Yes Mr. Raila, 2017 is a David vs Goliath battle, only that you play in Goliath’s league

And it came to pass, that for three days in the second week of the ninth month of the fourth year of the corrupt and tribal regime of the Jubilee government in Kenya, Mr. Raila Odinga was an out-shone, out-done, out-flanked and out-smarted man. Douglas Okwatch in a column in The Standard of September 11 2016 put this political upmanship better than I ever could:

For the very first time since 1982 Raila isn’t a key player in an event that has far-reaching political ramifications for the future of the country. The initiative, it would seem, has been wrested from him. Raila has been thrust into the unusual and unenviable position of playing catch up.
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As Jubilee painted the town red (literally), buying anyone with a price and intimidating us that they are “serikali”, the out-shone Raila was down at the coast celebrating 10 years of ODM mediocrity: “nusu mkate“, “stolen” elections, perished pentagon, deserted allies, men-in-black, discord in CORD and a tired and uninspiring claim that he must occupy statehouse. Looking at Jubilee’s opulence and decadence through the fence, Raila was under siege from the hungry mongrels around him. The hounds in the ODM political elite are starting to seriously doubt whether he can lead them to the promised land of plenty of fillet and steak in government, not the hunger and barrenness of the land of opposition.  Some are not just doubting him, they have already decamped to the land of plenty in Jubilee. He was not just an out-shone man, he was a besieged man. At such a time, he of the vitendawili fame needed some biblical inspiration more for himself than for his loss-weary supporters. And he did not disappoint. He declared that 2017 will be a David vs Goliath battle. He as David and Uhuru & Jubilee as Goliath. Like many things that he has got wrong in his career he was wrong on this one. Again!

In that biblical battle, David was the future and Goliath was the past. David would go on to have a glorious career as King of Israel. On this count alone, Raila is not David. One would have to stretch their imagination to ridiculous levels to imagine Raila as an embodiment of the country’s future.

Goliath vs David – The past vs the future

For the umpteenth time, could someone please tell Mr. Raila Odinga that since he started cooperating with KANU after the 1997 elections, sold NDP to KANU and acquired public property for private gain, he is a card-carrying member of the status quo. His membership was bargained for and paid for in full by none other than Daniel Arap Moi.  He has entrenched himself in the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi since he declared Kibaki Tosha in 2002, turned tribalism into the infamous 42 vs 1 formula of mobilizing for the presidency in 2007 and joined an equally corrupt blood-soaked “nusu-mkeka” coalition government in 2008. He is a beneficiary of the system, a stakeholder in the establishment and the architect of a tribal hegemony of Moi-orphans. When he declares a battle between David and Goliath, he is with Goliath!


To the chagrin of ODM/CORD supporters, I have argued consistently in this blog that there is no difference between CORD and Jubilee. They are part of the same political elite that has impoverished this country for the last 53 years. They only find themselves on opposite sides of the government looting orgy. Jubilee is on the inside and overeating, chewing loudly and voraciously with open mouths dripping with bolus, what my language calls “matanuko”. ODM and CORD are on the outside, hungry, angry and overshouting. When all of them were in the blood-soaked coalition government, corruption and looting was not a big deal because all of them were eating.

Raila vs David

To liken himself to David, Raila is appropriating an imagery that he cannot live up to. When a servant in Saul’s palace introduced David he described him thus:

Behold, I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite who is skillful in playing, and a mighty valiant man, and a man of war, and prudent in matters, and a comely person, and the Lord is with him.”  Sam 1: 16-18

David was young, innocent, anointed, skilled, gifted, with integrity (prudent in matters) carrying the hopes and dreams of a nation. He was on a nationalistic and altruistic mission. Not a blinding obsession to occupy the palace and become King. He was an outsider to Israel’s political and military establishment. A virtual nobody. Can Raila be said to have any of these attributes?

Definitely not.

In his book  “Peeling off the Mask” this is what Miguna Miguna a (disgruntled?) insider in the Raila Premiership has to say about him:

Raila was a disastrous negotiator, disorganized, often confused and unstructured. He was also apparently cowed by Kibaki. Raila was a different man when he was with us from the pitiful wretch he became around Kibaki…Was Odinga a true democrat and reformer as he had for decades claimed? In Peeling off the Mask, I expose him as a selfish, confused, hypocritical and deceptive leader whose greed for power and money makes him unfit for the presidency of the republic of Kenya.

These allegations were not denied. Miguna’s claims were dismissed as the rantings of a village drunkard. As far as I know, there’s no one more unhinged and more truthful in my village like the village drunkard. Contrast his description of Odinga with that of Saul’s servant description of David. Raila is no David.

Even his die-hard supporters are starting to wonder what skills he possesses to steer this country into modernity in a post-Jubilee world. He has no more wars to fight apart from the ones created for him by Jubilee excesses, corruption and hubris. His elections in ODM are ran by men-in-black whom those who are seeking nominations in ODM are wary of. He has been sending mixed signals to his supporters, one day saying that he will be in the ballot in 2017 and the next day saying he will support someone else. In the Mombasa fete all he and his supporters were shouting is that he has to enter statehouse in 2017. One would have expected him to articulate new, innovative and futuristic programmatic and policy positions that will modernize the country.


Besieged, confused, ageing, losing the confidence of his followers, his obsession with statehouse is almost pathological. His message, motivation and program for 2017 is statehouse, statehouse, state-house.   Can he really compare himself with the skillful, valiant, confident, inspiring, mission-driven, patriotic, underrated, outsider David who fell Goliath? Even his supporters doubt.

The pre-1997 Raila and post-1997 Raila

I have written before that when Raila’s story is finally told, it will have to be a story of two Raila’s. The pre-1997 Raila and the post-1997 Raila. While the pre-1997 Raila could claim some virtues of David, the post-1997 Raila is a pale shadow of his former self.  While the pre-1997 Raila had a course and a message, the post-1997 Raila and especially the post-2013 Raila has no message, no course and no leverage. Even he does not know what he stands for. He is a fading politician hopelessly cavorting with the same individuals that represented the reactionary forces that undermined his pre-1997 course in single party Moi Kenya. His co-principals in CORD were Moi’s protégés, one was his foreign affairs Minister and Raila’s biggest nemesis in the blood-soaked coalition government and the other was Moi’s lawyer and a PNU operative. Now he runs around with such characters hopelessly trying to put together a tribal coalition strong enough to defeat the Moi scions in Jubilee. While the pre-1997 Raila was a firebrand revolutionary who Moi could only silence through incarceration, the Mombasa-celebrations Raila is a battle weary wannabe with whom Moi found an ally and Moi scions have found a figure to cajole, slur and demean, derogatorily referring to him as “yule mtu ya vitendawili”. If he imagines himself as David, the Moi orphans in Jubilee can only laugh and dismiss him as “yule mtu anajifananisha na Daudi”.

David and Goliath:  The real Kenyan story

The David and Goliath analogy, when applied correctly to the Kenyan situation and to the possibilities in 2017 is however apt. The current political class in CORD and jubilee, hopelessly tribal, arrogant, decadent, vision-less and tactless represent Goliath. The long-suffering people of Kenya, meek, powerless, but hopeful, God-fearing and inspired are David. The only thing they need is a stone and a sling, the instrument that will deal the death blow to the decadent Goliath. That instrument is a new non-ethnic political narrative that can rally the people around a new dispensation of patriotism, accountability and productivity.

I have advocated for this new non-ethnic political narrative to rescue this country from the stranglehold of the tribal overlords in the current political class in CORD and Jubilee, our present day Goliath. This will be a new narrative, probably backed by lowly, unknown, un-moneyed “common” Kenyans. They will have to rise up against the established political narrative and machinery spun out of the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi by both Raila & his accomplices in the political class in Jubilee and whatever CORD will have mutated into.  (I doubt CORD will exist by the next elections. I could be wrong). The people of Kenya vs The tribal and corrupt political class would be a typical David vs Goliath battle if one ever existed.  It is Napoleon Bonaparte who warned us:

The men who have changed the world have never gotten there by working on leaders but rather by moving the masses.

In the political class vs the people battle, you can bet your sweet patootie that I have all my stakes on the people of Kenya. As David’s victory was miraculous and improbable, I have been told that I am talking about non-existent and improbable miracles. I will stick to my story. We all know how it ended.

And it shall come to pass. That we the people of Kenya, tired of the tribalism and corruption of the political class in CORD and Jubilee will take the David and Goliath story, and run with it in 2017. For Mr. Raila, he is willing to do so too. The big difference is, he is no David. He plays in Goliath’s league.

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  1. Mr prof. U opinion is very contradicting & rather flimpsy in a scope…U are justifying Norhing. Am sorry ßt neither Raila nor Uhuru disserve 2 ß crowned the thrown ßoth have set a precedent of the same old regime… Sometimes i fail 2 understand why u dont match ua opinion with ua prestige tittle. Two wrongs never made any right, we want change yet we are ourselves relactant to go for the Change

  2. I think u dont disserve the Credit you hold… PEACE!!!.. Again u trying 2 justify nothing. We need activists who stand for what they ßelieve not what will them acquire simple popularity ßt champion the adversaries of kenyans.

  3. But gone are the days let mr. Raila ask God for the devine power to be a leader or else jubilee will be the better in leadership in Gods view though they are corupt.
    All authorities in the world are God given no matter how you are famous God know why and His yes is one and only, do i say!

  4. Yes, Uhuru is a Goliath coz he is in charge of corruption which is anti-God just like Goliath was fighting against Gods army. As for Raila, if he can be likened to anybody from the side of Gods army, allow me to liken him to Eliab: David’s elder brother who was castigating him for being in the battle front instead of being in the fields looking after their father’s livestock.

  5. Wainaina, you miss the issues. While you castigate raila lost election ‘cries’, what is your take on vote manipulation and election fraud on advancement of democracy, governance and accountability to the electorate by elected leaders?

    • Bwana Joshua Toni, Krieglar told us that we cannot have a credible, free and fair elections in an atmosphere of political dishonesty, even thuggery. Raila has absolutely no moral authority to lecture anyone on manipulation and election fraud. NONE WHATSOEVER. His own elections are conducted by men-in-black. That he can lecture us about democracy and free and fair elections only confirms how stupid he thinks we are. I am a supporter of democracy, good governance and accountability. But that can never be given to us by the tribal overlords in the current political class in CORD and Jubilee. Theirs is politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi. None of these guys should lecture us about democracy…least of all Raila Odinga.

    • Prof What you are saying is nothing u r just being tribal and using the little opportunity u have in writing to castigate us… am a luhya and many atimes coz of sharing names with luos I have been victimized a lot I can’t get a better job or promotion so which government should I support.. that rested what has Uhuru done denied teachers salaries promotions and career advancement and development and u call that the future currently there’s no money in circulation poverty levels have escalated Kenyans r resorting to murder and stealing for them to meet their daily needs and u call this future u r in for shock I know this is a tactic to try and water down the fire that scared u at the coast u never expected it another hush one is coming soon

    • Moses Javan Okwaro Please read the article and understand it. If you have read, reread. If you cannot understand it, please ask someone to explain it to you. To accuse me of saying Uhuru of Jubilee is the future (or whatever you mean) is to completely miss my point.

    • obura am not sure of that bt am from kiambu where cost livin is higher compared to other places ad we dont complain coz we know what u dont know.its u a life ad no one nor the gover wil help u.dio mnasema sisi wezi

    • Those who complain about hard life should learn to work hard. Look around u n see how hard working Kikuyu’s, Luos ,Luhyas, Kalenjins etc are busy money while u complain. There’s no government that’ll put food on ua table. Wake up n work

  6. Surely Professor.. This is not a which Side situation.. I agree with you Squarely.. in That Kenya the Country..Kenya the People we are Held Hostage Already..Whichever side yu look at..
    What I cannot Understand is Just Why Someone Completely New And A Mature Youth with True Patriotic and Visionary Leadership qualities Cannot Field Him/Herself and Have The Rest of The Youth Rally and Believe in Themselves to Change the Future of This Country including Their Future and They would be Surprised How Much Ordinary Kenyans Would Support Them…Infact in Such a Scenerio.. Even if The Streets were lined with “Stolen Cash” or painted what Colour.. This Contest Would End by 10:00 am. And A Brand New Kenya would be Born with a Brand New Youth Cabinet and Destiny.. Coz for Sure as it stands.. Kenya that We knew and Wanted is Already Gone..!! If Yu Doubt this Sample This.. ” That From June Next Year Kenya will Start Exporting Crude Oil and Continue Buying Crude Oil with a Functional Refinary at Mombasa That Serves Our Eastern African Needs.”.. Normal Logic would be To Refine it Here. Distribute it here.. Lower Production Costs and General Cost of Living for All it was Happening In Gaddaffi’s Libya.. Pliiiz The Youth Search Yaselves.. Anyone telling you about Future Leaders is Lying to You.. Any Politician of Today has”Borrowed ” This Country from you and Your Children.. You Need it Tommorrow. !!! Wake Up..Bring it Back. Kenyans Will Support you Mightily.. And In My View Thats The David vs Goliath.. Contest. And its The last Way..!!!

    • Robinson, you have spoken like 12 wisemen. It is responses like these that convince me that despite siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi of our politicians, Kenyans still have independent minds. I also get hope that our problem have a solution and you have already given one. And it shall come to pass.

    • Thanks Professor…We can still energize The Youth and Ordinary Kenyans By Giving them HOPE.. Kip Writting and One Day It can Happen. Our Local Media Houses and Especially Our Local Movie Producers Should Really Bring This Reality Closer by making and producing a Serious Movie that Instills Self Confidence and Captures the Two Sides …Anyone Who wishes to do One.. I would be More Than Happy to Write a Complete Script and Be Part of The Team Any time..!!! Someone Said That “When The Gods want to Destroy a People.. They 1st Spoil them With Arrogance” as We are Witnessing by the Day..!!!

    • Mr. Muguna, I’ll take your word for it. The youth to lead this country and bring change, there is a lot to be done first. Are they the same you youth who are used by these old leaders to riot? Before you think about youth leadership in this country, think about how you can change the youth to be organized responsible citizens first, and other things will fall into place. You may be over 35 years old, the age that qualifies you constitutionally to vie for presidency, but there are many other factors that make you shy off.
      I liken your wish to a story of rats in a meeting to discuss how they could avert their problems with cats. Though they passed a good resolution to put bells on cats’ necks so that they could hear them when they are coming, the problem was which rat to put the bells on the cats’ necks.

    • Thanks Mr. Mutava.. I agree with you in that Our Current Youth are a Totally Different Generation from Yesterday’s Youth.. They Need alot of Schooling in terms of Leadership Issues..Involvement in Politics..etc.. They need to Be made to Understand That Their Current Status and Stations in Life are a Result of Their Failure to Understand That Tommorrows Kenya lies in Their Hands..Today..Thus Their Situation is Purely Artificially made by The Current blend of Politicians to Render Them Docile and Of Zero Ambitions Watsoever..They need to understand That The Loans/Grants etc an all Wheeler dealing in the Corridors of the Powers that be Are Theirs to Pay alongside their Children Yet to Come..Its a Sad State of Affairs But Maybe With some Hope and Positive Leadership from Within themselves They Can Arrest and Change The Situation and Trend Coz Anyway. Tommorrow s Comming ..No Short cut on That and If They Dont get Organised Now.. Tommorrow will be Too Late..!!

  7. To speak the truth Michael Wainaina there s no sense of understanding in this picture.what evils has cord brought to me as a Kenyan?corruption? Terrorism? Or is it killing Kenyans that am not aware?u see whenever a picture of characters like Goliath are expressed then there is tough wars,which am sure its ur tribesmen who ignite this,why kibaki didn’t deserve the second term and he was not bothered to stop the madness of 2008 ! And up to now no one has faced the charges of such.instead we are championing behind the killers of 2008. Nway because just u come from the region where President comes from ur brothers speak worse of cord forgeting real thieves are in the jubilee an nothing or no one is bothered.

    • Duncan Musasia Apology accepted. Also Duncan do not fall for the tribal narrative of your political leaders. Reading through your response, you have bitterness against all Kikuyus. Let me inform you that common Kikuyus benefit nothing from the regime. Only the political elite and the well connected benefit. Kikuyu mwananchi still buys Unga at the same price you buy and pays 16% VAT like you. I will remind you that the young men who were massacred in a quarry in Mandera sleeping outside like wild animals were Kikuyu. If they had benefited from the Uhuru government would they be sleeping outside in a quarry? Duncan, please realize that all poor people in Kenya are the same tribe and they are suffering together regardless of where they come from. All politicians belong to the rich tribe and don’t be fooled by their fake disagreements in public, they eat together at night, and their children socialize together in expensive places when the sons of the poor are sleeping in a quarry outside.

    • I was really bitter because am a luyhia and yet I don’t see luyhia leader or defend of my own,two luyhias too died in Mandela, its true of wat u say brother,but ever read arguments on fb, abuses between kikuyus and luos is the reason of this,yet uhuru and raila are business brothers, we need to embrace unity and keep of tribalists by writing them off.

    • Brother mulupi, people who give contrary abt th general perception abt Raila are not his enemies nor his party’s. Instead they are peole with irrational feelings and reactio ns tht hav reduced th once powrrfl ODM party to wht now appears to be a toothless bulldog. Your comments belong nowhere but th dustbin.Th proffessors comments shld food for tthought for us Railas diehards

    • Mr wainaina …objectivity should be the centerpiece your articles if you want to continue to associate yourself with title professor. …your title should place you as a man on top of the mountain seeing what is happening down the valley. ..its healthy to criticise but be objective otherwise you risk being deemed as an academic dwarf on top of the roof shouting his name.

  8. ßURE KAßISA!!!.. MUCH SAID,NOTHING CHANGED… MUCH DECORATED ARTICLES ßT HOLD NO SUßSTANCE OF £SSENCE. REMEDY IS KEY. “Do tell masses how to do ßt rather what to do & they will simply amaza u with their ingenuity”…

  9. Prof Wainaina
    There is one very important
    item in this David vs Goliath
    analogy that you have not mentioned…The appointing hand.Yes David was young quite unskilled in terms of warfare n military organisation but this did not deter the appointing hand frm giving him(David) the ability to trounce the giant.
    In the same breath this appointing hand in the story of Abraham (whose decentant is this small unskilled soldier David) did what science says is impossible ,past menopause his wife was able to brng forth ababy.It is this same hand that can deliver us aleader n not rulers as we see them today.It will not matter whether that leader is an old man because this same appointing hand can still give us a SAUL for apurpose as we wait for aDavid…..But i want to refuse to be persuded that aDavid can only be ayoung person.NO! and NO !

      Had it not been for the hardhearted Israelites who after living Egypt desired for the Pharaohs luxurous but enslaving life Moses would have cross river Jordan to Cannan.The comparison here does not define well the situation we get ourselves in today.What moses had accomplished frm that time in Midian to the time on the mount is far greater than what awaited him in Cannan
      The appointing hand did of course appoint Joshua.. Why didnt it appoint frm the Noble s of israel.This tells us one thing it doesnt matter who that person or tribe is when it is time to appoint he does it without favour

  10. Like it or not, we have placed our destiny in the hands of the experts. A politician is, after all, a kind of expert, if self-styled. Even the fact that competent experts must serve under politicians of mediocre intelligence and little foresight is a problem that we are stuck with, because the experts themselves cannot agree on any major world issue. A logocracy of quarreling experts might be no better than the rule of the mediocrities to which we are subject. The declining intellectual quality of political leadership is the result of the growing complexity of the world. Since no one, be he endowed with the highest wisdom, can grasp it in its entirety, it is those who are least bothered by this who strive for power…// £xperts like prof wainaina need to stand out therefore from these mediocre Politician. £ndorsing the likes of CORD…i knw POLITRICS CAN ß CONFUSING Gd Day prof.

  11. Wainaina thank you for mentioning kriegler. The reason we had a crisis in 2007 was because of weak institutions, electoral and judicial institutions. If you are a pragmatic observer, then you need to see the weakness of our institutions which can cause another electoral crisis and possibly be used to impose on Kenyans a wrong leadership. BTW, so long as raila has been cleared to vie its the people to decide. That’s democracy

  12. Prof plz stop pussy-footing in your articles.Be decisive. Raila is slightly bad than Uhuru. Raila wont beat Uhuru.Period.If u choose to mud Uhuru do it in a single article.If ts Raila’s turn do it wholly.

  13. Wainaina you have your single vote. Use it against raila, it’s your Democratic right. But calling raila bad when international criminals against against humanity uhuruto bulldozed their way into contesting for elections against chapter 6 of the constitution was the greatest insult on our democracy. But apparently you have closed your eyes to that

  14. Professor deep inside me i have a strong feeling that you are a pro jubilee trying to draw other people attention from cord,when you talk of tribalism you always put cord in jubilee favorite dance where they the cord family know nothing about it

    • 70% of Kenyans voted for the new constitution. It was not a party affair. Let us be factual please. If you have to extol the virtues of ODM, do so. But do not attribute to it what is not theirs. The fact is that parties exist to take power. ODM has not in the last 10 years. For whatever legitimate reason, the fact remains it has not. Its elections are ran by men-in-black and it is led by a tribal overlord desperate to make tribal alliances. I have said that if he insists on tribal alliances, he will loose in 2017. Jubilee have ran away with his tribal formula. They are now the tribal supremos in town. I would love to hear what ODM claims to be its achievements from you Sir.

    • So professor which party gave us new constitution? ??and if you talk off national affairs even odm is fighting for presidency which is national affair and not only central and rift valley affairs

  15. Prof 2017 is a batlle between good and evil..your David vs Goliath take is unrealistic..i fail to see how Raila was outsmarted by thieves and conmen launching a recycled union of the usual suspects..sometimes you scholars lace your articles with farfetched theories that simply dont hold..

    • Prof in the wake of whats going on currently one tends to begin to hold the view that the conspirators that deny this country true change are many and come in all shapes and sizes,and the scholars are not left out of it..its a fallacy by people like you to lump up Cord and Jubilee in one corner and call upon a Second Force to emerge…from where? i do not know…the truth is, much as you want to tag Cord a tribal outfit most of us liberals would beg to differ..a party that commands grassroot support form Mombasa to Malaba..Lunga Lunga to Lodwar…cannot be surely be existing in the same space with an outfit that only has support from two communities and a few ‘flower girl’ briefcase outfits…The scholarly view of change is in itself faulty because it emanates from an exclusive select class that accords itself a certain lays claim to an ‘enlightened’ view..hardly the stuff that the Wanjiku constitution was all about…its very disappointing that this school of thought is abetting the crime by emboldening the oppressors..making them suck the whole nation into their self deception.

  16. Really? A man who got over 5million votes? Whose victory has been stolen thrice? ? Then why are pple so scared of him?? Buying voters left right and centre? Something is not adding up with ua analysis prof!

  17. Pro. I have no objection to your above narrative.however,you miss a great opportunity in life when you reject both president Uhuru and the man,raila as the best offer we presently have in our lives. You have read and heard the adage,bad things happen because good people sold their soul to the devil ?. You need to arouse the people to what the alternative is,but,let the alternative NOT be Libya,Syria,Yemen,Somalia,Egypt or any other wartorn country in the name of looking for an elusive ambiquous democratic demon thirsting for only our blood. I would rather live under a dictator,corruption,nepotism or autocracy than wedge a war in the name of removing those in power,only to end up with the Magufulis of this world. No system is perfect and pitfalls and shortcomings are even manifest in old democracies like Germany,Britain,France and even USA itself. Biases all present in all regimes even in communist China or Capitalist Japan.Please,do not mislead people into believing there’s ever a perfect system of governance in the world.Remember the corruption and vices that bedevil our country has been abated and tolerated by western european governments when it suits their economic and social interest and NOT our own interests. I rest my case at this juncture just to let you ventilate on those few pertinent points of depature from your perfectionist ideal world.

    • Gatiba, I did not say that we will ever get a perfect government. The big difference between me and you is that you truly believe that our only options are Raila and Uhuru. I believe this country deserves better, can do better and will do better. I hear you though.

    • Prof…..I agree with your sentiments par say,but not at the expense of loosing lives !. No democracy is worth even a single human life. After all….the warring parties in the political contest just differ where financial allocations are concerned !. They never really care about the loss of life during mass demonstrations to bring their so-called-minimum changes to even the political playing field. Collateral damage is always the common mwananchi !?. Strange !. The caucasian chalk circle depicts this scenario very well prof.

  18. Ha ha haa! Those idiots who have been heaping praise on Prof for lambasting Uhuru are today insulting him! What hypocrisy!!! For me this is the most balanced analysis I have read from Prof. Kudos!

  19. Prof . I have time and again said that you can hide for sometimes but not always today we have known the real you, by the way when do you find time to do intellectual research that can help this badly governed country, which journals or books have you ever written? how comes we struggle to know whom you are? Which area are you specialised in? how many phd students have you supervised? ‘prof’ concetrate in what other profs do.

  20. Mr wainaina god will never and can never make uhuruto rule this country again the god of israel who loves his people will not allow the continuation suferings of kenyans raila is our saviour in this infact if you are anon tribalist professor you should be able to see this what we want is good governance for the better living standards of kenyans not raila as per your analysis very kindly shun tribalism and and compaign for raila to be the president of this country any other kenyan will feel and be proud of the good good governance

    • Hehehehehe…Raila is the savior!!! I now prefer his own description of David. A fellow who runs a party whose elections are conducted by men-in-black is the saviour?? A fellow who turned tribalism into a formula of winning elections in 2007?? Have we become this desperate??? I believe not.

  21. Does anybody understand this professor? One time he discredits the govt. Now he is discrediting both Raila and Uhuru. Does he ever have a stand? At such a time, both Uhuru and Raila, as well as Ruto are dirty. But they are the people fighting to lead this country. There must be a lesser evil. We have to choose. Giving people no option is confusing them more. Professor is it possile to write more articulate articles? Tell us somethings that Raila deed and we might fall for him. Look at the marketing Uhuru has done for Kenya. Together with Ruto they have tried to clean the mess they were accused for, by trying to settle IDPs. We need to learn the pros and cons of each person to be able to make a consice decision.

  22. @ kibunja marketing is all about himself and his friends, if ‘wafula’ owns a firm in China that exports goods to be distributed by ‘wanjala’ so what marketing did wanyonyi do for Kenya? Think silently not aloud Wanjiku is Watching and God is concerned.

  23. Prof as long as you speak freely about the many shortcomings of Raila and uhuru ,these brainwashed sycophants will come out firing on all cylinders,?Common sense is not common…keep writing maybe one day the truth will set them free

    • I can understand why I piss off those whose world is divided into CORD and jubilee. Mine is not. I am free to think and write as I may, to speak truth to power and hope to the nation. It is a very liberating position to be in. And like you, I wish that one day they will see the truth, and the truth will set them free.

  24. Jubilee and Raila are the Goliaths of TODAY who “David come from God” is to outshine and outdo to become king with Christ(Rev.2:25-29). Who is there to believe before the duel commences?

    • David indeed will be the anointed one from God. Because he has not been made manifest, many people are doubting that he will come and they have decided that in the meantime the greed, arrogance and evil of Goliath is a lesser evil. I believe that God will send David and my message to the skeptics is, 1 Sam 12-16 ““Now then, stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes!”.

    • The Lord is ready to manifest ” That Man” any time from now. The ninth month which you mention begins in two days time., i.e on Friday 01st of the 9th month which fall on this 16th day of Sep. So the 3days you spoke about should be taken into account from then, the time when God commences manifesting The Anointed One who you speak about. Unbelieavable yet true. I will keep the friends updated from tomorrow morning, and actually I already began to last Thursday 08th Sep

    • Your message to the skeptics at 1st Sam 12:16 Prof Wainaina is the very appropriate thing to tell for this hour, the very thing that I promise that God is just about to commence doing in a few days time. Happy are you when you believe without seeing, for your happiness will be multiplied many fold when it manifests.

  25. Prof I have always reserved my comments to your posts until now that I have met the most subjective one. Its just too unfounded, misguided and lacking in merit. In your analogy that I now realise you dont understand, Goliath stood for arrogance and self belief:Pride thats so well displayed by Jubilee. And apart from the showmanship displayed at kasarani, what was born? Ask Okwatch this. Did jubilee grow bigger bro? You missed it big prof.

  26. In a Country where the First Lady is literally struggling to save the lives of pregnant mothers in an ailing health sector, a Government opulent show off is still relevant to a Prof. – in a contemporary analysis….

  27. Wainaina you suffer from railaphobia which is understable. However use your forum to advance democratic governance because strong laws are our fortress against oppressive rulers, regardless which tribe they come from. Raila is just a mortal, he is here today tomorrow he won’t but Kenya will remain.

    • Toni this guy is a fake it realy doesnt mater whethe raila makes president or not coz even now he is not .so instead of focusing on ur funny observations ushd use ur knowledge if indeed ur a prof to educate ur ppl to not suport anything just coz somone is at the helm is ur kinsmen .y critsise the devolved govnt then be quiet n suportive on the much biger central govnt

    • Felix Isiaho Isoso I do not know what you mean by “educate your people” (by the way it would help if you could write in proper grammar). I am educating Kenyans, you included, on the same things about following tribal warlords. All the big five tribes have them and they require the education.

    • Prof am not writing a compostion here to get mark already did that npassed ma exams am disputing ur one sided urgument u talk as if being in oposition its a crime u critisise things onesided i wnt suport raila in evry thing he does like u who sees no wrong in what the govnt does while giving meaningless statements ppl dont have to join the govnt to enjoy devpment kibaki was a vreat leader he took us from that school of thought no tumerudishwa huko thats y i say dont mind my gramar use urs to write tgings that will help this country raila is just one man he is not kenyas prob

  28. Your analysis and diagnoses is always apt. However, you always lack in prescription Mr. Wainaina.

    For instance, who is David? You say ‘we kenyans’. Who are these Kenyans? How do these Kenyans you talk about organize and who would be their team leader? What do they rally around and on what basis? Should they form a party or what would be their strategy? In a nutshell, what is the way forward? We have lamented enough.

    Somebody said ‘it is good to speak well and inspire but we need those who will actually show up and get things done. The showing up..consistently and firmly…changes things and lives’

    Mr. Wainaina it is no longer time to talk, we have had enough of descriptions, explanations, discussions and synthesis. It is now time to stand up, show up and get things done. GIVE US AN ACTION PLAN!!!

    When are we having the first gathering and where? Kenspinsky, Radisson Blue, Serena, Panafric, Uhuru Park or Kasarani?

    Please, I am not being sarcastic of your opinions and writings, what I am saying is that we have talked enough and we know our problems. Can we start discussing actionable remedies to our problems.


  29. Since independence ,Kenyan election has never been determined by voters its by house of lords&queen.we were colonized from the west not east.but today Kenya has opted for china watch the space raila is the next president .

  30. Tat would be correct, but wats the snario when he fanishes.though he might not be rewarded for the presidence do yu agree that he stood with kenyans when they needed a system change of govnment including jubilee supporters.wat do yu think jubilee has done better than the kibaki and railas 1st and 2nd governments.though i m not about some accessment is that is has done more before he bevomes prrsident, he can ad well stop at that point and relax,but who will emerge to give these selfish leaders a run for their money if everybody is being bought.if we are told to vote in a certsin way because one of our leaders wants us to vote because their parents werett friends .beware that moi was clear to saitoti, leadrrship is not about friendship.kenyans we are in prison known as tripalism to the level that wr dont care about good governance.

  31. We say starting together is a beginning, being together is a process and working together is a success. Bringing all Kenyans together is a big achievement with the aim of having One KENYA, One PEOPLE and One NATION. Kudos to JAP.

  32. Taking of unity in Jp party.what happened to the idle lands in rift valley that we still talk of IDPS these PR we need to forget.its the right of every Kenyan to get electricity good health care,food clean water ant in fact,its only a banana country where people still leave in mud house and the executive arm is busy taking pictures.

    • Take it from me young man & this is the fact. For one to ascend to Presidency in this Kenya he must have the Kikuyu support.Hata uwaite wajinga they have produced 3 Presidents.Your Rao will never enjoy Kikuyu support & that means he will never be the President. Without Kikuyus Kenya could not be a nation today

    • David Mbuguambugua,don’t be foolish in argument,we don’t depend on any community,its God who has sustained Kenya,shut up your stinking beak and respect God,.pride has brought many down and you are not exemption.much as I don’t support any political outfit,but we all Kenya’s have perticipated in the matters pertaining this nation,you forget kibaki was given the presidency on a wheel chair by a luo,called forget Kenyatta Jomo was given the presidency by a luo called JARAMOGI.

  33. I alway wonder this guys who call raila selfish n greedy where they come from n just pity raila .the guy is a true patriot n his love is evident his father was a rich person he cd have chose to sit n enjoy the riches bt he chose to fight for democracy n went to prison we were told he wants majimbo now we see devolution in nyanza we have luhya mp hindu mp somali mp that he suported he gave us the rise of shebesh wairimu this guy with albinis. Mwaura the first mp with that prob.he won n election na ikaibwa bt accepted q stupid deal that he has been ridiculed for forthe sake of peace.hek the guy campained for kibaki for three months as the main guy kibaki was handed the sit on a wheel chair bt then refuted the mou signed btwn them so mr profesor call him evry thing u want bt history will judge him right thats why i changed n started suporting him coz i realize ppl like u give biased observations

    • He is a democrat bt ur leaders r looting bt ur focused on him he is not kenyas problem when u employ 5 of ur tribes men in a parastal position the personwho points that out is not dividing kenya he is stating the obvious

    • Felix if you support Raila its your duty to sing his praises and I will not begrudge you that. I do not support him nor do I support any of his tribal overlords in the current ruling class. As for the virtues you are talking about, I have said they are two Railas. You are talking about the pre-1997 Raila. I am talking about the post-1997 Raila, a KANU accomplice, A molasses grabber, Architect of the 41 vs 1 doctrine, Principal in the 2013 tribal CORD coalition cobbled with his political enemies and the head of a party whose elections are conducted by men-in-black. I can understand why as a Raila supporter you choose to ignore all this and sing his praises. I wish you well.

    • Atleast cord had an election i suport what raila sees in the country u r blinded in ur tribal cacoon raila n ruto were together that 2013 bt now ruto is ok what about the luos killed in naivasha n mind u i voted for kibaki raila enemity is created in ur minds then us spread to ur comunity pls dont group me in the group u belong to i love ma country i dont follow leaders blindly n can u give an opininon without naming raila just asume haexist for once n open ur eyes

    • Felix Isiaho Isoso I was responding to what he has said himself. So i cannot do that without mentioning him. I have not refused that ODM had an election. I have just said that the election was conducted by thugs called men-in-black in the full glare of cameras during the day. Anyone who has his NATIONAL PARTY elections conducted like that should never seek to be a president of a civilized nation. But then again, this is Kenya.

    • Me ave told u u can say anything about the guy bt never doubt hi love 4 kenya the good thing that even if i ask ppl whobseem to hate him the most to write 5 reasons they do nothing they tell me i voted 4 kibaki coz i belived in him n i wl vote 4 raila coz i blv he is better than the jap govnt they r good in pr that i give them

  34. jubilee survives by exploiting the imperfect nature of mankind. They instil in Kenyans the reasons that hold us out of political emancipation, i.e fear and greed. They intimidate you into submission. They use brown envelopes to feed your greed. Contrary, Raila preaches against these. he leads fearless protests and abhors brown envelopes. the institution of jubilee is built on the quick sands that is the imperfections of mankind. It doesnt seek to uphold the upright concious of mankind. It will not stand the test of time…. wake up proffessor.

  35. I will never forget ” no raila no peace” in 2008.Innocent people died only for a heartless individual to become a prime minister. Someone who never accept defeat no matter what.Uhuru accepted defeat in 2002 & now he is the President.Raila has never accepted defeat & has & will never be Kenyan President. Kenyan blood that was shed in 2008 will continue to haunt him

  36. Raila never killed anyone Mbugua, stop personalising the national isssue to the level of individualism…. were you born yesterday to be told a story that elections were rigged in 2007 and 2013…..lets accept truth where it deserves, stop allowing your tribalistic thought to express itself on your behalf,….i think that blood of kenyans your talking about ignorantly should haunt the masterminds of “Tharaka Nithi 4m votes”……

    • Alex, now u agree tht 2007 election was stolen, bcz it is far away and gone. But know dynasty no matter how strong has ever ruled for ever. Even the strongest of them all has been fallen by men of will. So the kikuyu dynasty will fall sooner or later. It is only a matter of time.

    • Oluoch Oduya There is nothing called the Kikuyu dynasty. There is one called the Kenyatta Dynasty and another called the Odinga dynasty. They are now firmly planted on siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. Every Kenyan who has the interests of this country at heart should do all they can to end the two dynasties.

    • Oluoch Oduya if God has said Uhuru is the President, then there is nothing much that u can do to change the rhythm. You hate Kikuyus,but am a kamba who respect all tribes, n when I support Uhuru I don’t mean that I hate raila!! No,I respect Uhuru bcz he is the President at the helm, n Bible says that,, any leadship on the earth represent God who chooses leaders himself n therefore he who disrespect any leadership he/she is subjected to a big curse,,,.so continue blaming but I assure in 2017,u will how things will change towards the President’s side.he might even get more than 60%

  37. This must be a PHD from some rural INDIAN university. A professor worth some salt can’t give us such an analysis just like a farmer from rural Kiambu who never stepped in class. He reasons just like a fellow who was brought up in those remote areas with hatred against luo community and not just Raila alone.

  38. How can raila be david yet his supporters say he is baba, mwana and roho mtakatifu.blasphemy of the highest order.Unlike David he would be a proud ruler as ODM elections always confirm. a goliath in the making.

  39. Tribal politics in kenya will never ceased .even a prof can burry his head in sand and decide to ignore all this kind of injustices by the current regime.? All in all my dear kenyans lets vote for a balance govment which can uproot all kind of evil in our society no matter what tribe.⏰

  40. I couldn’t agree more! “One would have to stretch their imagination to ridiculous levels to imagine Raila as the embodiment of the country’s future.” This one statement alone expresses explicitly the utter hopelessness of any campaign mounted by any number of persons for Raila. I’ve always been of the opinion that Raila will not win any presidential election for any reason under any circumstances whatsoever. #Raila_kwissa!

  41. The luo sycophants will forever be in denial. In 2012 they were told tyranny of numbers” and to a man all condemned Mutahi. Who won the elections? Raila isn’t running for president. Anataka pesa ya campaign. Even Robert Alai concurs. And for that he’s been condemned. This election is for Uhuru. Dislodging him from power is almost impossible. That’s why Joho has placed himself to run against Ruto in 2022, but 6 years is a long time and anything can happen. The few misguided luo sycophants who in what may be a drug-induced euphoria still believe he will be president. Ha haaaa! Idiots!

    • Joroge your contribution is eloquent but unconvincing. No one can be this confident about Uhuru being president next year and when you say that dislodging him is impossible you forget two things. The presidency is given by the people every five years. As to who will be the president in 2017, let the people decide. Second, you think that 6 years is a long time and anything can happen, but you predict an Uhuru win because you think he is unassailable one year to the elections. My brother leave alone 6 years, one week is an eternity in politics…so one year is 52 eternities. Anything can happen next week and Uhuru would be history.

    • Everyone has a right to belong to a political party of choice. Let us have respect, you call us(Luos) idiots for no good reason whatsoever.
      I am a Luo, among my 12 employees, 4 are Kikuyus. Let us have respect.

  42. Bwana prof.if u post an article that favors raila n co.his mafias will applause u for that,, but if u highlight the truth, then the same people will abuse u,,just the way they used to react on mutahi ngunyis posts,,but the best thing is that,,,what ngunyi used to state on his posts,,came true n he became much famous than my dear professor,,do ur work of lecturing kenyans,so that they can understand n be aware of what is happening in political circles.lastly,in my opinion,though is true,,,railas chances of becoming the president are minimal n almost imposible,cs its difficult for a mere opposition leader like raila to unseat a leader like Uhuru, who is being applauded internationally due to his style of leadership. Currently, no politician in Kenya can beat Uhuru,Thanks Prof

    • The comments depends on which political side you reside. I dont have a problem with your opinion but by saying that uhurus style of leadership is applauded by leaders across the world is a mediocre statement baring in mind that during his tenure kenya has been ranked as the 3rd most corrupt country in the world.

    • Alex Mathei My world is not divided into CORD and jubilee and for those people whose world is CORD or Jubilee, they all have equal reasons to hate me. Nimezoea. I would hasten to caution you against calling the 2017 elections. A week is an eternity in politics. To assume Uhuru will win is a big mistake. I don’t care much about him. Ni advice kidogo tu ninakupatia kama wewe una support yeye..

    • I don’t support him bcz he is a Kikuyu,,, am a kamba but I support him bcz he is Kenyan just like the others,,in the last elections,I voted for rao,but I have seen a good gesture in his personal leading ability,especially how he turned things around at international level,given that he took the mantle while having case at the ICC,but he has marketed Kenya, than many expected,thus attracting powerful leaders to visit our country, many international conferences have taken place in Africa for the first time,,, in the kenyas soil.he has managed the nation given that this is the first gvnt under the new constitution,,and the difficulties were predicted by his critics due to the normal challenges during political dispensation,, but he has really tried, n that’s y know if given another term,, he can take the country far

  43. Proffesor,u better swallow sm ov yr words dan keeping dreaming n degrading yr phd or whetever u hold.Infact unajikoroga mwenyewe n not kenyans.Kenyan’s are now clever n not those whom u know sm yrs back.Who are u 2 predict what 2 come n who will b where comes 2017 n you c

  44. Continuation:N u cant even predict how yr life wl b 2moro.It’s kenyans who votes,n it’s them 2 decide whom 2 vote 4.It’s a matter ov transparency,n u will c wonders with yr jubilee stories.Sm pple are tired ov what iz happening day n night n dey are waiting 2 vote sm people out or send them home.Lastly,u should ave a personal stand n not 2day yr hot,2moro nor hot nor cold.

    • I can see you are having difficulties understanding me. This is because my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee like your is. So for you, supporting neither is lack of a personal stand. You are wrong. I have a stand. A very strong one. That the political class in CORD and Jubilee are useless expired politicians entrenched in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi. That there is no difference between the two. It is only that Jubilee is on the inside and overeating and CORD on the outside and overshouting. That they will not and cannot take the country anywhere. That the only option for Kenyans is a new non-ethnic political narrative to take this country in a different dispensation of patriotism, accountability and productivity.

      So my friend, I have a stand. It is a very hard one to see for someone whose world is divided into CORD and Jubilee. If you come out of that world, you will start to see a million alternatives, in fact 40 million alternatives in the least. Mine is just one of them.

    • Prof, unfortunately the next govt will be either jubilee or CORD. It can’t be any other. So, the country will continue to suffer for at least the next 15 years. But CORD can do better at least. Jubilee continuing in power, and especially if Ruto becomes the president, will mean that Kenya is ruined, completely finished, destroyed.

    • Kenneth Ogonda I have said that my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. Both are mired in the same politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. So for me the argument of who is better than the other does not even exist. I therefore do not subscribe to your school of thought that these are the only options for 2017, because in my books they are not alternatives to each other. I respect your position though.

  45. Professor or whatever you call yourself plus your PhD you will never in your life gain any political famousy out of rumours and hatred for Raila Amolo Odinga!!have never supported Raila but your personal hatred towards this man is wanting!!there are many politicians you know why him everyday and night

  46. Raila might choose to be very clever as always, by endorsing Mudavadi with Kalonzo; with Gideon as a majority leader in the senate.

    As a Jubilee supporter l pray, that it does not happen.

    If it does, itabidi tujipange…

  47. I v heard so many tyms that baba is no more…but bottom line we v absolutely no idea what he is going to pull next. Even the so called pilitical analysts and his advisers and followers can only speculate. Even his rivals in jubilee still v no idea either of what he is planning. But one thing for sure whatever he will pull will shake the political realignments as usual.

  48. “And it shall come to pass. That we the people of Kenya, tired of the tribalism and corruption of the political class in CORD and Jubilee will take the David and Goliath story, and run with it in 2017. For Mr. Raila, he is willing to do so too. The big difference is, he is no David. He plays in Goliath’s league.” Watching Uhuru go after Raila with hammer and tongs at #NtimamaBurial, I can’t help shudder at the imagery created – on the one hand, a tired power merchant/broker seemingly dispossessed of the means to pillage public coffers, and on the other a belligerent ‘son of fortune’ who feels thoroughly unassailable in the quest for more power. Both parties more concerned with their number of hands the cookie jar than the number of Kenyan stomachs rightfully partaking of the national cake.

    Where art thou, o David of Bethlehem?

  49. The damage is already done since this is his final lap,he can’t leave it to anyone so to speculate that he can surrender his ambitions to anyone that’s day dreaming and jubilee knows that and theirwining in 2017 is granted

  50. Prof I have mastered seed size wisdom albeit I will be happier if it grows bigger. Raila and Kenyatta were voted in by people. People voted them in for different reasons……….. Humanity is diverse. If the leaders are so useless, then people who voted them in are wretched savages. The same people you are endearing yourself to on this page saying they carry the magic bullet for change in 2017………. How hypocritical can it get? But I know it feels nice to have several comments and likes, it’s a business too. My heart would have leaped for joy if you had taken voters head on.

  51. in 2013 there was David n Goliath battle. He who wanted to kill our uhuruto leaders in foreign court so he n relatives including those with six finger will go down by followers of David.

  52. With such tribally skewers you can do analysis of a great man that is Raila,i highly doubt whether your credentials as a supposed ‘prof’ are real.methinks a std 4 learning civics can argue better.only Raila can deliver even those of your ilk

  53. I was born in the farm,refused to go to school when the right age came,firmatively told my father ” let it be because in my country Education doesnt creat free thinking Individuals or change people much” I made ruther for my self aboat headed to lake bcame a fisherman. Now 20yrs past-prof,phd.thank you. my father jst called after shearing the link.

    • For those whose world is divided into CORD and jubilee, I can see why you hate what I say. I wish you well in your fishing. Just like you told your father along time ago, you would do well to leave educated people alone. You cannot understand them, and it is not because you are wiser. Let us just say kila mtu akae lane yake. Wewe kwa samaki, na mimi kwa blogging.

  54. What’s does the name Raila means in dhlou,,have ever thought about these, Does this big gigantic ever mentioned political figure has another name?? If anything, Raila can be a good leader, more than Nelson Mandera ,but., he walks around with the most useless men and women around him, most of them are either Idiots, madmen, hyenas, and in some cases ,stillborns(ihuno):;; like you_wainana///that’s why he never Win’s election,, the only remedy is to change his name and such friends I have mentioned

  55. Raila tried to overthrow moi,Raila akapewa nusu mkate kwa serikali ya kibaki,Raila proclaimed people power and mass action,what is his plans this final lap for him to rest? Demostrations on iebc is that he will not accept the outcome of the elections whether free n fair, remember he has only one bullet remaining.just not to forget the Hague case which he thought would give him that golden chance.

  56. I think this is hate speech we should leave like democrats coz opposition has to be there so lets respects other pple opinions & we should move away from tribalism & leave like a bro & sis coz at the end of the day no one will get free meals

  57. This time I agree with you Prof. You seem to have been on the road to Damascus. Jubilee Government is not perfect but it is our best option as we stand today. At least we can see where they are trying to take us. Uhuru will be a great President in his second term as he will be working to leave a lasting legacy and to write the history he would wish to be remembered with.

    • I cannot see where they are trying to lead us. I am not also sure what will change between the 1st term and 2nd term Uhuru presidency. He has not failed in his first term because he is bad, he has failed because he is incompetent and incapable of leading a modern nation. Of course if you compare him with CORD and the guys there, he smells like a rose.

  58. Raila is not out done . I thought people with Phd have a better way of looking at things. A person with Phd is happy that 10000 people were bribeand brought NRB by tax payer money, what ashame. Kenya is country of wonders. It is the only country where even Phd holders are bribe to sing the song of failures

  59. David was the leader of a band of warriors, apparently in the service of the Philistine kings but meanwhile protecting his own tribe, Judah. He had something of a traditional leader over him: the warrior charisma, the ability to make people follow him, the spirit of God. To the elders of Judah, David was the natural choice to be Saul’s successor, so they made him king at Hebron, the capital of Judah. The northern tribes did not recognize David as King because Saul’s former army commander, Abner, favoured the house of saul . After seven years of civil strife and much intrigue, David proved the stronger and the northern tribes agreed to make him king over all Israel. It was then that the Philistines realized that David was no longer their little vassal king but had become a political threat to them.David defeated them in war, as also the moabites, the Ammonites, the Edomites, the Amalekites and the Syrians (Aram). Apart from being a successful war leader, David was also a master politician. He made a treaty with the wealthy king of Phoenicia. When he captured the fort of Jebus which had never belonged to any of the twelve tribes, he made this neutral place his royal capital, appropriately situated between the northern and southern tribes. So according to this story of King David is @Raila and Uhuru who is David and Goliath??????

  60. All the same we love Raila because it’s never an end of war for him…everytime it is time for struggle for this man,he is the kind of soldier I love,the man against three armies love you Raila

  61. A typical Kikuyu vomiting his dislike of anything attempting to disrupt their grip on the throats of Kenyans! They will never see anything positive on anybody who is not Kikuyu! And they hate Raila and Luos because these are the only people who have the courage to challenge their predation on Kenya! Even the ones who claim to have PhD argue as if their brains are circumcised and incomplete as their …..!nkt!!!

  62. The only reason why a kikuyu has a better chance of becoming president is not because of any unique leadership qualities but because of their big tribal numbers. Kenya has had three kikuyu presidents yet it continues to be one of the poorest countries in the world. Isn’t it time we tried a person from another tribe which values fair play which is a non existent term amongst kikuyus and kalenjins who believe in acquisition of wealth at all costs

  63. nonsense is just nonsense whether spoken by an interlectual/professor or an idiot .you are right Mr proffesor bt you better write articles in other fields you understand better….not politics.


    My Jubilee comrades, l learn that we are so contended, with a win next year, but there is more to worry about. I saw it play at Ntimama’s funeral today. Come to think of it- Raila introducing Mudavadi to speak, then Kalonzo! When did Mudavadi became part of CORD?

    One thing is poignant- Agwambo Raila is bitter for a revenge, whatever the cost. It is no longer a romour, that the Kalenjin vote is not whole; it is no secret, that the insults on Gideon Moi, that he wasn’t cut, by our DP is a stone awaiting us; it is no secret, that our merge has given lsack Rutto’s Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM), a soft harvest, by aiding those politicians fearing the new nomination noose; it is no secret, that Luhyas might vote as a block for the first time, if one of their own is blessed by Jakom, to run for the top seat (you know they got the numbers).

    It is sad truth, that the tyranny of numbers school of thought will refuse to come home to us, in that aforethought context. We will be floored in the morning, and Raila will smile to Bondo. He has one obsession; to make us raias. It is only a fool who goes on underestimating an experienced enemy

    We got a few tasks, to salvage our fortune next elections as Jubilee Party:

    1. Celebrate less, and work hard, to fulfil the pledges that Jubilee made, before coming to power. Politically or legally neutralize all serious corruption allegations on us, by the opposition- especially the Eurobond and NYS alleged scandals.

    2.Sanction the DP, to unite his Kalenjin community, by bringing on board all the rebels, including Gideon and Isack; untie himself from the land grabbing theories and labels, that the opposition has perfected against him; and try to approach the Mount Kenya dissenting voices, on his 2022 bid with wisdom and dialogue (avoiding the pretence that all is well).

    3.To think of possibilities, where our new party can create possible coalitions with other parties of interest (including KANU. Amani, Ruto’s CCM etc)

    When all is said than done, Raila is not any noisemaker along this street- he might catch us by surprise; he might bite less but hard; by saying Mudavadi Tosha! He has done it before!


    • Paul, that is an eloquent presentation. Unfortunately you are involved in the same tribal gymnastics and gerrymandering of the tribal warlords in CORD and Jubilee. That may lead you to power but it will not change the country. We will still be under the spell of a political class that is mired in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. I have consistently said that what will change the country is a new non-ethnic political narrative based on patriotism, accountability and productivity. If you really want to change the country, leave the tribal arithmetic to the tribal warlords. They are experts at it. Help Kenyans imagine, articulate and mobilize around a new-non-ethnic political narrative, to secure their country and their future.

  65. The David and Goliath allusion exited 2013, its unfairly wrong for Raila to think that the coming election will be like the previous one. This will be the battle of Titanic’s because every coalition is fully prepared in terms of cash. So if Raila is not ready to take on jubilee, let him quite politics. After all with him around we won’t stop from hearing the old song “kura zimeibwa”

  66. His Excellency the president just answered him (raila) appropriately yesterday, he’ll always salivate at the meat(power) but will never even have a bite. But to satisfy his hunger for the ‘meat’ omenas and mbutas will be in abundance at his home in bondo after he’s condemned to political Siberia forever next year

  67. Na uprofesa wako umeifanyia nini nchi?kibaraka wewe,ukabila mwingi wa ukikuyu,wewe ni mradi wa uhuruto wale waizi ws pesa zetu najua wewe unapewa kidogo hizo pesa ndo unapost uovyo sana.

  68. I find the piece a twisted and imbalanced Journalism….the kind I call nonsense on stilts that is clearly not out to set the facts straight, but with motivations at smearing a character…. Words like confused etcetera are evidence of this..If words like Drunk,Rude, Petty Childish, brat etcetera were written about the current President they sure wouldn’t be fair but words out to assasinate a persona…Change begun with Raila… he is a revolutionary leader however confused he is… I agree he has conceded power to Political Thugs but it was Utilitarian albeit a big mistake…YOU sound like ALAI… gosh

    • You are willing to point one or two mistakes. My only sin is that I have pointed more. My point is, one or two mistakes or three or four, whoever he was a long time ago, Raila is now part of the status quo. He is not the solution. He and the other tribal warlords are the problem. And yes, I say no to political thuggery too.

    • Raila represents the whole country except Your ilk and the Kalenjins..I thought Professors are smart academicians with facts..How is he a tribal warlord… 2007 the main war was between Kikuyus and Kalenjins… Luos were slaughtered in Naivasha Nakuru etc…what warlord are you refering to… the one who repeatedly refered to kihiis and there extermination?… Bwana if you hold a PHD act like are not an artisan…You misrepresent alot

    • Chris Masitta Just listen to yourself: “Represents the whole country apart from…”. Then he does not represent the whole country!! In 2007 he is the one who championed the 41 vs 1 narrative that caused the mess you are talking about. He ran around in 2013 trying to cobble up a tribal coalition with his Wiper nemesis because forming tribal coalitions is the only route to power he knows. Unfortunately for him, his younger KANU siblings in Jubilee took his 2007 formula and tweaked it to 2 vs 40 and won. If he insists on tribal coalitions and formulas, he will lose again in 2017. As far as tribal coalitions and a tribal political narrative is concerned, the jubilee warlords are way ahead. LIke I have said in the article, when it comes to siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi, he has been out-shone, out-done, out-flanked and out-smarted man. He was the tribal kingpin who coined the tribal narrative of 2007, and the other Kingpins coined the Kihii narrative. They are all the same lot…or if you may, rot!

    • Its still the whole country vs the kikuyu… the injustices of this tribe started way back not with Raila…Yes a kingpin he is of 40 tribes….
      IF you decide to personalise power and Government what do you think will happen…we are revolting.. In fact I cannot and have not accepted another okuyu is repugnant to national cohesion