leave it at that. I hope after trying to bring down these moi orphans who most probably do not give a damn about what you say or not you are going to stand up for your country and snatch it back from this extended moi rule given that you are part of that 40 million . I think that is the honorable thing to do failure to which i think you should just shut the hell up. All pun intended.

  35. Even Uhuru is moi men bwana moi asema Uhuru now ruto naye akama Uhuru tosha Rails akasema kabaki tosha what your problem mudavadi is coming home wait now you see kwani Kikuyu tu if you don’t you are tribalism lam Maasai lwill RAILA as president of keny

  36. We need to give this country to a technocrat CEO. Politicians are alway spending time politicking. Let this guys give the voters their past C.V. not promise a future we know nothing about. Raila should tell us, when I was Roads minister I give you 1million km. of tarmacked roads, when I was primeminister I did this and that. Kalonzo was V.P tell us what you did sir?

  37. Prof you are very right on these.One thing and for sure is that let me vote for my devil uhuru than the angel mudavadi….Mudavadi cant lead these nation with his soberness!!

  38. Professor tell your kinsmen to change voting partern we are suprised by your myopic intellect the late kenyatta set the stage to eat meat,its unfair to ill of Mudavadi who stoped Goldenberg during Moi regime

    • Tell your also. Tribalism is not a kikuyu voting pattern. It is the national voting pattern that has been promoted by the tribal ruling class. You are just annoyed with the Kikuyu because they use the pattern to win Raila also uses the pattern. If he want to be president, tell him to drop his tribal politics. For so long as the politics are tribal he will never win. His best chance with the tribal narrative was 2007. he is desperately try to rebuild that most evil and tribal of alliances and you see what happened. Others have equally mastered the art of tribal alliances and have more tribal numbers.

  39. Mudavadi is prince kasoro kingdom. No wonder he hopes from kingdom to kingdom hoping to be made the king in an already established kingdom. How it will happen, only mwana Wa mdambwa can tell us for he feels and behaves as if he is entitled to it just as you said he is one of mzee moi’s political orphans.

  40. Dont Forget That Uhuru Kenyatta Is Also A Moi’s Political Orphan That Was Forced On People As President Not By Will Of People.Only Raila Odinga Was Not A Moi Political Orphan And Wont Be.Raila Is Asymbol Of Nationality And Has Achived Alot For This Nation To Be Happy About.One,he Necessitated Advent Of Te New Constitution,where Ruto Was A Lead Opposer As Uhuru Kenyatta Was A watermelon.

  41. professor,going by your responses here, it clearly depicts how you don’t have an urgent solution to Kenyans at the moment, all people will agree with me that the current political track in Kenya is being spearheaded by these leaders you’re rejecting, don’t think that you’re providing solution by advocating against Mudavadi and Raila. Remember we can only bring a change if we elect at least the best among them. To be clear on my point, you are only trying to protect Uhuru at the moment so that he can be deployed at the second time so that he can now burry our country

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      Mark. you are advocating what in this forum has been advanced as the devil you know theory. It goes something like this. All these guys are rotten and visionless. So let me pick the devil I know. The problem with this theory is the tribal political narrative. The devil you know ends up being the devil that speaks your vernacular. We solve nothing. I refuse to believe that these are the only options we have. I also think it is very unfair and insensitive to say I am protecting Uhuru. I have stated my position about jubilee and Uhuru. Read the article with the most comments in my blog. I took the flak for writing it. I do not regret. it represents what I know and what I stand by.

  42. you are good at these commentaries… what else are you doing at Kenyatta University?? there is alot of laxity in the campus… i hear there are more offices than lecture halls in Ku… before u go outside boss tengeneza home… especially academics

  43. I WISH OUR PhD holders would be men and women who you can’t tell which tribe they are from especially knowing that they teach students from all tribes. Can I trust these people to award me marks fairly if I am from their wrong tribe? 2. I respect alot Wangari Maathai and other sons and daughters of this great land who took the daunting task of uniting Kenya through a noble cause. I wish that this Phd can do more good for all kenyans. Doctor I have a daughter joining university by God’s will 2 years from now, given your sentiments, can I trust you with her, as a guardian even though she’s from another tribe? I RESPECT LEARNED PEOPLE AND I KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO GET WHERE YOU ARE.

  44. The ranting of a vegetarian hyena may never know a mad man ..only.. if …the colour of his skin is yellow red.. Sometimes it’s needs the common sense of a he goat to write something idiotic

  45. @Touché ProWa. Musalia atasalia pale pale pleading foe for no forthcoming electorate sympathy. Offering himself as a better choice is equitable to the pot calling the kettle black. How dare he dreams a national leader yet his stint as a VP(see Moi’s circus circle puppets),as Minister for Finance were really fruitless. Any leader who comes ridding a tribal ass, his nose arboreal with arrogance has no room in our live consciousness. He has nothing new to sell and hopeless is outright deep in his eyes

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